Deadline's Pete Hammond Wins Gold Derby

Deadline’s awards columnist Pete Hammond led all of The Gold Derby’s awards experts with 19 of 24 correct Oscars predictions for the highest score. Gold Derby founder Tom O’Neil congratulated Hammond “for kicking all of our Oscars pundits’ butts”. Over the past several months, Gold Derby has been polling top awards experts for their predictions in all 24 categories at this year’s Oscars. Of the 28 pundits, Hammond was the clear winner thanks to his dead-on predictions in many of the technical categories.

  1. i actually thought the oscars were pretty good and thought it was great to see young hollywood out there tonight

    fighter deserved best picture

  2. 21/24, I should’ve seen Tom Hooper winning over David Fincher for mere lack of assholeness, but who can ever get animated short right, and was actually surprised at early Alice win over a British royal set in Art Direction.

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