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OSCAR: Today's Nominations By Picture

Feature Films With 2 Or More Nominations
(No Short Films or Documentary Short Subjects.)

The King’s Speech – The Weinstein Company 12
True Grit – Paramount 10
Inception – Warner Bros 8
The Social Network – Sony Pictures Releasing 8
The Fighter – Paramount 7
127 Hours – Fox Searchlight 6
Black Swan – Fox Searchlight 5
Toy Story 3 – Walt Disney 5
The Kids Are All Right – Focus Features 4
Winter’s Bone – Roadside Attractions 4
Alice in Wonderland – Walt Disney 3
Biutiful – Roadside Attractions 2
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – Warner Bros 2
How to Train Your Dragon – Paramount 2

  1. Winter’s Bone is a perfect example of why there should not be 10 nominees for best picture. Hollywood’s lucky to churn out five that are worthy.

    Winter’s Bone is a pretentious and ludicrous movie that lives only in the heads of NYU film grads from New Jersey but it’s the sort of BS the critics line up to laud.

    Gee let’s see. Colin Firth, Annette Benning, The Social Network, blah, blah, blah

  2. The directors branch of the academy awards must really have something against Christopher Nolan — this is the second time where every organization has recognized him and the academy has snubbed him — does the directors branch not like innovation or just understand the the true meaning of being a director?

    Winter’s bone is just puzzling to me with all of its nominations — I take offense to the NYU comment — there is just nothing great that I can say about this movie, nothing bad, it’s just certainly not one of the best pictures of the year.

    I hope that the academy takes a look at Rabbit Hole and Nicole Kidman — she is the best actress of the year and would love to see Annette Bening win for the years of being ignored. Sorry but Natalie Portman does not give THE performance of the year.

  3. You know the Academy us reaching when they add ALICE IN WONDERLAND and HARRY POTTER to the list. They need to go back to five nominations for Best Picture.

  4. Apparently, the Best Picture category was extended to ten after the fiasco when The Dark Knight was not nominated. Now there will be another fiasco because Chris Nolan has not been nominated…so expect the Best Director category to be extended next year as well. Well done Nolan for making things as awkward for the Academy as possible.

  5. How did Tangled not receive any nominations? I thought it was at least as good as, if not better, than Toy Story 3 – and it was much fresher.

  6. Nice breakdown by numbers… and, not to put too fine a point on it: if one is on the Board of Governor’s, should one be allowed to be up for a Best Actress nom? (Lightning may strike your blog from above in the Beatty Universe, but, alas, the brazen spoken word must have sway in COI matters.)

  7. Go back to five, Academy. The very first five movies listed here are the only five that should have been nominated (with a potential spoiler of “The Kids…” instead of “True Grit”.)

  8. Nolan just doesn’t deserve it this year. Aside from basically one cool visual effect, the movie contained an ordinary story executed ordinarily, right down to the predictably ambiguous ending. It just didn’t live up to the hype or his usual level of work. Why does it have to be 5 or 10? Why not set up some real criteria for judging them and select only those that really deserve to be nominated–no matter how many or how few?

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