Cinematographers Award Wally Pfister For 'Inception', Jonathan Freeman-'Boardwalk Empire', Stephen Windon-'The Pacific'

LOS ANGELES, February 13, 2011 – Wally Pfister, ASC, Jonathan Freeman, ASC and Stephen Windon, ACS claimed top honors in the three competitive categories at the 25th Annual American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Outstanding Achievement Awards celebration here tonight at the Hollywood & Highland Grand Ballroom.

Pfister won the ASC Award in the feature film competition for INCEPTION. Freeman earned top accolades in the television episodic category for BOARDWALK EMPIRE (HBO). Windon was the recipient of the television movie/miniseries award for THE PACIFIC (HBO).

“All of the nominees here tonight earned the respect of their peers,” said Richard Crudo, ASC, chairman of the Awards Committee. “Once again, they showed the world that while cinematography requires mastering a complex craft, the art of telling stories with moving images comes from the heart and soul.”

Pfister, who was regrettably not able to attend, was previously nominated by the ASC for BATMAN BEGINS (2006) and THE DARK KNIGHT (2009). This is his first win.

Freeman won the Outstanding Achievement Award for the BOARDWALK EMPIRE episode “Home.” This is the second ASC Award for Freeman, who previously won in 2005 for the telefilm HOMELAND SECURITY. He has also earned ASC nominations for PRINCE STREET (1998), STRANGE JUSTICE (2000) and TAKEN (2003).

The television movie/miniseries award went to Windon for the “Okinawa” episode of THE PACIFIC. This was Windon’s first ASC nomination.

The presentation of the ASC Lifetime Achievement Award to 10-time ASC Award nominee Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC by Joel Coen was a highlight of the memorable evening. Deakins has also earned nine Oscar® nominations. Five of those films were written and directed by Joel and his brother Ethan Coen (TRUE GRIT; NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN; THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE; O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?; FARGO). He won ASC Awards for THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE in 2002 and THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION in 1995.

The ASC International Award was presented to John Seale, ASC. Seale’s credits include THE ENGLISH PATIENT, for which he won an Oscar®, as well as COLD MOUNTAIN, RAIN MAN, and WITNESS, among others.

The Career Achievement in Television Award was presented to Emmy®-winner Michael O’Shea, ASC (CSI: MIAMI). The ASC Presidents Award was given to renowned photographer Douglas Kirkland.

Oscar®-winner Tom Hanks presented the Board of Governors Award to  Julia Roberts in recognition of her tremendous body of work and contributions to the art of filmmaking. Hanks and Roberts star together in CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR and the upcoming LARRY CROWNE.

ASC also recognized the next generation of cinematographers with the presentation of the ASC William. A. Fraker Student Heritage Award to undergraduate student Boyd Hobbs of Full Sail University and graduate student Dagmar Weaver-Madsen of UCLA.

  1. Very talented feature film group of DP’s this year with some innovative, modern techniques as well as some classically beautiful cinematography. Matthew Libatique’s work on Black Swan was particularly remarkable I felt and really should have won in that category but with that group you could toss a coin. Roger Deakins’ honorary award is certainly merited though I imagine he isn’t even close to halfway done shooting great films. Hoping that Libatique takes the Oscar.

  2. Roger Deakins rocks. Yes, a lifetime of beautiful filmmaking..with the Coens & many others. Congrats to all for creating such beauty for us!

  3. What a great night, it seems that the old order has retaken shape. ICM Below the Line, and UTA Below The Line continue to dominate. The Winner Wally Pfister repped by ICM even had Owen Roizman who accepted his award thank ICM. Roger Deakins who got the lifetime and was nominated for the top featuer Award was ICM.
    UTA has a nominee in the top category with Matty Libatique as well as did Dattner With Jeff Cronenworth.

    What is the point, just one year ago WME had a nominee in all 3 categories, series, Mini, and Feature Film. Tonight they had one nominee in series.

    When WME’s department Endeavor at the time was started by Tom Stickler 4 years ago, he created a team that was about signing and booking major DP’s. DP’s of all the below the line are the key to a great department. Tom had nack for inspiring greatness. But Tom is gone, and somebody dont know who put a very weak Commercial agent named Devin Mann in charge. At least that is the rumor. Devin while competent in commercials has almost killed the Feature Below the line department in less then 8 months.

    For instance, Every year, Endeavor/WME took out a full page ad and was a big part of this awards night. They even thru a lavish party the first year when they were Endeavor. This year there wasnt enough money or care to even take out a half page ad. Why? Well after some research the word on the street is that under Mr. Mann’s direction the department has lost over 17 DP’s in 8 months. One of those DP’s won tonight for miniseries. Stephen F. Windon, had left months ago, no matter Mr. Mann had nothing to do with him getting THE PACIFIC anyway. Point being if the WME board hadnt shaken up the Department, it would still be competing with ICM and UTA. Now the department is competing with the Mirisch Agency, maybe Paradigm, and Innovative. Actually people are saying the Upstart WPA has been taking WME clients at will lately.

    Tonight Agency Sponsors were:
    Innovate 1/2 page
    Dattner Dispoto 1/2 page
    Paradigm 1/2 page
    Sandra Marsh 1/2 page
    Lenhoff and Lenhoff 1/2 page
    Murtha Agency – Full page times 2
    Montana – Full Page
    UTA – Full Page
    Gersh – Full Page
    ICM – Full Page
    WPA – Just formed less then 8 months ago FULL PAGE
    WME – No add, and was sat in the corner.

    Julia Roberts gave a nice speech, Deakins was gracious, and the night was wonderful.

    But the point is that Everything Tom Strickler created, has been killed in less then a year. WME doesnt get into any area unless they are competing as one of the top few agencies. And that is what was happening. Less then a year ago WME had 25 top DP’s, now it is down to less then 8. Why is this not reported on??? Why are they letting the department limp along, like a half dead animal.

    Nobody knows, Nikke can you find out who has taken Strickler’s place running the Department. It is definitely not Ari, he is way to busy. But whoever it is, he or she put their faith in the wrong Agent. Devin Mann has been fired on more then the protestors in Tahir Square. It is really a joke. And their are rumors of more defections to come.

    Please find out how such a great department imploded in such a short amount of time. There are rumors of other agents being brought in to shore up the department, and the possible departure of Mr. Mann. Is that true, or is WME just going to let the department wither away and die?

    Wish you could get to the bottom of it, because it is a wonder to the BTL commmunity?

    Sometimes you have to call a SPADE A SPADE.

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