Brad Bird Grudgingly Bids Farewell To Animation In Annies Speech

Brad Bird won the Winsor McCay Award at the 38th Annual Annies for his work on animated films from Iron Giant to The Incredibles and Toy Story 3. Bird is currently directing his first big live action feature in Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol, and says he’s leaving animation behind. Only I’m not sure he means it. Fast forward to 4:30 and see what I mean.

  1. I had hoped that Bird would make an Incredibles sequel. Now that Disney owns Marvel there are many exciting ways to crossover the two. I would have loved seeing Bird pay tribute to the late 60’s golden age of Marvel with his retro Incredibles style.

  2. Brad please give us the sequel to The Incredibles why are you denying us this much-needed movie? The world is waiting damn you.

  3. I am so sick of hearing about this over-rated, publicity monger hack. Why is Hollywood consumed with the same 6 or 7 writer personalities? There are much better talents out there and people who make more interesting copy.

    1. Dear Lion’s Share,

      Try some laxatives. They might free up your blocked thinking.

      This might prevent you from taking a ‘crap’ on one of the brightest and most talented directors with a proven track record which confirms his skills.

      I think it is safe to say that most creative filmmakers truly admire and respect Brad Bird.

      And, this explains clearly why you do not.

  4. no, he won’t be back on animation. it doesn’t pay as well as live action and it takes forever to make.

  5. Always admired this man for his irreverent brilliance. He conquered animation and now he’s on to conquer live action – and we are all the better for it.

  6. “no, he won’t be back on animation. it doesn’t pay as well as live action and it takes forever to make.”

    HA! Most good animation directors make much more than most live action directors! And the films can take long–but require a long term intensity and patience most live action directors can’t handle.

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