Producers Guild Awards: 'King's Speech' Scores Upset Win; Harvey Weinstein Reacts

UPDATE: Deadline was just emailed this reaction from Harvey Weinstein: “It is an incredible honor to be recognized by your peers. The PGA is made up of all the people I admire and respect. I congratulate Tom Hooper, our three amazing producers, and our incredible ensemble cast.” 

No less than comedy mogul Judd Apatow hosted the 22nd annual Producers Guild Awards ceremony held tonight at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. (Judd Apatow Asked Twitter For PGA Jokes) Additionally, the Guild paid tribute to James Cameron (receiving the Milestone Award), Tom Hanks and his Playtone producing partner Gary Goetzman (receiving the Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television), Scott Rudin (receiving the David O. Selznick Achievement Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures), Laura Ziskin (receiving the Visionary Award), and RealD (receiving the Vanguard Award). Meanwhile, Larry Gordon got a big laugh from the crowd when he praised Golden Globes Best Picture winner, The Social Network‘s Scott Rudin, for “thanking his parents, Nikki Finke and Barry Diller”. But Sony Picture’s movie didn’t win tonight; instead the biggest honor went to The Weinstein Co’s The King’s Speech in an upset win. Harvey Weinstein wasn’t even there to see it: he’s at the Sundance film Festival.

The 2011 Producers Guild Awards winners are (keep refreshing):

The Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures:

Producers: Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Gareth Unwin

The Award for Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures:

Producer: Darla K. Anderson

The Award for Outstanding Producer of Documentary Theatrical Motion Pictures:

Producer: Lesley Chilcott

The Norman Felton Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television – Drama:

“Mad Men” (AMC)
Producers: Lisa Albert, Scott Hornbacher, Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton, Blake McCormick, Dwayne Shattuck, Matthew Weiner

The Danny Thomas Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television – Comedy:

“Modern Family” (ABC)
Producers: Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Morton, Dan O’Shannon, Jason Winer, Bill Wrubel, Danny Zuker

The David L. Wolper Award for Outstanding Producer of Long-Form Television:

“The Pacific” (HBO)
Producers: Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks, Eugene Kelly, Todd London, Cherylanne Martin, Bruce C. McKenna, Steven Shareshian, Steven Spielberg, Tony To, Tim Van Patten, Graham Yost

The Award for Outstanding Producer of Live Entertainment and Competition Television:

“The Colbert Report” (Comedy Central)
Producers: Meredith Bennett, Stephen T. Colbert, Richard Dahm, Tom Purcell, Allison Silverman, Jon Stewart

The Award for Outstanding Producer of Non-Fiction Television:

“Deadliest Catch” (Discovery Channel)
Producers: Thom Beers, Jeff Conroy, Sheila McCormack, Ethan Prochnik, Matt Renner

  1. Short of a meteor strike on the Bev Hilton, this is TSN’s to lose. And this staggeringly predictable awards season slogs on.

  2. TSN is the dullest of the ten for me. Black Swan, King’s Speech or Inception were far more interesting and original.

    1. Thank you Dude. Inception is smart and original two things missing from 99.9 percent of American feature films these days.

  3. Yup. TSN for the win, please no upsets or surprises.
    It will be a sad night for Nolan fans for sure….

  4. Wow. What an upset.
    We shall see about the Oscar night!
    Next week is the DGA. I hope Fincher taking that one.
    Remember Aviator. Saving Private Ryan?
    We shall see what happens.

  5. An upset for the sake of an upset is simply not fair. The Social Network was hands down the best picture of the year and the most important film of the year.

    1. What was so important about TSN? It’s a nice movie, but I seriously don’t understand why people think it’s so extraordinary. My hunch is that the movie makes adults who watch it think they understand that Facebook thing their kids/grandkids are always on.

      Facebook may be a big deal now, but that doesn’t mean that a movie about Facebook is all that important. In 50 years, the Facebook generation won’t even remember TSN. They’ll look back fondly on 2010 as the year of Inception. Why has that film not gotten the love it deserves? Was it WB’s late-to-the-gate approach to campaigning?

      Also, King’s Speech is awesome too. Glad to see this race isn’t set in stone.

  6. harvey, you bloated turd, we voted for the film, not you. Your a worthless douche and no one treats producers worse then you. We all count the days to your demise.

    1. I’m with you Jeff!

      Congratulations to Canning, Sherman and Unwin for their PGA win.

      Weinstein is a grotesque gatecrasher at the best and he got his exec producer credit by investing someone else’s moolah in ‘The King’s Speech’

  7. I guess this will be one of those Ordinary People-over-Raging Bull or Shakespeare In Love-over-Saving Private Ryan blunders where the clearly more excellent film is tossed aside and people 50 years from now are scratching their heads and thinking what the hell were the Oscar voters thinking?

    Ah well….ah well.

  8. The PGA passed over “The Social Network,” “Inception,” and “Black Swan” for “The Kings Speech.” Thank God they don’t have a great track record for predicting the BP winner!

    I’ve watched the above mentioned movies numerous times and “Kings Speech” cant even compare to those ones. And I suffered with a speech impediment as a child!!!

  9. The Social Network is dreary and pedestrian. I’d love the Kings Speech to win but to be honest anything other than Social Network.

  10. This sucks! “The King’s Speech” was such a dull, boring film. I can’t picture this film winning over “The Social Network” at the Oscars.

  11. Harvey is known to take the worse films and turn them into Best Picture bate. I really can’t stand him, because he doesn’t play fair at all.

    1. King’s Speech is a great film. The best of the year. So relieved the town is coming to its senses.

  12. I’ve seen most of the nominated films, and “The Social Network” and “Black Swan” were the Best Films released this year. “The King’s Speech” is another overrated film.

  13. This show. This show right here proves that we need a 24 hour channel devoted to awards shows. When not showing live awards shows, the channel would show reruns of old shows, have panel shows discussing upcoming awards shows as well as reviewing past awards shows, and have morning shows with live nomination announcements as well as read Twitter reactions.

    Get Brian Roberts on the phone. I am sure Keith Olbermann would host.


  15. Congrats to The Colbert Report. and thanks for Supporting the Troops with your shows in theater to bring a smile to them when they need it.

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