Here Is David Seidler's Full Screenplay for 'The King's Speech'

With The Weinstein Co’s permission, Deadline Hollywood presents David Seidler’s full screenplay here for The King’s Speech. Click for background.
  1. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Oscar for Best Screenplay was actually given for the best SCREENPLAY, and not the movie that resulted from it?

    BRAVO! to for putting this and The Social Network screenplay online for all to read.

    More please!!

  2. Having seen the movie twice, and now reading the script, I can see every single shot right on the page. Clear and crisp writing that was perfectly captured on screen.

    And it just won the Broadcast Film Critics Award for best original screenplay. Fantastic.

    Thanks so much for posting these links.

  3. I just read the first 45 pages and it went by in a flash. A beautiful, flowing piece of work. I stopped reading only because the text convinced me to watch the screener, tomorrow…

  4. Thank you so much for offering us a chance to see how screenwriting should be done. This is a gift to be cherished.

  5. I am a french woman and I don’t speak nor write english.
    Je continue en Français. Je n’ai pas compris comment obtenir le script du film “the king’s speech” sur votre site. Je possède le DVD distribué en France (sous-titres en Français) et le blu-ray distribué en Angleterre (sous-titres en Anglais)mais j’aimerais beaucoup le texte du script. Comment faire?

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