Jon Stewart Gives James Franco Oscar Hosting Advice

Newly minted Academy Award nominee James Franco was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night and sought advice from the former Oscar host for his upcoming debut as Oscar co-host alongside Anne Hathaway. Here is what Stewart told him: “Go at it with the attitude that you’re above it all… with an ironic detachment bordering on contempt. They will eat it up.” Below is the entire interview, in which Franco says he will do “a little singing and dancing” at the Oscars:

  1. May young Hollywood take a look at James Franco and weep. You will never be him. You are nothing like him. He’s talented, smart, nice, educated and is going to only get better. These guys are rare. Thank you o lord for giving us one. One actor we can say deserves everything coming his way.


  2. Franco certainly does what he wants, which I admire like hell but not so sure he’s the next Brando, so let’s dial down the genuflecting until he’s accomplished a little more than a definite eccentricity. Now drop and give me 20.

  3. Did he tell him to yell the punch lines cause it makes them funnier? And don’t forget the Sarah Palin jokes.

  4. We all know Stewart bombed at the Oscars. I’m so over him.
    The Daily Show is 20 minutes long, 6 of it interview, they’re on 4 days a week with a week off a month. Not exactly Johnny Carson.
    He yells everything, mugs and preaches. Right wing guests get a lecture and celebrities get the big ass kiss. I think the show is going to fade as I doubt they’re getting many new fans. He’s the Leno,Colbert is the Letterman. Rant rant rant,shut me up.

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