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Barry Diller's Oscar Weekend Mogul Picnic


Sure, every Oscar weekend there are the Friday night agency parties — Ari Emanuel’s WME fete, and Jim Berkus” UTA party for the Coen Brothers, and Bryan Lourd’s CAA bash (where the valet parkers screwed up the parking situation so badly that the Triple-A crowd had up to a 2-hour wait for their cars). But the place to really see the Big Media moguls, past and present, and their assorted pilot fish on parade is Barry Diller’s Saturday afternoon lawn luncheon ostensibly in honor of Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter. This year drew a particularly good 300+ crowd to the tent on Diller’s Beverly Hills estate for Hollywood’s major meet’n’greet. Guests included in no particular order: Sir Howard Stringer (eating the repast of veggie chili and fried chicken and poached salmon with Rupert Murdoch), David Geffen, Ron Meyer (who took his new NBCUniversal boss Steve Burke), Sandy Gallin, Bryan Lourd, Jeff Berg, Oprah Winfrey (who dined with Michael Eisner and Larry Gordon and her BFF Gayle King), Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Arianna Huffington, Eva Longoria, Valentino, Wendy Stark, Joan Collins, Terry Semel, George Hamilton, Toby Emmerich, Penny Marshall, Lorraine Bracco, Balthazar Getty, Alan Grubman, David and Victoria Beckham, Les Moonves, Anderson Cooper, California Governor Jerry Brown, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Tom Freston, Bob Daly,  Jonathan Dolgen, Brett Ratner, Dani Janssen, Shirley MacLaine, Alana Hamilton Stewart, Donna Karan, Oswald Botang, Kevin McCormick, A. Scott Berg, Cheryl Tiegs.

  1. I am boycotting anything to do with Hollywood, the so-called actors, actresses, leftist elitists, and anti-Americans. Not going to the movies because they aren’t worth the film they are printed on. You want my money? Nope, I’m done with the whole drugged out, sexually perverted idiots posing (acting) as though they are humans.

    1. Your boycott is working to well. You just posted on a “hollywood” site. No one will ever accuse you of having an excess of brain cells.

    2. Nightwriter – Sorry to break it to you, but your boycott isn’t working. 2009 and 2010 were the two best years ever for box office grosses. So, you can stay home and read your Bible Stories for Kids. Just know that no one in the real world notices.

    3. …and yet here you are, on the ultimate Hollywood blog site that really caters mostly to those in the film/television industry. You recognize about a tenth of the names you see here but you WANT. TO. BE. INVOLVED. And here you are. Welcome to our “leftist elitist” world. Idiot.

  2. Wow, these comments reflect bitterness and jealousy. I’ve hung with lots of these people and they are far from boring.

    And when they were in their 20s and 30s they had way more fun than you guys.

    Not listed on the guest list – tons of drop dead gorgeous babes looking to meet the right person. My kind of party.

  3. Aw, c’mon, admit it; every one of us would have crawled over broken glass to be there. Yet I can’t help wondering, with that much free-range talent, how come so many movies and TV shows suck? Maybe it’s something in the chili…

  4. meanwhile, it took me only two minutes to walk to my car and drive to Trader Joe’s for a bottle of their 1.99 cabernet. I skipped the veggie chili in a can and insead went with the frozen Mac and Cheese repast.

  5. If there so much talent there, why is there so much crap product? That room green lights Hollywood.

  6. BD is not just legendary, he’s visionary in media and entertainment.

    Looking at the guest list, that basically goes for a great deal of the guests at this party.

    Diller, Geffen, Katzenberg, who was an assistant to Diller… these were college dropouts who worked their way up from agency mailrooms to literally change the landscape of television, movies, animation, music, musicals, artist management, interactive/online/new media.

    Say and think all that you want but these are the real “stars”.

    1. Diller hasn’t been a part of Hollywood for a decade. He’s too busy ripping off shareholders. The real stars are at the Kodak. True there were some ballers there, Geffen, Grazer, Berg, Lourd among them but Diller, pffft.

  7. Ah, the stink of Rupert Murdoch fouls everything. Sorry to hear that ‘man’ was there. I would have boycotted the event had I been invited. Alas, I am (and probably always will be) a ‘nobody’.

    Anyone know how Penny Marshall is doing? Last I heard she had a brain tumor…

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