Nielsen just released aggregated numbers for President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address last night. The speech drew 42.8 million viewers across 11 networks on broadcast and cable. This is Obama’s least watched State of the Union address – down 11% from last year and 18% from his 2009 speech. But  it was up 14% vs. George W. Bush’s final State of the Union address in 2008.

On the cable side, not surprisingly, Fox News Channel won over its competitors. Below are the averages for the State of the Union telecast on the 3 cable news networks:

FNC: 5 million total viewers; 1.6 million in 25-54
CNN: 3 million; 1.2 million in 25-54
MSNBC: 2.5 million; 836,000 in 25-54

and the post-speech analysis:

FNC: 5.4 million; 1.8 million in 25-54
CNN: 3 million; 1.2 million in 25-54)
MSNBC: 2.4 million; 739,000 in 25-54

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