Release Date For Mel Gibson In 'The Beaver'

EXCLUSIVE: I’m hearing from myriad insiders that Summit Entertainment has scheduled the Jodie Foster-directed film The Beaver starring Mel Gibson for Spring of 2011. Once the studio decided not to give the film an Oscar qualifying run, it was just a question of when the best release date was. I also hear that Entertainment Tonight is airing the trailer on Friday night’s show. The film was supposed to debut in 2010 but the studio delayed when Mel’s rants against his ex-girlfriend became a matter of public record. But Jodie has described Gibson’s performance as “one of his most powerful and moving performances”.  (Although Gibson has 2 Oscars at home for directing and producing 1995’s Braveheart, he has never been nominated for his acting.) In the film, Gibson plays a father who walks around talking to a beaver hand puppet. In the fall, a CBS News/Vanity Fair poll that found 76% of respondents saying Gibson’s personal troubles would have no effect on whether they would see one of his movies. Though Hollywood has a history of forgiving the man and not forgetting the moviemaker (Elia Kazan, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Oliver Stone), it’s not clear what the public thinks. Summit faced a difficult dilemma given Gibson’s domestic disputes and the alleged racial slurs and sexist epithets and alleged physical and verbal abuse of his girlfriend that’s come out from behind closed doors. However, it’s long been my stated belief that, if a litmus test were given for behavior, nobody would ever work in showbiz again. Ever since he made The Passion of the Christ, audiences have rewarded Gibson with their moviegoing loyalty despite his personal travails. Trust me, Mel’s base is still out there. When I revealed that Gibson’s agency WME Entertainment had fired him because Mel allegedly used the “n-word” racial slur during a private domestic quarrel, 50% of all the comments flooding in to Deadline were willing to give Gibson the benefit of the doubt and defend him.

    1. I love Mel, always will. To me he is as sexy as Antonio Banderas,
      Jaview Badeem. Can’t wait to see him new film.

      1. Mel sexy? have you seen him in person or upclose lately? he looks like a drunk hobo who just came out of a 6 month bender, all lines and scowls – lighting and makeup do wonders. Pathetic sad and ugly is what he is. Go away and live off your blood Passion money asshole.

        1. You know something, your 100% correct on that assessment..But that doesn’t change the fact that Mel Gibson is Mel Gibson, and he makes a product that I enjoy..great, watchable movies like Apocalypto, Brave Heart and Road Warrior,..thats a lot to be said, considering the crap that comes out of Hollywood nowadays. If you found out the guy that makes your favorite donut is an asshole, would you quit eating his donuts? Something tells me….NOPE…lol;)

        2. Passion blood money? Are you kidding?? He financed the whole production on his own dime. I commend him for his talents and work which was wonderful and provided light on Christ’s sacrifices and work. Stop hating on what you hear on the idiot liberal bias news. Grow up !!

          1. Idiot Liberal Bias?

            I’m a conservative. Your saying someone screaming racial slurs and assaulting his girlfriend doesn’t effect your opinion of them? Man, the devil may be in the details but these are details, these are consistent patterns of abusive behavior. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have redeeming qualities but come on, if Passion of the Christ (of which I’m of the camp that it was simply a snuff film) had nothing to do with this man you wouldn’t likely defend him at all. Because he produced something that you like he’s great. That’s not liberal, conservative, religious, or secular that’s just small minded and selfish. So… congrats on that.

        3. Gothambear,

          Let us see a photo of you. If you are not in your late 50’s like Mel, there is software that can age you accurately. Give us your facebook address–if you have a photo of yourself on there. Just curious what type of person attacks another for their looks. That is why most women actors’s careers end around age 40, at the latest. Shallow attitudes, like yours–in the audience, and in the industry. And hey, see if you can barf up that bitter pill you swallowed.

    2. I agree with that. Apocalypto was flat-out great. In fact, my son has a friend from Guatamela who is pretty good at charcoal sketches and pen-and-ink drawings, and he sometimes makes Central American-themed drawings. I told him if he did a sketch of the main characters from Apocalypto that it would really hit anyone between the eyes who ever saw that movie.

        1. Love your name. However, I tried to find “oathetic…should have been right there between “oath” and “oatmeal.”


          What were you on when you posted?

        2. what a sad, sad person to hate Gibson so much. Mel is so talented, and like many real talented people, he seems to be hardest on himself. Bet FG would think Polanski deserves no hard feelings, nor does Woody Allen. Go Mel, and thank you Ms. Foster.

          1. I think the anus of Polanski’s 13 year-old victim would disagree…

            Polanski deserves to serve his prison sentence, I don’t care how old he is, how long ago it happened, or what his victim says now…it’s the PEOPLE of the State of California v. Roman Polanski, not the VICTIM v. Roman Polanski.

            Anyone who thinks Polanski deserves a pass or pardon should read the account of what he did to that 13 year-old girl…disgusting to say the least!

          2. “what a sad, sad person to hate Gibson so much”

            No, Mel Gibson is the sad, sad person. Nothing more than an abusive, bigoted drunk. That’s Mel Gibson, and it is so sad that all people see is the guy in the movies instead of the real wretch he is.

      1. Mel Gibson is a great actor and director. Because he used the “N” word has no consequence on his talent. By the way, the “N” word is perfectly acceptable to many of us. We call it the way we see it and unlike some, we don’t stick our head in the sand and/or talk out of both sides of our mouth. The “N” word is a descriptive term (always has been) and does not necessarily pertain to Race.

        1. I think the etiquette of white people using the N* word is that white folks can use it if they are around a lot of African American people who happen to use the word all the time, and those African American people are OK with the white person using the word. I think African American people letting a white person use the word is really an honorific that translates as, “You, Oh Honorable White Person Who Has Turned Out To Be Good People.”

          The problem with white people who believe they’re post-racism using the word on their own initiative is that it’s a form of clueless arrogance. It’s sort of like trying to show how intelligent you are by bragging that you belong to Mensa.

          1. You’re an idiot for saying “African American.” Blacks don’t refer to themselves as that and neither should you, or anyone, THAT is racist.

          2. Yeah. But if I want to use that N word, I have a right to. I think it is ugly and racist, but I have a right to use it. No one is immune from being offended,and I think African Americans are just as exposed to being offended as I am.

          3. Your comment reminds me of the Psychology 101 class a took in college. You are making a racist statement, but since you pretend to sound educated it just comes of liberal. Many of my extreme liberal so called educators white, black. brown, and even the ones with a thick accent you could hardly understand, where all racist against white people, just like your statement is. Do not speak for all white people. Do not make statement about ALL white people, that is RACIST! I would go see a knew Mel movie.

        2. My guess is you’re not black and your family wasn’t owned by another white family. Nor, would someone else refer to you as being an “N,” strictly because of something ignorant that you may have done.

          And for the record, since it’s not race related, can you think of an instance where a white person refers to themselves or another non-black person as a “N?” Pretty sure the connotation has a firm basis in race and not so much Webster’s dictionary.

          1. “And for the record, since it’s not race related, can you think of an instance where a white person refers to themselves or another non-black person as a “N?” Pretty sure the connotation has a firm basis in race and not so much Webster’s dictionary.”

            I witness white girls call each other “Ho” and far worse each day, often on TV. Does that make gender-specific taunts as bad as race-specific? Or do neither matter unless thin-skinned equals self-rightously offended and such words only offend those with little self esteem or purpose?

            Grow up! Sticks and stones, folks! It only applies if you allow it to.

          2. My guess is you are black and, despite that, you nor your family were owned by white people. Of course, you still like to throw that out as if you are somehow owed something because of transgressions that occurred over 150 years ago, at least. Racial problems in this country will never cease until people like you stop playing the victim. You were never a slave. You were never beaten by the Master. You were never brought over on a slave ship and sold to the highest bidder. You are just angry and bitter and looking to blame others for your lot in life. Sleep on this: Those evil white people who founded this great country developed a form of government that actually allowed the people to see the error of the past and correct it through the will of the majority – you know, when slavery was abolished? Imagine that – those racists bastards…….

          3. You do know HB that blacks were owned by other blacks during the time of slavery don’t you? Not all slave owners were white. To think so is wrong. Check out this link and you’ll see it states what I am saying. Not only that, but there were free black men even back to the start of this country. Learn some history before you go generalizing.


          4. I have news for you guys! My clique of white, but multiethnic, male friends call each other Ni**er all the time when we are playing cards and socializing. It is not hate speech. We are all friends, who verbally spar as part of our socialization. It is used in a friendly mocking way of inclusive pseudo-insult, much the way it has been popularized among African-Americans. We do not use the term when one of our African Americn friend are around out of respect for his possible feelings about it. But it still goes on, and not as a slam to any race. I think its use in this context is indicative of the post-racial state of American culture. I think you, that belive the term is off limits to White ,are just on a power trip. Hey, you don’t own the English language and we have the 1st amendment also.

          5. For the record, the young white kids do call each the N word from time to time. I think that if a word is that offensive to a group of people then perhaps they should not be using it either. Words are just that, and to make them ok for one group, but fighting words to another is just stupid.

        3. “The “N” word is a descriptive term (always has been) and does not necessarily pertain to Race.”

          That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. That word has been used by racist, hateful oppressors in our country for 200+ years. There is NO ambiguity about how Mel was using it. I don’t know how someone who identifies as a Christian could possibly think there’s a circumstance where that word is acceptable. Who would Christ call a n*****r??????

          Mel: “if you get raped by a pack of n*****s, it will be your fault.”

          Never mind the racism in that comment, how about implying that a woman being raped could be HER fault, because she has large breasts (in this case, implants). Who would Christ say deserved to be raped?????

          We live in a capitalistic country, and we vote with our dollars. He may make good movies, but he’ll never get a penny out of me again.

          1. I agree with you Matthew. I will not spend a penny on him, nor will I watch his moviers on TV. he showed his true colors. Let’s see, so far he has said he hates Jews, Blacks & Women. Who is next? What was Jodi Foster and Hollywood thinking when they made a picture with him? If he walked into my retail store, I would say to him, “get the F… outta here, your millions are no good here.”

          2. Matthew writes: “He may make good movies, but he’ll never get a penny out of me again.”

            Oh boy. NOW he’s sorry, I bet.

        4. Mel is a great director and actor. He may have used poor judgement at times but that doesn’t reflect any on his achievements. As far as the “N” word, worked in a prison a few years and to blacks that was part of their vocabulary. You think someone like US Sen. Robt Byrd that was a grand exalted poo pa in the KKK never used that term. He was responsible for making laws so that we wouldn’t use those words. It comes down to if you don’t like Mel don’t see his movies. I have personal dislikes for some actors. I won’t watch their movies, free or other wise.

        5. Think about all of the innocent Black people that have been killed and the last word they heard was “N*****”. Do you think they thought what was happening to them had anything to do with the color of their skin?

        6. I agree with this poster that the n-word is “descriptive” – descriptive of the racism of the people who use it. “N” is “descriptive” of black people the same way “b*tch” is “descriptive” of women.

      1. HollyW . . . You are aware that the “interview” you read on The Daily Rash is a parody? It’s not a real interview? It was made up? You did check out the website and find out that it is a parody humor site? Wouldn’t want to see you embarass yourself tellin’ all your friends the jokes Tyra and Mel supposedly shared but really didn’t.

      2. I hope you know that this was a parody? The interview never happened.
        I can’t believe all of the crap from both sides. If you don’t like him don’t go see his movies. If you like him go see his movies.
        He is a jerk, and has racist views, but comparing him to a statutory rapist seems out of line. Or comparing his actions to Woody Allen’s? I am pretty sure that most people frown on sleeping with your stepdaughter? I use the word frown lightly. Actually I can’t think of any worse thing a Father could do to his Daughter? I believe it’s called molestation!!

    3. God Bless M el Gibson!!

      Incredible films by a God-loving patriot!!

      However, will somebody please tell Mel to dust his Bible off and start reading the thing.

      I don’t understand how it works but by just reading even one chapter per day STARTING WITH GENESIS (a MUST) awesome protection and blessings materialize in one’s life. I don’t actually “get it” on how it happens but it surely does happen.

      1. Very true. …. I know what you mean.

        Wishing you a long, happy, and healthy life. And no matter where you go, you’ll always be in good company.


    4. You know I would hate my worst moments to be played out for everyone to see. whats the old saying ……throw the first stone! I hope he can recover. I think he is basically a good man that has a HUGE public midlife crisis

  1. I’m glad they’re releasing the movie:) After the hell he went through with the savage beasts who were heartless, evil, and calculating, I hope he gets an Oscar nomination for it. Not to harp on negative, toxic waste, but in every city in the US and around the world….” Russian females ” are serving as ” prostitutes / gold digger “…..anyone with one brain cell would even know this. Mel has GOD’s protection over him, even if the beast ” tried ” to take his soul. I am on his side:) GOD BLESS HIM!

    1. I hear ya. It’s always that damn Beast and the Russian prostitutes who keep screwing everything up. I beg of you, Beast, leave Hollywood actors alone. Don’t you like movies?

    2. What are talking about?

      They stone women in the middle east, The Taliban treated women terribly. Six million Jews were exterminated.

      I don’t think any God condones this kind of behavior no matter on what scale it is executed.

      Truly, if you believe your God is protecting and watching over Mel Gibson…I would suggest you return to your home planet in a far away galaxy!

    3. That’s a joke right? Please say it is. If your comments are serious, you should be ashamed…as should Mel. Regardless of what she did, Mel made the comments…Mel hit the mother of his child. Those are undisputed facts. End of story.

      1. ???

        Actually, the “facts” show that she is a gold-digging, two-timing, scheming, back-stabbing “B” (rhymes with witch).

        That is why “divorce” was created.

        The fact that she bore a child with Mel is irrelevant.

        It is YOU that is the joke.

      2. Oh, come on… he made a movie about JESUS. If you make a Jesus movie, it’s fine to say repeated racist remarks about n-word this, and wet back that, and call cops anti-semitic names while driving drunk, and hit the mother of your child. So what if he goes into a blind rage because she fell asleep instead of giving him oral sex, Jesus will forgive him, after all, he makes good movies. Besides, none of that matters anyway, because the poor guy was recorded without his consent.

        She was a “gold digger”, so clearly the fact that he CHOSE to date her and CHOSE to let her move in and got her pregnant isn’t his fault at all.. she’s poor and Russian, so of COURSE she’s a gold digger and everything is all her fault.

    4. I can’t believe someone who tossess around the word “God” condones severely beating and injuring any woman. The mother of his infant, no less.
      You are as sick as he is.
      If only you had at least two brain cells and could think of some other alternatives…

      1. I don’t consider doctored audiotapes to be proof of much of anything, if you do then more fool you.

        1. You are joking right? Honey, don’t read TMZ so much. Mel Gibson team pays them for their lies. Don’t you think that if the tapes would be fake there would already be a lawsuit against Radar? Does the fact that Mel Gibson never sad that the tapes were doctored means to you? Don’t you think that if the tapes were fake someone would arleady tell that to judge? How can someone be that naive to really believe that?

          1. So obvious you’re Russian, ‘Shy’. Russians are always dropping their articles, as in “someone would arleady tell that to judge?”. (instead of to THE or A judge). Who speaks this way? Only Russians.

            that being said, it’s pretty obvious why you’re “Russian” to defend that two bit gold digger.

          2. Does the fact that Ox face herself admitted on Lary King that the Tapes are EDITED mean nothing to you?

            Or that she stated she ‘puled the batteries out of her Iphone to go to sleep that night’ mean nothing to you (go try it–pull the batteries out od an Iphone CAN’T!)

            She’s a LIAR! Get a clue!


      2. Dude, there’s no proof he did anything like that. In fact, the judge in that case is very irritated by her because of the “settlement” that she reached with Mel. SHE IS A GOLDDIGGER. There is absolutely no solid evidence that he hurt her at all, and if there were, you bet your fanny he would already be in jail or prison by now, or AT THE VERY LEAST, in the custody of the authorities. I hope you regain your brain cells.

        1. Someone is extremely naive.You do know people have gotten away with crimes, right? Especially rich celebrities in hollywood.Not to mention Mel admitted to hitting her.

        2. In Hollywood, there is no justice only $$$, and he/she who has the most…wins.

          Even *if* she is a “gold digger” as you are so quick to label (correction, make that “judge”) her, it gives Mr.Gibson ZERO right to assault her.

          With that said, it is appalling in that there are so many people who are quick to defend someone that A) they will more likely NEVER meet in their lifetime, B) who has on repeated occasions done some pretty shocking things…in public eye.

          1. Penal Code 273a pc Child Endangerment — Penal Code 273a makes it a crime willfully to allow a child (in your care or custody) to suffer harm or to have his/her safety or health endangered.

            He was protecting his daughter. If he had not, he’d have borken this law.

            Just for a minute assume HE is telling the truth, instead of assuming she is. What would YOU have done to protect your baby?

            Did you know that Lucia went to her regular pediatician the day AFTER and THAT Dr (the one Ox tried t get taken off the records as Lucia’s regular Dr but the judge denied it)(gosh, why’s she do that??) has sworn NOT ONE MARK on ewither Mother or Daughter? So that means any damages seen after that were self inflicted???

            Did you know that SHE had spent more on her legal OFFENSE (with his money) then he has on his defense? Do you know ANY facts at ALL?

            Do you know any FACTS at all??

      3. And you can’t even be helped if you totally believe the gold digging skank without morals that is ‘Octosana’. She taped every single thing and started selling it to the highest bidder. God knows what she had planned when meeting him ( yes, am bringing God into this).

        He’s made mistakes. He’s cursed out loud in anger and probably when drunk ( who hasn’t?). But we all make mistakes. And like Nikki wrote above, if there was a litmus test done in Hollywood- all would fail. If a test at all was to be made in the whole world, or even among the readers and those commenting here on Deadline, many would miserably fail.
        We forgive, we rarely forget as much as we try/would want to. We’re humans. And so is Mel Gibson. I’ll watch ‘The Beaver’ if it’s good.

        1. I am really terrified about the amount of people that support domestic violence in USA. Most of that fans of Gibson are the woman who are abused by their husbands and they think that this is ok, no big deal, their boyfriend threat them the same.

          People that is not ok. No one deserves to be treated like that. No matter what you did he can’t heat you and call names. If he tells you that you are bad person and deserve it – don’t believe him. Run. I feel so sorry for you.

      4. “Severely beating and injuring”? Who do you think you are kidding? Anyone who has actually followed this case instead of listening to soundbites, knows that is a load of caca. The best evidence she has given is a picture of her morning eye circles and a pimple on the baby’s chin. Man, I wish people would actually check out facts.

        1. Eh, don’t forget…. She also provided “evidence” that she had a chipped tooth until everyone learned it had been broken a long time ago and that she wore veneers.

          And then there are those tapes that had more splicing than a bad girl with forever split ends….. and a tape doctoring job that would make Doogie Howser look like a real doctor.

          The media shut the story down when experts began taking that wench’s story apart lie by lie…

          When she turned out to be just another thieving gold digger, they all turned to another drama about Jon and Kate.

          This story doesn’t really interest me. But I’ll go see it just to tee off the assclowns who take what comes from the papparazzi as fact without waiting for the truth.

      5. Surely you mean “allegedly” beating his girlfriend” don’t you? I’m going to have to side with Mel on this; after all, his ex-wife (of several years) sided with him… I think she’d know the real Mel.

        1. Mahtoska, you can’t be serious about thinking the ex-wife siding with him is proof. That’s a financial decision if ever I saw one… and maybe the after-effects of decades of beat-downs.

          1. Dude… you’re really sick if you start making things up about a person (Mel’s Ex Wife) just because it will support your own stubborn point of view.

            Did you even follow this case to court? Do a little research and you’ll see you’re wrong.

          2. Robyn was his wife of TWENTY-EIGHT 1/2 years. They had NO ‘pre-nuptual agreement’ they also live(d) in California which gives HER ‘Robyn’ his WIFE.. HALF of EVERYTHING he has! “Community Property” check is out. Gives the spouse HALF regarless of anything else. They divorce, she gets HALF of whatever his fortune is/was..
            She had NO incentive to lie about her 28 year marriage to Mel, ask yourself if a ‘illegal Russian-Immigrant GIRLFRIEND/Baby Momma of LESS than TWO years” has “ANY” reasons at ALL to LIE?!?!?
            The Ex-Wife if anything would be the FIRST to tell if ANY abuse had taken place with Mel and herself. Think about it, SHE must feel Horrible that her ex hooked up and had a baby so soon after their seperation, and with a younger woman to top off that “Shit-Pie” she would be MORE likely to agree that Mel is an A$$HOLE, and Abusive…!
            That fact that HIS (real) WIFE says he NEVER in 28+ years laid a HAND on her, OR their children, EVER – screams to me that Robyn (who knows Mel better than ANYONE else in the world) is TELLING the TRUTH!
            YOUR theory that Robyn defends Mel for money is laughable at best.
            If you don’t know anything about this story/case/mini-drama, I would suggest you go BACK to the “World of Warcraft” or finish studying for your G.E.D. (you always said you would..) because the REAL details of WHAT EXACTLY This is really ALL about will be TOO much for you, just too big for you to comprehend, and may cause you to be “a retarded brain damaged idiot”
            DONT post if you don’t know what your talking about..

      6. you wrote:
        “I can’t believe someone who tossess around the word “God” condones severely beating and injuring any woman. The mother of his infant, no less.”

        I thought that the alleged beating was supposed to have been made up or worst an exaggeration by her? But yes, of course people should never abuse each other. I wish him the best, too.

      7. Severely beating, Where did you get that one? From what was reported she had a chipped tooth which could have happened in a struggle between the two of them. As we all know in domestic problems there is always two sides to the story. And from what I have seen she is just as bad with her temper as Mel. Let it go and let the man live his life.

      8. And you witnessed this assault? You have proof of it? You read it on the Internets so it must be true?

        Gibson has his problems, no doubt about it, but until he’s convicted of a crime, I’ll presume he’s innocent of this alleged assault.

      9. Well, let’s put your brain cells to work. Are you aware that Grigorieva’s credibility has been almost completely shot?

        There is no physical evidence to back up her claims of DV, and what evidence there is backs up Mel’s version of what happened. There is also an excellent possibility that she photo-shopped the photo of her with a “black eye,” etc. No surprise there as the majority of real DV survivors don’t believe the nonsense she’s been peddling to anyone who would buy it for a price.

        So get acquainted with some facts before you make such malicious claims in the future.

    5. Redneck white trash skanks never engage in prostitution or act as gold diggers? Look more carefully in your family tree, MM666.

    6. Kid, it;s not the girl thing that caused the brouhaha (after all everyone in Hollywood supported Polansky, didn’t they?) –
      It’s the Passion and the Mee affair that stirred this pack who tried to destroy him –
      For you to connect the dots –

    7. MM777, if by “savage beasts,” you mean the media, I agree with you! NO ONE deserves to be crucified in the press as Mel Gibson has. No one! His personal domestic issues are NONE OF OUR BUSINESS, but he ended up on the front pages of medialoid (mainstream media infected by tabloid journalism) for the same reason Michael Jackson (innocent!) and any other high profile person is chewed up and spit out by medialoid: RATINGS! Money! As Michael sang, “they’ll do anything…anything…anything for money.”

    8. So Mel is now getting people from his pseudo church to post on here? The average American will not want to see this movie after everyone knows who the real Mel is.

    9. “Gold Diggers”? “Prostitutes”? “Common Knowledge”? Hmmm.This must be why Mel hooked up with her then.And,made a baby with Real Mel.

  2. I for one will never support a racist bully who defends himself against charges of beating the mother his baby by telling the court that he ‘just slapped her’ — in this country, the only choices that have any real effect, are the ones that you make with your wallet — and I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

    1. One question: In the movie, does Mel call the beaver “sugar tits?” And just because Mel got his wack-job church to post in his favor does not mean 50% of the gen pop supports him. Boycott Mel. Boycott Jodi Foster. She should know better.

    2. you’ll need a job before your support or lack thereof has any bearing in the real world.

      take a bath, hippie.

    3. Gibson claims Grigorieva’s “rapid movements were causing Lucia’s little body to be flung from one side to the other, her head shaking violently”. He adds, “I slapped Oksana one time with an open hand in an attempt to bring her back to reality. I did not slap her hard, I was just trying to shock her so that she would stop screaming, continuing shaking Lucia back and forth.”
      Now, Mel Gibson isn’t the person lying here. He didn’t even have to admit to slapping her, but he did. Who is lying here? SHE IS!

      “I did not hit Oksana with a closed fist, as she alleges. I did not ever punch her in the face or in the temple or anywhere else, not then or at any other time. While I do not believe I handled the situation as well as I should have, I was worried about the rough way Oksana was shaking and tossing Lucia around. My hand never touched any part of Lucia.”

      “There was never any blood on Oksana and none of her teeth were ‘broken,’ although one of the false veneers from a tooth apparently did come off, I did not see that occur at the time.”

      If someone were shaking my infant, they’d be out cold. I don’t care who they are. You don’t. Shake. A baby. Ever. You will permanently brain damage them.

      Sure he could have handled it better. He admits that. But when someone is injuring your child, you go ape. You don’t even think about what is right/wrong at that point, you just attempt to stop it.

      1. And then apparently he kept could have handling it better instead of calling, screaming, yelling, and ranting like an insane lunatic. Any of you star struck morons who can defend this guy have some serious morality issues.

        By the way, she’s a lying, cheating, goldigger. Does it really make a difference about your opinion of him?

        1. Yes — and I’ll tell you why. A lying, cheating goldigger who manipulates someone can bring out the very worst in them. Anyone is susceptible to rage in the right circumstances, especially when you discover someone you thought loved you is a manipulative bitch (or bastard).

          I think Gibson has some definite issues, but I suspect you yourself have done some screaming and ranting in your time — just as most humans have — and while what he said was ugly, those moments in time do not define everything about the man, especially when his friends support him (Woopie), and it has come out that the tapes were doctored.

          I wish Gibson would get some help. But I’m sick and tired of judgmental idiots taking a bunch of media sensationalism and assuming they know who this man is.

          1. I think this is the post I most agree with. The thing I wish would stop happening is innocent babies being born to unwed parents famous or not. This is what happens when children are born out of lust instead of love. Used to be back in the day a saying like this “first comes love, then comes marriage THEN comes the baby carriage”. So much of this could be stopped if only people would go back to understanding that children are to be conceived in love, not in some hook-up revolving door of boyfriends/girlfriends or one night stands, not purchased at a sperm bank donated by who knows who and then vulnerable to whatever woman walks in and hooks up with some strangers junk in a test tube. Or, you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce if you can’t prove you can care for and support a baby. Children should not be used as leverage in divorce or other lust romances gone wrong. What are we doing to our children in this world? It makes me sad, and don’t forget these children grow up to be a problem themselves. Selfish, selfish people.

  3. That’s because 50% of people are not hypocrites, but rather self-actualized, who have at one point said or done something that could be interpreted as racist or bigoted. That’s not excusing the behavior, but when did it become Hollywoods job to pass judgment on character? Or hold the lack of hostage for work? That kind of hypocrisy is evident to most people and exactly what bolstered the audience for Passion of the Christ. Hollywood may be an insular town, but it’s fed by and depends on the mob. And the mob doesn’t like Hollywood handling character assassinations. That’s their job.

  4. No one cares that he made racist comments about black people or that he slaps his women around. This town could not care less. It’s a good thing that no one of color runs the studio system or he would be banned across the board. I would imagine that any woman with a soul, probably would have a hard time supporting this crazed, racist maniac. I hope his movie flops.

  5. If Hollywood can overlook Charlie Sheen’s behavior they can overlook Gibson’s. Whether they WILL is another story because to paraphrase from above “ever since he made The Passion of the Christ the industry has not overlooked any opportunity to disparage Gibson” – admittedly, his conduct hasn’t helped, but there are stars who have done much worse and it has not derailed their careers.

    1. If Oksana was shaking their kid, then there are not many people who might resort to something they would not ‘normally’ do to stop that. She has gone through a string of men, all of whom seemingly wised up and broke up with her. Mel at least had a long, seemingly happy, at least for a time, marriage. It is unfortunate he got involved with this woman. He needs to ask God for the grace of repentance and make amends to God and to anyone else that he has hurt – this is the Catholic religion and well he should know that. Otherwise he will not be forgiven in this world or the next. THAT is what is defined as a MORTAL SIN.

      Mel has a drinking problem – that is also mortally sinful. BUT I cannot condemn him – and as the fellow writing this article points out, if THAT were grounds for never working in Hollywood, who seems to thrive on people behaving as moral degenerates (Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, even formerly ‘nice girl’ Miley Cyrus trying to channel the aforementioned ‘ladies’). I don’t see this moral indignation over other ‘entertainers’ whose videos simulate oral and anal sex – oh, those people get awards from the entertainment industry. Those are the moral high ground folks we all should adultate and imitate. But poor Mel who has a drinking problem and a big mouth should be cast into the gutter like a used up piece of trash.

      All you people who claim to be for ‘truth’ and ‘right’ look at the plank in your own eye before you start condemning Mel. I agree that he has done some big sins – but look at your own consciences. Are they are pure as the wind driven snow? The whole point of the Christian religion was that Christ came to die for ALL sinners – and I didn’t hear that one of us was an exception. The Talmudists have been out for his blood ever since he made a pro Christ film as they promote their Noachide laws for all mankind and try to make it a hate crime to convert anyone who is not a Christian to Christianity. When Antichrist comes, guess which group, having rejected Christ, is going to accept the AC as their ‘Messiah.” The usurped and occupied Vatican has already endorsed this creature as the ‘second coming’ for Christians and the first for the Talmudists who rejected the REAL Messiah. They asked for Barabbas and by God, God is going to let them have him in the form of the Antichrist. I hope they are happy when they take the mark of the beast in adoration. Their beating up on Gibson won’t save their souls either – if he loses his soul he at least knows what he did. These people are self righteous in their damnation.

  6. Mel has worn out much of the audience with his off screen antics. Edge of Darkness was a good film directed by Martin Campbell, and I believe it did not do as well as it should…unfortunately because of Mel’s public behavior which has turned off many people. He has dug himself a deep hole to overcome.

    I think he is a fabulously talented actor/director, and I see his films. That being said, one must truly suspend their personal beliefs about Mel the ‘human being’ …and presently, it is becoming more and more difficult to overlook much less forgive his current reputation as a brutal racist.

    He seriously needs help.

  7. “Edge of Darkness” didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

    It’s easier for audiences to separate the person from the filmmaker when that person is behind the camera rather than in front of it.

    1. Charlie knows how to pay them off to remain relatively quiet.

      In fact, years ago Charlie was on the Tonight Show shortly after the Heidi Fleiss bust where some $56,000 in checks were from Charlie Sheen. Jay Leno asked, “Charlie, you are famous; you are an actor; you have lots of money and fame…why would you pay $56,000 for sex?’

      And Charlie responded, “I didn’t pay $56,000 for sex…I paid it so they would leave when it was over”.

      Give or take some word accuracy…this is a true story.

    2. Simple: Charlie Sheen is a Standard Hollywood Liberal. Mel Gibson is a conservative Catholic.

      1. I think Mel Gibson is a tortured soul with an incredible gift for film making and acting.I stand by the guy and will see anything he is involved in.

    3. Because …. well because …. ummmmmm …. well Charlie gets away with because, you know, he …. how do I say it …. ummmm … does it with …. ummmm, you know, that thing that he does when he does it to women, you know.

      It is just so hard to answer rational, legitimate, thought proking questions like yours — so, shut up, and stop asking them!

    4. Charlie Sheen gets a pass, because Charlie Sheen does not claim to be transformed by religion. Our culture is allergic to religion, and it is always looking to devour hypocrites. Sadly, Mel has trumpeted his faith, and he has failed to live up to the ideals of grace and charity which are the bedrock of Christ’s teachings. I really do wish him the best. He’s made some of my favorite movies, but I hope that he has learned from his mistakes.

      1. Mel Gibson has actually helped more people than most people in Hollywood. He has always been willing to give people a second shot. He helped Robert Downey Jr in his time of need and now we have Iron Man. No Mel Gibson no Iron Man

          1. Why is this hilarious? He did help out a very talented person there is no denying that. And there is no reason to laugh at how one act of kindness can turn a person’s life around. Not that RDJR couldn’t have turned around without Mel, but fact is fact and there’s nothing funny about that.

  8. I lost 99% of my ancestors in Nazi Europe. I’m not going to support someone who believes that racial prejudice is acceptable. I will never see another movie he acts in, directs or produces.

    1. oh…but your evil Talmud says nothing about YOU being racist…goys are just here to serve you…..hypocrite, you are a racist

      What proof do you have he is not a Jew hater as well?

    3. I lost 99% of my family (and they lost 100% of their land) through atrocities committed by Israel in Palestine. My $10 are already set aside to see this film.

      1. Well you know those Jews and thier atrocities, Hazan, like the way they strap explosives on thier young men and send them into Palestinian pizza joints to kill as many civilians as possible. If you lost 99% of your family (I am calling you a liar by the way.) then maybe you should tell the ones that are left to quit terrorism, there doesn’t seem to be much of a future in it. See you at the theatre.

    4. Maybe I’m splitting hairs here, but I’d bet well over 99% of your ancestors were safely in their graves long before the rise of the Third Reich.

    5. I bet you support the women of the View..Whoopi has said many a racist thinsg aout white support he don’t you..You can’t find most of hollywood’s black actors and actresses that haven’t said something that if a white actor had said it you woud find it offensive and racist…Do you support any of them? hmm your hypocrisy is astounding and typical…You are a bigot of the worst kind!! You support racism and bigotry as long as it is against someone that is not a liberal!! I can state many racist things Obama has said but you support him don’t you Chares Barkey who says he hates white people,vivica fox?Most any other basketba player including kobe bryant,Bryant gumble(loads of racist comments but stil on the air)hm Mels od buddy rom lethal weapon omg the littany of racist comments danny glover has said over the years is about as outstanding as you ignorance and hypocrisy of having such doube standards..Jay Z beyomnce? The ist goes on and is most of hollywood..Now i could make a huge list of hollywood liberas who have said racist comments about jewish people and blacks and hispanics and whites..that list would be a mile ong..but then again they are iberas so they are not held to the same standards are they? We wont even get into the bigotry of saying redneck or white trash and other slurs made by liberals..Go ahead and say someone is black trash and see how quicky you are killed and destroyed by the media too..but white trash is acceptabe by peope like you and the media and the racists and bigots who spew those slurs.. SEE you love racists and bigots as long as they think politically like you or at least Vote for who you want them to vote for because they are brainwashed into doing so.

  9. Golly gee mm777, I think you got your facts wrong, in any given city in the US and around the world, “Someone is always trying to impart their religious beliefs without being asked to”. Mel get what he deserves, there is no place for abuse of a woman, golddigger or not. My God bless your hypocracy.

    1. Push their reliious views? how about you pushing you poitical views you fing hippie nazi ..Caliornia and al you types push your views on everything to everyomne ese and if we do not listen and OBEY you attack us with bigoted and racist and biased Etremist Attacks.Doing anything you can to kil maim rape destroy any and all that do not bow down to your close minded views and agenda!!

  10. Look, he’s an actor, everything about him is fake. So what if in real life he’s a horrible, sick drunk? People don’t go to movies because of what an actor is in real life. It’s all about what he can pretend to be on the set.

    It should come as no surprise that a person who’s area of excellence is faking things might not be a very nice person underneath all the fakeness.

    1. It is interesting you keep using the words “fake” and “pretend”. Last time I checked the word “hypocrite” is from the Greek meaning “actor”…. Touche’….But in deference to Mel Gibson, I truly believe he is a troubled alcoholic with seriously good intentions as far as having made “The Passion of the Christ”. There is no doubt that the Lord has rewarded him for this endeavor financially speaking. It is too bad he succumbs to letting the little head do the thinking for the big head & left his long-standing, long-enduring, wife and family for some golddigger Russian Communist…I wish he would wise up. Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron Mel? A traditional Latin Rite Catholic falling for a 2-bit Commie whore? Satan is really working on him big time, and it is no doubt due to the Passion of the Christ & its success and movement. Lucifer will do anything to destroy what God has worked in Mel’s life. Pray Mel dries himself out and goes back to God and his family.

        1. Something hundreds of thousands of people have believed for centuries is crazy? No. It might be wrong, which has yet to be proven, but it’s not crazy.

    1. The script is amazing. Even if the premise is hard to imagine liking, the story is truly engrossing. Your support will not go without satisfaction.

  11. So glad that they are releasing this movie. There is still so much to come out in this case. Trust me.

    Mr. Gibson has not spoken to the press, where as “this woman”, has blabbed her mouth off-Mr. Gibson is waiting until the case goes to court, which is where the story should be told. Many people have made up their minds, personally I wish these people would wait until all the facts come out in a court of law. They may be shocked.

  12. I know this is unlikely, but I’d love to see Mel Gibson as the lead in a pay-cable TV show. The man is a great actor, and TV seasons have the run-time for character development that features simply do not have.

  13. It’s always fun when people say: “His career is over”. Well duh… Everyone forgot that his career WAS ALREADY OVER BEFORE that incident. When was the last time Mel Gibson was in a successful movie? Go watch his IMDB. Between 2006 and 2010 he didn’t have ANY movie. In 2010 was disappointed Edge of Darkness. Budget $60,000,000. Total gross: $43,290,977…

    That happens. Big movie stars of 80-90-th get old. Harrison Ford can’t open a movie anymore. Bruce Willis can’t produce $200 hit the way he did before. Julia Roberts can’t have hits back to back. Eat, Pray, Love was somehow mediocre success. Her only success in years. Jodie Foster can’t have big movie hit on her belt. Look at Tom Cruise…

    Mel Gibson career can’t be killed now because it was already dead long time. Years. He is middle age old, used to be famous actor. He can’t play some young lovers or action heroes, or comics superhero. If it wasn’t this scandal we wouldn’t even remember him. Remember like he was running with that beaver doll and everyone looked at him like he is some crazy idiot?

    And how on earth he thinks that without apologize to everyone people will somehow forget those tapes and everything will be fine. He will hide for 5-6 months and suddenly everyone will forget everything. They never will because they heard tapes. If this would only be her words against his then people might not care. But how can any normal person look at him the same after hearing what he sad?

    They should release that Beaver movie. And then see how it will tank. And don’t count those few hundred fans he has. Remember that Robert Pattinson has millions fans who adore him. They were going 10 times on Twilight. And none of them showed up for Remember Me. All those tmz-fans of him will sit and defend him on Internet but none of them will show up for Beaver. I would be embarrassed to go to Mel Gibson movie. I can’t even watch when they show his old movies on TV.

    1. The tapes were doctored. Forensic studies were done on the tapes, and they’re fake, fake, fake. Why do you think there hasn’t been any prosecution yet? Because they’ve been tampered with. It’s so obvious that Oksana is a golddigging Russian spy.

      In case you have forgotten:

      “The audio files were most certainly edited intentionally and the forensic terminology for this, is tampering,” says CEO of Creative Forensic Services, Arlo West. “The edits that I found would have been done post-recording and are clearly done to redact dialog — which means to intentionally remove words. I can tell there are gaps and edits in several ways by using waveform analysis and zero crossing analysis. These are most certainly digital recordings so there is no tape involved.”

      “The tapes were professionally made for distribution, and that Oksana planned to tape Mel and had help doing so.”

      It’s very obvious that he was framed.

      1. Leah, I’m digging your “Oksana is a Russian spy” bit so much that I will forego calling 911 to have you taken away in a strait-jacket. You entertain me. I wish I could say the same for Mel.

        1. Who is Poitr Listerman? Tinfoil hat? Hey! Oksana said, “Gullible is written on the ceiling.” Did you look up?

        1. Having worked with digital audio for a number of years, I can say this is entirely plausible. I myself have made people say things that they were never recorded saying and even produced conversations between two people who never met. This crap is easy to do.

          1. VERY easy. I’ve worked with audio for over thirty years and while this could even be done with tape, the advent of digital audio has made it incredibly easy to manipulate it. Think of all the photoshopping that gets done. It’s the same, yet even more deceptive and harder to spot, with digital audio.

            Give me enough recordings and I can make you say just about anything. Things that would make your grandmother hid her head in shame.

    2. Career is over? Did you ever happen to check the “statistics” on his “take” from the Passion of the Christ? Not to mention box-office smash hit that no real critic would ever give actual credit for, since going into DVD, Video, and other offshoot movie paraphernalia, i.e., books, soundtrack, etc., we are talking in the $$$BILLIONS$$$ baby. For someone who took $25 Million of his own money to produce that movie because no one else would touch it because of its content (and this sick Satanic Hollywood view on Catholicism and Christianity in general), God more than quintupled this guy’s investment because he did the Lord’s work…The guy will never have to work for the rest of his life. I take it he didn’t take “the Beaver role” because he’s broke-a-saurus. Perhaps he needs a diversion. Good for him. It’ll keep him away from the Russian Communist.

    3. Wow. Are you Grigorieva’s PR rep? Lol. Sorry, but public opinion has tuned dramatically against her over the past few months and for good reason.

      Oksana can peddle those tapes until the moon turns blue. The more we learn about her and her inconsistent stories and dishonesty, the more we begin to understand why Gibson was yelling at her in the first place. Slapping someone once who puts your child in harm’s way is not domestic violence. There is no evidence at all that supports her many versions of what happened — it supports Mel’s. If Mel were this brutal batterer as Oksana claims, she would have been truly beaten and more than once.

      Mel Gibson provides a lot of support to people in need all over the world and has many close friends and associates — regardless of ethnicity or race.

      So spare us your eulogy about Gibson’s career. It is many years away and I am pleased to see that he is here to stay — whether you like it or not.

  14. It’s pretty well known that he has bipolar disorder and an alcohol problem, so I cut the guy a “little” slack. Watch Lethal Weapon and his hypomania is pretty obvious to me in a lot of scenes. If he takes his pills and lays off the booze, he’ll be better.

    1. Having had a bipolar roommate who was an easy-going guy one minute and a raving dangerous/violent idiot the next, I can attest that bipolar disorder is a serious illness.
      Plus if you grew up with a Father who preached racism, even if you fought that hatred
      all your life, all those words would still be bouncing around in your soul/psyche… and
      would come out in manic or depressive moments. I have personally seen a bipolar say
      many things that when he finally came down from it all he couldn’t even account or even
      recall saying those things. I agree. You have to give Mel some slack. And all you people who
      are so into judging him, should seriously look at all the ugly shit in your back and front
      yards. Most of you are Americans and anyone diseased enough to just give the highest
      office to the land to an incompetent person with no leadership ability or skills needs to
      seriously re-examine their own heads.

  15. Mel Rocks! Can’t wait to see this movie. I hope that Viking movie gets made, and he better be in the new mad max whenever they start that.

    1. Yeah Danny, Mel would make a hell of a Viking movie. This THE BEAVER movie has got me so interested I will have to see it.

  16. No man should ever beat a woman. There is never a good reason, but there is always an alternative. The most obvious is the door. Use it. But no man should ever beat a woman.
    He’s a drunken degenerate scum.

    1. Now days when women act like men, I can think of no reason why they should not be treated like a man. The age of the Lady is over, thus females should not be treated like one..

    2. In case you missed it, HIS WIFE OF 30 YEARS SAID HE NEVER HIT HER. EVER EVER EVER!!!

      “Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage.” –Robyn

      So… you’d think that if he NEVER exhibited this kind of behavior with his wife ever, in the history of 30 years of marriage, that it would follow, that he wouldn’t waste his energy on some slutbag pile of trash scum spy from Russia to ruin his career. She’s a liar!!!

    3. It has been reported that Mel claims to have slapped her because she was harming their baby. If that turns out to be true, will you change your tune?

      I doubt it.

    4. Nevermind that his wife of 30 years said he never ever hit her, but believe the Russian scumbag. Yep, sounds about right to me. Don’t you have the ability to discern anything?

  17. Mel is bankable. forget the rest. if society can forgive Bill Clinton for defending Robert Byrd’s membership in the KKK at his eulogy then we can forgive Mel for using the same language used by almost every black person in America (though oddly enough, blacks in the rest of the world don’t use that term).

    1. “using the same language used by almost every black person in America”

      What the fuck is this comment? Do you have some sort of poll or statistics to back up this “fact” of yours? Yes there are those who use the word, but not “almost every black person” uses it!

    2. Oscargo, do you know what a sweeping negative generalization of a race of people is called? Bigotry. Like when members of a group of people who committed genocide against another group, use the same word that was used against said group while the atrocities were being committed against them. In other words, white people aren’t allowed to use the N word in anger against black people no way, no how. At least in this point in history. Maybe, say in another 400 years. So hang in there. You’ll be able to use it with impunity then. That’s just the way it is. If you don’t like it, you and bipolar Mel can volunteer to be enslaved by black people since it must not be that bad. I’m sure I could arrange it.

    3. “if society can forgive Bill Clinton for defending Robert Byrd…”

      and if society can forgive Bill for raping Juanita Broderick then we can forgive Mel for slapping that (seemingly) horrible woman. (and I think it probably was only a slap and she has beefed it way up)

      1. And we certainly forgave Sean Connery for saying there’s nothing wrong with hitting a woman to keep her in line!

        About Robert Byrd – gotta love those democrats. They blasted David Duke for getting into politics, when they had their own little Klansman tucked away nice and quiet in West Virginia. And Byrd wasn’t a mere member – he was a recruiter, with the job of telling the evils of the negro to get whiteys to join.

  18. He is an amazing actor and director, as far as his personal life? Just look around the hollywood toilet of entertainers and their personal lives. Let’s not pretend that Mel is the only one who makes mistakes .

  19. I imagine that Mel will be good in the movie, it’s a crazy role and ever since Lethal Weapon, Mel does crazy just fine. But while the script was different, it wasn’t really that good and got more silly and redundant as it progressed. Can’t imagine what possessed Jodie Foster to want to do it, nor is she the right director for it based on her past work. She’s a little to calculated and hidden – even in her direction, to make a balls-out movie and that is what The Beaver would have to be to be successful.

    I don’t think America much cares for Mel anymore. Not because of his behavior, simply because there are brighter, shinier objects in the Hollywood sky now. Mel’s just…old.

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