HFPA: Next Year's Golden Globes Will Go On “With Or Without” Dick Clark Prods.

This statement comes from the HFPA, which is responding to reports today that say legal wranglings will prevent next year’s Golden Globes from taking place.

“Regardless of the legal proceedings with Red Zone and Dick Clark Productions, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will present the Sixty-Ninth Annual Golden Globe Awards Show as scheduled in January 2012. The show will go on, with or without dcp.”

The battle brewing was legally set into motion on Nov. 17. That’s when the HFPA sued Dick Clark Productions, accusing it of surreptitiously signing an eight-year broadcast agreement with NBC. Dick Clark Productions has already asked the United States District Court for the Central District of California to dismiss the complaint. Whatever happens, the schedule was being called into question now that the fighting has begun, and this statement is HFPA’s response to any doubts as to whether all of this can be wrapped up in time to put on a show in January. As for the trial’s start date, according to filings last week the proposed dates are December 1, 2011 and March 5, 2012.

  1. In a related story, Ricky Gervais has just been appointed guest magistrate for the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

  2. I wish the Golden Globes was a weekly series starring Gervais. It’d be like “The Office” but with good looking people.

  3. The HFPA has no leverage here. All NBC and dcp have to do is change the name of the show and the stars will still come. Ask any publicist, national TV time on a red carpet and/or an awards stage is why you go, not because it’s run by the HFPA, most all of whom are not actually journalists; no worries about bad ink. All NBC and dcp have to do is to hook up with the Critics Choice Awards – which tend to be the same weekend – and then you have national TV time, big stars and a credible, reputable group of journalists.

    1. Its the GOLDEN GLOBE people enjoy – why don’t you produce the Critics Choice Awards yourself and keep the Stars coming…

  4. If Dan Snyder does to DCP what he’s done to the Washington Redskins, then we’ve seen the last of anything worth watching out of DCP.

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