Deadline Banned From Covering Oscars!

BREAKING… This morning, the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences pulled Deadline Film Editor/NY Editor Mike Fleming’s backstage press credential to cover the 83rd Annual Academy Awards on Sunday. The Academy’s PR specifically cited that the reason was Deadline’s coverage. Since Friday, Deadline has been reporting “spoilers” about Sunday night’s show after being leaked a detailed rundown of the telecast schedule. (Exclusive Spoilers From Detailed Schedule)

UPDATE: But a few (though by no means all) of the “spoilers” reported by Deadline — including Billy Crystal’s scheduled appearance — were done so with the permission and encouragement and even timing suggestions of Oscars bigwigs who were hoping to spike more viewership for Sunday’s show. Yet Deadline gets banned from covering the Academy Awards. Talk about hypocrisy!*

So, to sum up, Deadline was banned from covering the Oscars precisely for covering the Oscars. And our spoilers were picked up by the world press after the Drudge Report linked to them. Yet there’s a long history of entertainment journalists besides us puof blishing multiple scoops about the show during the week leading up to the Academy Awards broadcast. Including this year. But none of those news outlets were banned from coverage. True, until now, no media outlet has ever published so many scoops as Deadline did yesterday. The fact that we did our reporting job too well put the Academy on tilt.

So around 10 AM, AMPAS Director Of Communications Leslie Unger phoned Deadline’s Fleming to give him the news even though he flew in from New York to Los Angeles specially to cover the Academy Awards and planned to get credentialed before 5 PM today. “We’re not going to be able to issue you that credential,” she told him, “because of Deadline’s coverage of the Oscars.” I then confirmed the ban with Unger, who told me she had been “instructed” to revoke Fleming’s backstage press credential by the Academy’s executive administrator Ric Robertson with the “knowledge” of Academy President Tom Sherak. And yet yesterday I spoke to Sherak who didn’t appear angry, which leads me to believe so it was Robertson who threw the hissy fit.

Anyway, I lodged a formal protest (couched in strong language) with Unger. Let’s see if cooler heads prevail at the Academy and the ban gets lifted before Sunday. Meanwhile, I don’t see how the Academy can ban me from live-snarking the Oscars from the comfort of my home for the 5th straight year on Sunday. And Mike is now looking for an invite to a cool viewing party…

  1. a little spoiler here and there and they loose their damn minds? this is such a crock of shit Nikki! Shame on the Academy. Are they really surprised that someone called the actual ceremony a snorefest? Its time to wake up and realize how out of touch they really are. Keep it up!

    1. Sounds to me Nikki like they were feeling you out so they (the Academy) can tweek the lineup to their snoremonies. I guess Billy is gonna sing that stupid Oscar Oscar Oscar song Sunday night!

    1. Couldn’t agree more! Why should Deadline have their cake and eat it too??

      You kill the joy of pouring blood, sweat and tears into these projects, and then you complain that you get kicked out of the party?? Who’s the one not thinking clearly here?

      1. Then they should make absolutely everyone involved in any way sign ironclad NDAs. Why not get Ari Emanuel to run it and terrorize everyone into silence? better yet, sequester everyone until it airs.

        Talk about having your cake and eating it too. The Academy wants to do all these *cute* (in actuality, lame) segments on ET and its ilk, but wants absolute radio silence otherwise?

        Please. No one made you read it. You can go in oblivious if you choose.

  2. LIVE SNARKING! I’m really looking forward to the snark now. Oh well, as you said, cooler heads may prevail.

  3. despite being an avid deadline reader, im siding with the academy on this one. its one thing to publish spoilers, its another to make them unavoidable, even among people that DONT WANT SURPRISES RUINED. you say “spoiler alert” but still publish billy crystal making an appearance in the bolded headline?! not cool deadline. you are an industry insider website, not a gossip mag. act maturely next time, and then you can cover the oscars backstage.

    1. Agreed. Problem is, DH is part news outlet, part snark blogger. Imho, this doesn’t mix well with news outlets that cover the Oscars neutrally. Most don’t report with harrumph and they’re certainly not as negative. Comments by DH loyalists that decry AMPAS decision is a typical blogomanic symptom. Let readers and viewers judge the Oscars for themselves. This will probably fall on deaf ears here but it was good to read a few like-minded sentiments.

  4. This is bull—-! If you have been covering the Oscars for the last five years, your style of reporting hasn’t changed, now all of sudden they have a problem with your reporting? When before they didn’t? You need to find out the real reason why….I think it’s motivated by something else. It’s not your fault, your style of reprting is very straightforward with facts, and not as biased as some other reporters, so I don’t think what they said is the truth, I think someone told them to do it for other stupid reasons…the Oscars is a live telecast, eventually the whole world knows all the details anyway, it’s not some top secret or supposed to be confidential, to top it off, they waited for the guy to fly in from NY to LA and pulled the plug on him when they could have done it on the phone to spare him of expenses, wasted time…was a low move!! If I were you I would get to the bottom of this for the real reason Nikki! Your reporting is a lot better than some other entertainment news out there! F— them! Good luck!

    1. PEOPLE, stop typing the idiotic “IMHO”……if you’re posting in here, it’s obviously your opinion. Don’t provide yourself some lamely perceived “escape,” if criticized…….

  5. IMHO those “scoops” are not “covering the Oscars”. Since the Oscars have not yet happened exposing some of the surprises intended for the audience is not covering. It’s taking the piss out of them. That’s not doing your job well, unless your job was to blurt out details before the show just to scream “First” like on someones blog comments. This isn’t a war zone. It’s an entrainment show. And giving away the surprises isn’t “covering”. It’s spoiling.
    Climb off the high horse please.

    1. I gotta agree, Nikki. I like your coverage of the Oscars usually, but there are some things the general audience doesn’t need to know in advance. Too many “scoops” takes the SHOW out of the awards.

      1. Am I missing something? Did Deadline spoil the Oscars by posting the actual Winners? NO! Well last I checked the show is about the Awards/Films and applauding the creative types that spent blood sweat and tears on their craft NOT on the circus acts in between the awards.


    2. Although she does post “SPOILER!” in all red caps when she does reveal details, wordy. The choice is yours to read them or not, IMHO.

      1. Except Nikki also knows that she is so famous now that whatever she reveals will be picked up by blogs and columnists all over the world, and by many “reporters” who will not have the decency to write “Spoiler Alert.”

        My guess is the Billy Crystal reveal really pissed the Academy off.

        With great power comes…. you know.

      1. Agree also…those spoilers are too much and they should be left as surprised to viewers. You are entitled to whatever comments you want, but already calling the show a snore fest and giving away major surprised planned is not commenting…can you filter a bit…you can call the show whatever you want, good or bad, but wait til the show is actually on.

        It’s not like you are going to like any of it anyway and we all know that already…maybe you should publish your spoiler about what you will say about the show and it’s winners in advanced instead or ruining the show for us with those unwanted spoilers.

    3. She posts “Spoilers”. I’m able to not read when I see that. It’s the nature of the Internet. And if Oscar has a problem, it’s with their leak, not Deadline.

    1. I wouldn’t go as far as to say this is ‘censorship’. It’s retribution. That said, couching it in language that sounds like a great social injustice is taking place just makes the whole thing sound dumb.

    2. Until you’ve looked up the history of censorship, please don’t use that word in casual conversation. There is Hollywood tit-for-tat and then there is censorship.

  6. Some of us actually enjoy the Oscars. I’ve literally ignored every spoiler because I plan on watching the show. Don’t be so shocked you don’t get to cover it.

  7. i agree with the oscars
    the show is already boring
    i dont need to know every single deail ahead of time
    i didnt read your spoilers and wont

    good for them

  8. That’s total B.S. Don’t they know the scoops like yesterdays make people more excited for the show? Your coverage keeps the Oscars in the fore front of the viewers mind so they make sure to tune in.

  9. Uh, you already called the show a snorefest and have done your best to ruin the surprises that might make it something other than a snorefest. Sounds to me like you had it coming.

    1. I enjoy the website, but Rob is kind of right. I understand not all reporting has positive intentions, but your websites actions were a little, um, less-subtle.

  10. You tell’em Nikki.

    Your site is the best. Their loss, for now, until the coolers come in. Where is Bill Macy when we need him?

  11. Ahhhh, now you see what I have seen all these years in dealing with Tom Sherak. Welcome to his world … never would have happened under Sid Ganis’ tenure.

  12. Luckily, your reporter is here at the Spirit Awards, so, which show is more exciting this year?

  13. LOL! How juvenile of AMPAS. Nikki it is now your duty to make your live snarking doubly vitriolic. I shall be following your coverage eagerly.

  14. Correct! If you got a copy of the host’s jokes and published them, that also would not be covering. It would be ruining the fun for all those at ‘cool viewing parties’

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