National Society Of Film Critics Really Likes 'The Social Network'

The National Society of Film Critics has voted The Social Network the year’s best picture today at the Gotham eatery Sardi’s. The group also named the film’s star, Jesse Eisenberg, best actor, gave best director honors to David Fincher, and honored Aaron Sorkin for best screenplay. While that put the critics group in the position of joining the crowd, they went in an intriguing direction when they chose Giovanna Mezzogiorno for best actress for her performance in Vincere. Supporting nods went to The King’s Speech star Geoffrey Rush and The Ghost Writer‘s Olivia Williams.

  1. They’re going to suck all the drama out of the “Oscars” arn’t they? I’m still hoping for the “Black Swan”.

  2. Think it’s less an “intriguing direction” and more that critics love to award films and performances none of us will ever see as it makes them feel special, superior, cool.

    Reading Time article on Mark Zuckerberg. Shouldn’t it matter to Oscar voters that the film seems to have “missed the Mark” in a number of important ways – especially his motivations regarding Facebook?

    1. Yeah with every interview done on Zuckerberg, “the social network” seems more and more like fiction. The guy was with the same girlfriend he still has when he discovered facebook, face-mash had pictures of BOTH men and women, there was no snorting coke off the bodies of girlsetc. They are pretty much re-writing history. Can’t let reality interfere with this critical darling now can we? Zuckerberg and his girlfriend will have the last laugh.

      1. You’re right about facemash featuring both men and women. However, you’re wrong about Zuckerberg being with the same girl. That’s not really your fault. Zuckerberg has repeatedly lied in the media, most likely in an attempt to make out that his misogynistic blog post (which is real) never occurred.

        As for the partying and snorting coke, Mark is never depicted taking drugs. The drugs largely focus on Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake). A perfunctory look at the history of him and you’ll find this is in keeping with the man.

        You must understand that Zuckerberg is under no compulsion to grant interviews. He is not an eleted official and his company is not publicly traded. THerefore he has been able to only give interviews to those he knows to be sympathetic. This has led to a huge discrepancy between perception and reality where many of these ‘journalists’ have essentiallly written hagiographies. Sure, he’s no Mephistopheles. But he did make a lot of errors and treat people pretty poorly. It is a fact he had to settle two massive lawsuits with those he both betrayed and started his company with. And that issue is the crux of the film.

      2. No, no!

        It’s more important that this is a reflection of Aaron Sorkin’s life.

        My nose pressed up to the glass. I feel like a loser, and since Mark is a nerd, he must be just like me.

        Dude, stop patting yourself on the back already. Great writer, great movie, but if we made the Aaron Sorkin movie, it would 90 minutes in the airport.

    2. “critics love to award films and performances none of us will ever see”

      And whose fault is that? Why have film critics and Oscars if it’s just the “People’s Choice Awards”? Mezzogiorno was brilliant in “Vincere” and just as brilliant in “Facing Windows” and the original “The Last Kiss”, she is easily one of the most beautiful actress working in films today and incredibly talented and if you had seen two other films I’d mentioned you would already know that.

      The Oscars gave Sophia Loren the Oscar for an Italian film in the 50’s (and Marion Cotillard a couple of years ago for a French one), it’s not exactly new. Yet film sites (even this one) have never even mention her as a contender because she has no ‘box office appeal’ here.

  3. Giovanna Mezzogiorno would have been eligible for Oscar had IFC not presold the film to VOD before theatres.
    Volcanic performance

  4. Actually, zuck didn’t begin dating Priscilla until he was about to head to Cali, and even then they only saw each other once every few weeks for the next year. Facemash was all about pics of girls, tho there were a few male pics on as well. Zucks been doing the rewriting of history, the movie was pretty accurate. Take it from someone who knows….

    1. True. Notice how Zuckerberg isn’t pushing it. He doesn’t want to “poke” the sleeping dogs too hard and expose that the film is much closer to truth than the rewriting of history he is doing. Zuckonit…

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