Ricky Gervais Assesses 2nd Globes Gig: “For Three Hours Every Year, Hollywood Is Scared To Death Of Me. It's Great.”

Live-Snarking The Meanest Golden Globes

Deadline freelancer Ray Richmond ran into Ricky Gervais at the HBO after-party Sunday night. And the Golden Globes host appeared more than pleased with his performance at what was the meanest awards show ever. Asked if he had fun carving up Hollywood, Gervais responded: “Oh absolutely. For three hours every year, Hollywood is scared to death of me. It’s great.” No, he doesn’t expect to be asked back to host for a 3rd straight time next year. But he also didn’t intend to go out in a blaze of controversy. “No, it’s really nothing like that. I just did what I do.” Interestingly, Gervais said he didn’t come in for criticism backstage for his mean-spirited jokes during the show. “I guess no one’s had a chance yet. Maybe I will now.” When Deadline bid Gervais goodbye and “good luck,” the comedian replied, “Thanks. I hope I don’t need it.”
You will, Ricky. Trust us.

  1. Great job, Ricky !!!!…..It is fun to see a fearless comedian take on the powerful players in Hollywood.

    1. I cannot believe Gervais. Everyone in hollywood knows about Travolta and Cruise, it’s about time they come out. The bottom line is the money stars lose when they are not considered macho anymore so I can understand. I guess it’s hard to play a tough guy after someone sees pictures of 2 men kissing. They are great actors none the lessand I wish them good luck.
      Tom Hanks is the real devil. I have heard, and you can see everytime the camera points to him he looks like he is complaining about something, that he is a real mean spirited actor who thinks because he has Spielberg in his corner he can walk on water. Downey
      was the best, handled it very cool.I think Eisenberg should have won best actor. Halle Berry was by far the best looking actress.

      1. Hanks and Allen were in on the whole thing. Tom Hanks has one of the sharpest minds in the business. Tim Allen knew he was being spoofed. Those guys came up with that on the spot. Come on now. Tom Hanks, like Ricky calls it like he sees it. He just does it with more panache.

      2. Hi Tyson, what was it about RDJ saying he wanted to have sex with all of the female nominees in front of his wife would constitute him being the best and handling it cool?

      3. Tom Hanks is one of the coolest. most down to earth stars in this town. If you want to take Hollywood to task for having mean spirited stars, you’re barking up the wrong tree with Hanks

    2. Anyone catch that awful Natalie Portman joke? She thought it was the most clever thing in the world, then laughed at her one joke with a God awful laugh. I thought she was smart.

    3. Normally I love me some Ricky. Mean can be funny, but in this case it simply wasn’t. They were stale and unoriginal insults, ie: “and that was just breakfast “(insert rimshot). I expected fresher from him.

    4. Hollywood Rule #1: There is no such thing as bad publicity.
      Gervais and the celeb audience speak the same language.

  2. Thought he was brilliant. What’s the matter with this town, anyway? Nobody can take a joke? Also loved robert Downey

    1. It’s an awards show. The point is the honor people? Not denigrate them in a mean way publicly. I guess the fundamental point of an awards show is lost on you.

      Irreverence? Of course.
      Blatant and repeated personal disrespect? Too far.

      Do you see the difference or do I have to point to, oh I don’t know, every other awards show in history for contrasting examples?

      1. “It’s an awards show”

        Yes. It’s also a corrupt joke of an award show. It, and its egomanicial guests, deserved everything they got.

        1. Uh, but they are the SAME GUESTS that appear at every award show. Again I am not following the logic. Should every award show be like last night then? Is EVERY award show a corrupt joke? Actually, yes they are, but then do all award shows now exist for us to chuckle bitterly at people we despise? I think maybe you are missing the core concept of an award show, and it’s a misguided and shortsighted point of view to support behavior during an award show that basically makes the argument that said show shouldn’t even exist.

          Also, what of Ricky Gervais’ massive ego? It’s so backwards to support the person with clearly the biggest ego in the room.

          Sigh. No wonder The Social Network and The King’s Speech the frontrunner. They are the most superficially satisfying out of the major nominees. And superficially satisfying seems to be the status quo.

          1. If it hurt their feelings so much they can find solace in the next award show they go to this season, and the next, and the next.

          2. the oscars do at least have more credibility as awards simply because those who win are nominated by their peers (talented ones at that) in the academy. the actors are nominated by thousands of actors in the academy, the writers by writers, the directors by directors, etc., and then voted on by the whole academy. not to say it doesn’t get political and money has influence with ads, etc., but it’s a bit different than a ragtag bunch of foreign journalists who don’t even write for top press in their own countries. not all awards shows are the same.

          3. yes, it is an awards show, but is an award show, ran by people who have asked a COMEDIAN to host it. it’s not like ricky gervais is a new comedian, or he has rapidly changed his style of comedy over night. they knew what they were getting when they asked him to host the show. i’m sure part of the reason they asked him to host was because they realise a lot of people either don’t understand his style, or they don’t appreciate it, either way, it causes that little bit more controversy, resulting in more viewers, and more press. as far as HFPA is concerned, all publicity is good publicity for them because Ricky is the one who will have to take the brunt of the blame, for just doing what it is that they have hired him to do.
            it is an awards show, and the people who won were honoured. i don’t particularly remember Ricky saying outright that any particularly winner didn’t deserve it. yeah, he mentioned nominees like the tourist, but isn’t he just saying out loud and to their faces, what everyone else has said behind their backs?
            those actors work within an industry where criticism is part of their job, and we all know they get paid an obscene amount of money for what they do, i’m sure they can take one comedian, making a few jokes about them, for a couple hours, and if they can’t, then they shouldn’t be in an industry where personal scrutiny comes with the territory.

      2. Gervais fundementally understands that the concept of ‘honoring’ hugely well-paid actors – in effect life’s lottery winners – is a curious concept.

        I doubt he would have adopted the same tone if it were Aung Suu Kyi or Nelson Mandela being rewarded for their sacrifices.

        To mock the event, which the industry mocks mercilessly anyway as a moving billboard, isn’t really a stretch – they hired Gervais for that reason.

        He turned it into a boozy roast – which makes it stand out ina crowded field.

        The HFPA will be enjoying the fact that people are still talking about this year’s event, when usually the bloom fades with the credits.

        1. If the HFPA hired Gervais to mock them, why did the head of the HFPA seem so miffed by Gervais’ joke about him?

          Simple question. Kills your argument.

          Good day.

          Also, if this is the new tone of award shows moving forward I guarantee fewer stars will come, which is ALL THE HFPA CARES ABOUT.

          And honoring millionaires isn’t that curious if you understand that this is how capitalism and the real world in general work. Someone HAS to win!

          I mean, I know it’s early but think through what you’re saying next time.

          1. Sorry to kill you argument, but all of the stars come out for the publicity. And Ricky brought the attention full force, look at the ratings if you think I am wrong. He continues to rock and hollywood is eating it up. His hosting days are far from over.

          2. The ratings were the same as last year. Which were only up from the year before because of the writer strike. Hollywood is eating it up? People still watch for the stars. If stars lobby to either boycott the show or have Gervais removed, it will prove my point.

            Meanwhile Ricky Gervais should become the lifetime host of the Razzies, which is where he should be, just like his masterpiece The Invention of Lying.

          3. The Golden Globe awards are for movie and TV stars, but the show is for viewers. Celebrities (and critics) hated Ricky Gervais, but audiences at home loved him. They’re not going to boycott award ceremonies because their egos are too big.

            Just because people in the room hated Gervais doesn’t mean he wasn’t a success to the people watching at home. Just look at Stephen Colbert’s experience at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

            The ratings were up slightly at 17 million people this year from 16.98 million last year. My friends and I tuned in because of Gervais. With a different host, who knows what the numbers would have been, but at least, I was entertained.

        2. You mustn’t have seen any of Gervais’ live acts. He goes to town on Mandela and the mythical, history-denying lovers and film makers of this so called ‘freedom fighter’. Mandela turned South Africa into the hell hole it is today.

          “Mandela got out after 20 years..and still hasn’t reoffended, which shows that the prison system works”. – Gervais

      3. I feel so bad for those Hollywood celebrities – Having to endure someone NOT kissing their a$$es for an entire night, it must have been horrible to endure.

        Boo-f’ing-hoo. They’re celebrities / public figures, and it’s comedy – it goes with the turf.

    2. It’s an awards show, he’s the host and hosts are to make you “welcome”….the fact that Downey and Hanks didn’t like the jokes and there were some groans in the audience, shows he wasn’t appreciated, and he wasn’t a “host.”

      1. Exactly. “Award” and “host” are very simple concepts that seem to be getting lost in the general wave of bitterness in society. What actor comes to an award show to get peed on? Just because someone is rich and successful doesn’t mean they are deserving of that.

        1. I see…you sure are quite the uptight B. The regal and snooty awards show you apparently long for is known as “The Oscars.” That is where you will find prim and proper etiquette throughout and that is fine as that is their tradition. “The Globes,” however, are meant to be fun and witty and self-depreciating of the industry. This is why they serve alcohol in a dinner setting at The Globes and do not do so at The Oscars. The comedy Ricky Gervais performed last night is the exact comedy he has performed his entire career and the exact type of comedy the HFPA hired him to perform. So take your clenched sphincter to The Oscars and leave The Globes for us down to earth commoners.

          1. Eh. Nice attempt at least. How is it the Globes have existed for decades without anything near this level of meanspiritedness? There are degrees of irreverence but this year went too far. I suppose you live the binary red state-blue state world, but in the land I enjoy, a land of nuance, you can have an irreverent host, have celebrities get drunk and have a great time and still leave a good feeling with everyone. So open YOUR mind a little that maybe some people were put off by this year’s host and maybe that is a problem.


            And if it was the exact comedy Gervais was hired to perform, why did he get admonished on stage by the head of the HFPA? And Robert Downey. And Tom Hanks.

            Enjoy your bitter tea. Gervais made it for you.

          2. So true History Lesson. I didn’t watch today because I thought it would be the usual borefest the Oscars are. I think Ricky is a funny guy and if you are a ‘star’ and are being paid millions of dollars per movie you are open to scrutiny by everyone. I think the entertainment industry takes itself far too seriously and guys like Ricky bring it back down to earth and gives us a chance to have a giggle at some ‘star’ caught with his pants down.
            Actors have a choice, they can be modest and hardworking and rarely seek publicity or the can whore themselves out to any talk show that will have them to promote a book they didn’t write.
            If they dont want the publicity then live a freaking near normal life, many very talented actors do and I admire them. Others choose to be in the spotlight and if you chose that route then stick by it. Everything I have said here does not include Robert Downey Jr, who I think is the most amazing man ever.

      2. Enough already. Gervais is a COMIC, and an acid-tongued one at that. HFPA knew exactly what they hired. Now they can play the victim as the lawsuits and truths about how “naked the Emperor Golden Globe truly is” swirl around them.

        Tim Allen was a huge baby. He’s a COMIC, for crap’s sake, and a lucky one at that (did Ricky mention the prison time TA did for being a coke dealer?). And Downey was unbelievable–here’s a guy who’s pissed on so many, been given so many second chances, and now that he’s finally sober for a number of years, gets all pious. Or does he? After his “sinister undertones” mention, he proceeds to joke how he’s bedded all the actress nominees. Stay classy, RD Jr.

        1. I totally didn’t take Downey’s comment as a hit on RG at all. I think he is definitely one of the only celebs out there who never takes himself too seriously.

          Personally, I loved Ricky on The Globes. I’m glad that he didn’t pull any punches on the elite celebs that already have FAR too many people kissing their a$$es on a daily basis. Obviously the people complaining that he went too far have never seen his stand-up routine. NOTHING is sacred to Ricky, and he has always made some people uncomfortable with his humor.

          I’m sorry, but I honestly don’t care if a few pampered celebrities got their feelings hurt.

  3. Some of his jokes were pointless and mean like calling Bruce Willis Ashton Kutcher’s dad, what was the point of that apart from publicly insulting someone. Time for Ricky to pack his bags and head back to the UK, I can’t see the hollywood power players wanting to work with him again.

  4. We need to deflate the insulated, inflated Hollywooders like convicted drunk driver, Tim Allen. My oh my – he can’t handle a funny, well aimed and wonderfully delivered insult. Oh My! Oy Vey! What a surprise. The big mistake was Tom Hanks agreeing to appear with Mr. Unfunny drunken driver. Does Scientologicicity actually run this grotesquerie masquerading as an ‘noblesse oblige’ celebrity smorgasbord? My best guess is that Mr. Power Tool comedian with blunted bits would find it difficult to cut through Balsa wood with a 100cc nitro-fueled chain saw. Robert Downey Jnr. added to the Gervaise intro with grace and humor.
    Mr. Allen, it would seem from his comments, prefers abject brown nosing – to salient truths. If it hurts good chance it’s accurate.
    In YouTube speak – Tim Allen is – FAIL.


    PS The Tux sux. Bigger laugh if you entered with Buzz Lightyear wearing a leather tool belt.

    1. Excellent work. Home Improvement jokes. 2010. Not like you’re holding on to your irrational bitterness towards Tim Allen a decade too long or anything.

      Also Downey pointed out how mean-spirited Gervais (check your spelling) had been. Not sure what the difference between him and Tim Allen was. Also Tom Hanks first delivered the comeback. Check your TiVo – I think you missed EVERYTHING.

      1. Oh Lordy – how did I ever get it so wrong. What’s tivo? Er…sorry TiVo? Is that something on board that wonderful fantastic Sci-Fi space ship traveling faster than the speed of light in Star-Trek? Are you by any chance an ‘Agent’? You know, one of those people who live in a parallel Universe completely out of touch with this one? Now that is cool.

          1. Do you think you could instead possibly send me a 35mm release print along with a projector and a wide aspect ratio screen? I’ve heard someone has invented electricity too. That’ll ‘catch me up’ good for sure. So could you also send me some electricity please?

      2. i thought RDJ was actually kidding.. how would you otherwise justify the tone of the introduction he used on all the lovely lady nominees? i mean, i see no outrage over that speech [BTW looooove RDJ and people with a sense of humor]

        1. I just had to reply to say Laura, I loooove RDJ more than you. If we cant settle this with words I vote for a jello fight with RDJ as the referee in the huge vodka jello vat with us. I guess we would all be winners then :)

  5. I have never understood Ricky Gervais’ appeal. He has been an extremely lucky individual to have made it at all, as far as I am concerned. His original ‘Office’ so called phenomena was so over rated and juvenile I am gob smacked that it appealed to the masses. But then his humour, if you can call it humour, will always be tolerated by the sheep. I think Hollywood falsely has been blinded by the fact that he is British and so therefore must be brilliant, well spoken, funny, charismatic and he is none of these things. He is a cringe factor and a bore and goes for the obvious, you can see him coming a mile off. He is like a version of the Emperor’s new clothes and it’s all in his head. His gags, instead of self defacing like the really clever comedy writers, are mean spirited, taking under handed digs at people who are the ‘really’ talented performers. Ricky Gervais is the egomaniac, however, underneath this façade he probably can’t believe his own luck either, if I was that bad, I would be blinded too. The way he attacks people, is the actions of a man suffering from inadequacy issues underneath and who then covers these up by striking rotten blows going way below the belt at others. That’s what we call ‘a low blow’ and that ain’t funny!

    1. Why do you Brits hate it when one of your countrymen succeeds? Nothing but sour grapes when someone does well. Must be part of that caste – oops, class – system that you just can’t seem to shrug off.

      1. Yes, you said it. He has no class and those who find him even remotely funny, have no taste. A gentleman there was right what he said. It is an awards show. Given to time honoured people who have put in their time and paid their dues. He was handed his reward of success on a platter for being as talentless as any of these reality tv so called personalities that you see on the screen. This is not a class issue, but I see you have all made it one and Ricky Gervais does act like a ‘low brow’ and if that sets a good tone for all of you, well as they say, ‘if the cap fits, wear it.’

        1. Clearly you have no idea what the Golden Globes are about (“Given to time honoured people who have put in their time and paid their dues.” Ha.) and you should really save your criticism for something you might know something about.

    2. I couldn’t disagree more.

      Just because you don’t like his humour, doesn’t mean he is ‘bad’, ‘inadequate’, ‘juvenile’, ‘over-rated’, ‘a bore’ or an ‘egomaniac’.

      It means you don’t find him funny. Plenty of people do, as is evidenced by his success.

    3. Anyone who likes Gervais is a sheep?? That’s a pretty ignorant think to say considering you don’t know those of us who find Gervais hysterical. EXTRAS is one of the most deliriously funny shows on TV. It was nice to see some of Hollywood’s egomaniacs come down a few notches.

      1. All of them, except Ricky Gervais of course.

        To quote a Brit, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    4. Anne – America has a great tradition in supporting irreverent comics, satirists and writers. Mark Twain, Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, Dorothy Parker, Woody Allen, Robin Williams, Jon Stewart. They all make us uncomfortable and they are much needed – esp. now. So too do the ancient Greeks, the Brits and the French. Aristophanes, Dickens, Monty Python, Moliere and Voltaire come to mind. Their objective is to make biting fun of themselves and the follies of others with humor – and that is what I think Ricky Gervais does. Take the piss. Gervais is unique in that he not only targets celebrity but also the delusional amongst us. Any Hollywood agent or manager who writes Gervais off – should seek another line of work.

      BTW. My all time favorite character in satire is Pangloss,(Candide) who, with a rope around his neck on the gallows says -‘it could be worse.’

      Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show have offered as much irreverence and insult as Ricky Gervais ever has. They are American comedic portals. Long may they live.

      1. Jon Stewart has hosted a couple of award shows I believe – oh, right, THE OSCARS. Let me ask you, what do you think would have happened if Jon Stewart behaved at the Oscars the way Ricky Gervais did last night? There’s a difference between irreverence and what Ricky Gervais did. And the rest of those people you named were never invited to host anything.

        1. as it’s been said a few times above, the golden globes are not the same as the oscars. we are talking about two quite different occasions with very different etiquette and expectations. please inform yourself a bit better before chastising other people’s behaviour and work. thanks

      2. Oh, don’t get me wrong, satire and irony is wonderful and over the years, the brilliant comedy writers have been in full force around the Globe. But Gervais is ‘base’ or ‘basic.’ It is not only his lack of writing ability, but…’it’s all in the delivery.’

        Over the years in the UK you have had wonderful comedy writers churning out such marvels as Black Adder, Fawlty Towers, Yes Prime Minister, Allo allo and I could go on. They sent up sacred cows with panache and a flourish, with a twist of lime. In the States you have had your Mel Brooks, Billy Crystals and the delivery of your acid tongued Walter Matthau. They possibly could say the same as Ricky Gervais but in a cleverer way. He doesn’t have the sophisticated ability to put the knife in and twist it with ‘savour faire’ and that is where he looses the edge and deserves only to be churning his stuff out at the local pub instead of the Golden Globes.

      3. Tom, I am a firm embracer of clever satire, witticisms and indeed love irony of all kinds, in fact, I do believe the United Kingdom transported all the irony it could muster to the US of A in many forms over the years.

        The problem is, Ricky Gervais does not know anything about satire (or for the common man) clever sarcasm. He just calls it straight from the scrotum or from a lower angle, like the gutter. He just gets his kicks seeing much more talented people than him, squirm, takes the emphasis off himself (he thinks) that he is really awful.

        I doubt whether he even rehearses what he is going to say. And as you probably know true comedy is all about timing and it is not necessarily what you say, it is how you say it. All in the delivery. He just isn’t bright enough.

          1. You are right of course. Especially when you take into account everything I have written on this posting. And, it has nothing to do with your OWN one dimensional vision.

  6. I thought Robert Downey Jr’s intro for best actress was kind of nauseating and it saddens me that he’s apparently receiving praise for it. Yes, he’s a great performer and his delivery was spot on as always, but isn’t it possible to acknowledge a woman’s work in this city without objectifying her? Shouldn’t we be able to say “You did a great job in that movie” without somehow alluding to “I want to have sex with you”? The way this town celebrates that kind of crass BS instead of condemning it is just one of the many reasons why sexism (and sexual abuse) remain so sickeningly pervasive in the industry.

      1. I agree completely. Downey was sharp, wry and hilarious. If he were a horndog his speech would have been received differently, but he’s not. His has always been other issues (in the past now thankfully). He’s well loved by Hollywood including women.

    1. That’s why women wet their panties for him. For those groupies, sexism is not sexy unless you’re RDJ, The Hollywood Macho Superstar.

      But be a regular man and act like that on a regular basis, you’ll get sued for sexual harassment by those groupies. Sad but true.

  7. Anyone else think it’s odd that the site that “live-snarks” the Golden Globes in a manner that is “not for the easily offended or ridiculously naive” is suddenly bent out of shape by how mean-spirited the Globes were?

  8. See what happens when you stop using food to suppress? Yes
    Ricky you look great and slim but all that rage that you were
    eating down has popped to surface and you were spewing.
    Why you didn’t have a team of writers helping you is beyond me and
    why didn’t you have them in wings trying to dig you out…if any other comedy pro were hosting and they were tanking, they would have
    spent the better part of the show trying to win the audience back…but you didn’t care and that’s ok…but u are wildly successful, rich beyond compare and still so bitter??
    You should have had a Cinnabon before you went on…..it might a
    quelled things.

    1. Except he didn’t tank.

      People are still talking about his performance, which in the subjective world of comedy, is the most he can hope for.

      He didn’t damage his reputation at all, but enhanced it as a fearless professional provocateur.

      Gervais may not be invited back because some stars may threaten to boycott the event if he is, but his schtick is still being discussed globally, which is rarely the case with the Globes

  9. Ricky,

    You were f***ing AWESOME tonight. Just completely f***ing awesome.

    Ricky for Golden Globes host next year!

  10. So did Ricky survive last night? I wonder about the ratings of Globes. Gosh – I hope they would ask him to host again. He was the best thing about it. He was the best host to any awards for years. And didn’t they had rehearsals or something? So the head officials must have known about his jokes.

    And it’s official – John Travolta become joke just like Tom Cruise. When they laugh at you on national television you know you are in trouble. And how fun is it when they bring down those “old school” celebrities. Those from 1980-2000 era. They thought they were so big and untouchables. And now EW laughs from Kidman forehead, Gawker tells to the whole world about Travolta’s orgies and no lawsuit from Travolta came.

    And there it ended – Ricky Gervais in front of faces of WHOLE Hollywood and whole world calls Tom and John gays. And he doesn’t even need to call their names. EVERYONE in auditorium and home knows who he meant :) And they had to laugh about it :) Even if they didn’t want to.

    And he even said out loud what everyone was thinking about Tourist. I think it was even relief for Angelina and Johny. Those poor two were so embarrassing about their nominations. And they had to come and sit there. And when Ricky sad it out loud they could laugh about it too.

  11. RG – Brilliant! RG’s take on the all the pomp and very little circumstance was just what the The Golden Globes awards deserve as they are truly are laughable.

  12. I thought he did a great job. American actors seem to take themselves way too seriously. Ricky was hilarious and it’s all meant in good fun, not mean spirit.

  13. Ricky is a little too interested in not being a people pleaser…

    “You’re in high school again…”-Cobain

  14. Overall the show was a snooze. I’ve seen better GG awards shows….and Natalie Portman comes off as a Spence or Harvard graduate. Lighten up Natalie.

    1. “………and Natalie Portman comes off as a Spence or Harvard graduate.”

      Maybe because she in fact did graduate from Harvard…with honors. And since when did sounding like a Harvard grad become a term of derision? Little bit of sour grapes there?

      The implication that one who “sounds like a Harvard graduate” per se lacks a sense of humor is absurd. Several very well known comedic actors graduated from Harvard..not the least of which was Jack Lemmon.

      1. Hey, I went to Harvard… and I’m mortally offended by the comment that Ms. Portman came across as Harvard or Spence. To me, she was a dead ringer for Smith, Wellesley or Pine Manor.

        (Hey, that was a joke!)

  15. Anyone offended needs to pull the stick out of their a**. Or get out of this business. It’s called thick skin, and a sense of humor. Get both, or go away. The end.

  16. In an industry that doesn’t have many lines to cross Gervais crossed them…

    You can’t have both-total mockery/ and genuine care.

    Not all Hollywood is corrupt and the Gervais mockery insults the professionals in Hollywood that are in it for the right reasons.

    It was demeaning, mean-spirited and way off. If that’s humor he’s not far away from mocking race, sexuality, gender and things we do hold dear. Gervais, you acted like a Dorko. Last year was mostly funny…this year not….Get a financial planner cause you may need to learn to stretch a dollar or perhaps convert to pounds while the currency rate is still in your favor!

    1. um, Gervais is loaded. The original Office was a success, it won 2 Golden Globes. NBC’s version of the Office will be in syndication forever. I don’t see RG clipping coupons any time soon.

  17. NBC knew exactly what it would get with Gervais – they had last year’s show as a reference. I think they’re as disgusted by the HFPA as everyone else and this is how they show it: “Yes, we’ll air this meaningless awards show that everyone knows is a sham and is barely worth our air time (50 commercials for Johnny Depp’s new animated film?! – a sure nominee next year, I bet). However, to keep ourselves entertained we will hire a host who is sure to offend everyone in the room – and especially the HFPA. It’s our not-so-passive-aggressive way of saying we hate you.”

    I thought he was great. He always goes too far in a couple of instances, but that’s what you get with him. Truth stings, eh?

  18. Ricky Gervais is everyone’s HERO today
    People on Twitter are loving him!
    He told HWOOD like it T..I..is !!
    Good for him, These award shows are a bore
    and people need to get off their ego trips.
    If I had a drink for every thank you..thank you
    and thank you’s
    I would be checking into Betty Ford Center
    first thing this morning!

  19. The last thing he said..

    “Thank you God for making me a atheist”

    Are you kidding me?

    I think Ricky has to much to prove all the time, he is so insecure about his reasons why he doesnt believe in God that he has to put it in every bit he does, like it’s going to change people lol. He has about as much of a effect as reading a bumper sticker.

    I almost feel bad for him.

    I did laugh a few times, he did ok, but I feel bad for him. Seems like not a lot of people like him who actually know him.

    1. Or his work includes ruminations and comments on God and belief because his work is personal. Usually “personal” in the arts is considered something to admire. Nobody makes you watch his movies if you don’t like it.

    2. Actually, Watcher, it’s quite the opposite. Gervais is so comfortable with his atheism that he doesn’t have a problem letting people know about it. This country leads the industrialized world in percentage of people who don’t believe in evolution and people who literally believe the bible (e.g., the earth is 6,000 years old and people co-existed with dinosaurs). I think it’s awesome that is very vocal in the face of all of that. And your last sentence is utter nonsense.

  20. It’s very telling that this kind of hosting at a British Awards show wouldn’t be a big deal. If the internet’s anything to go by, the viewers really enjoyed seeing these ‘stars’ get taken down a peg or two.

    I must say I found it odd that, out of everything, Nikki didn’t like Gervais’ Downey Jr jab. Why was THAT any more crass than the other jokes? Because RDJ is so sexy and charming?

  21. Amen. While he didnt bat .1000, Gervais was the only reason to watch…if you’re looking for milquetoast puns based on film names, tune in to virtually any other host.

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