ABC In Oscar Mode With James Franco, Anne Hathaway And 'Modern Family'

ABC is already having some fun with the upcoming Academy Awards, courtesy of the Oscarcast hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway, as well as the stars of the network’s breakout comedy Modern Family (also used last year). Which is funnier?

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  1. Actually, I found them both pretty funny. The former was more charming and committed, the latter felt like tv pro’s doing the network a solid and the script was pretty funny. Not to micro-dissect.

  2. Mike, how dare you even compare the two??!!! ‘Modern Family”s is bloody HIlarious. Am still laughing about that finger…

  3. This promo, along with James Franco’s interview by Jon Stewart, has approached me to his role in the ceremony. I wasn’t expecting a lot, but now I DO want to see it. Well done.

  4. Two minutes of any Modern Family is funnier, more clever, more insightful than any entire Hollywood feature comedy.

  5. The Franco/Hathaway one is so painfully UNfunny. “Wardrobe malfunction?” How current.

  6. Perhaps the recent DailyMail Cruise/Holmes missive about their missing the Oscars to snub Hathaway should be used as comic material as well? UK prints anything once, twice a lawsuit. Hathaway lives on.

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