Academy's Tom Sherak Welcomes Banksy

Performance artist /graffiti painter /political activist Banksy is supposedly the director of the film Exit Through The Gift Shop nominated for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar. Internet reports all week have claimed he is banned from attending the awards in disguise (he wanted to come dressed as a monkey). But Academy president Tom Sherak tells me in an interview that’s not true. Noting how competitive almost all the categories are this year, including Documentary, Sherak said, “The media is making it exciting with all the questions about Banksy. I think it’s all good and if he shows up, he shows up. I won’t stop him.”

  1. Plan for a hundred imposters in monkey suits!

    Will the real Banksy please stand-up…All rise.

    BTW, is Mr. Brain Wash going to be there? Didn’t he shoot most of the film? Did Banksy just edit it? Or is Mr. Brain Wash really Banksy?

    I LOVE this guy!

  2. IMO, graffiti artists are the scum of the earth. I hear the movie is good, so I will check it out, but I just can’t stand graffiti “artists.”

    Though his Simpsons couch gag was genius! If that was really Banksy.

    1. Big difference between art as done by Banksy and his contemporaries, and what some kid named Cholo from Paramount does with a can of spray paint on windows and mailboxes.

      1. No difference to the people who’s property is damaged and contractors don’t charge you less to clean it up just because it was done by an “artist” and not a “tagger”

  3. I think we have gotten past the stage where we brand everybody with a spray can who makes images on private property as simply ‘grafitti artist’ and ‘scum’.

    I live in Bristol (Banky’s hometown) where his work is protected by the local government. The film deserves to win hands down. ‘a documentary within a documentary.’

  4. A lot of what Banksy does requires his anonymity and its the way he chooses to express himself as an artist…That Sherak ONLY now that its gonna get ratings drops his requirement that he reveal his identity (Banksy’s anonymity is worth far more than an oscar to him) separates Sherak from Banksy not as businessman to artist…but uncool to cool.

    Sherak, you need to BEG banksy to show, because while not everyone knows who he is, hes exactly who you want there, the edge of cool, and the guy that the pitt’s and the depp’s and leboufes all want to be…but instead just settle for playing.

  5. It’d be great if Banksy manages to tag someone’s clothing and have that person not notice. And then when that person goes up to accept an award, the audience gawks and laughs.

    Bound to be something like that if he does show up with his entourage.

  6. Best film of the year. Whatever irony happens Sunday night, I hope the Banksy crew films it for the DVD extras.

  7. I love how no article fails to tell the fact that brainwash ripped other artists point blank. Concept for concept. It’s one thing to harp on people that are dead like Warhol. But to blatantly steal from lesser known artists. IMO is sacrilege. Reasearch the truth people. Don’t be brainwashed this guy doesn’t have an original bone in his skeleton.

  8. Good Job Last Night! Headed in the right direction, the entertainment world should feel indebted. Ironic that “Duke” passed away on the day of one of your best achievements.

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