The Black List 2010: Manager Count
The Black List 2010: Screenplay Roster

Some of these numbers may change as the list is made more accurate today:

CAA: 20
WME: 17
ICM: 12
UTA: 11
HML: 3
Gersh: 3
Agency for Performing Arts: 2
Verve: 2
Featured Artist Agency: 1
Kaplan Stahler Agency: 1
Original Artists: 1
Paradigm: 1

Not Stupid
6 years
There are a paltry 5 female writers on this list and 77 men? If you are a...
d-girl is over
6 years
does anyone really care any more? this has become over-hyped and far-too-political to have real merit. the...
6 years
Wow, The Black List... ruined in a day. I think it's high time Nikki start her own...