Polanski Sweeps European Film Awards

The Ghost Writer has won 6 European Film Academy awards, the European equivalent of the Oscars, this evening in Tallinn, Estonia. Polanski’s thriller won Best European Film, while Polanski picked up Best Director and shared the screenwriting award with co-author Robert Harris. Ewan McGregor won Best Actor, while production design and music were also honored. In an interview this weekend, Harris said the Swiss authorities were so understanding about Polanski’s need to finish editing The Ghost Writer, they moved editing equipment into the prison where he was being held while facing deportation back to the U.S last year. More than 2,300 academy members voted.

directed by Roman Polanski
written by Robert Harris & Roman Polanski produced by Robert Benmussa, Alain Sarde & Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski for THE GHOST WRITER

Sylvie Testud in LOURDES


Robert Harris & Roman Polanski for THE GHOST WRITER


Luc Barnier & Marion Monnier for CARLOS

Albrecht Konrad for THE GHOST WRITER

Alexandre Desplat for THE GHOST WRITER

LEBANON, Israel/Germany/France
written & directed by Samuel Maoz
produced by Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, David Silber, Uri Sabag, Einat Bickel, Benjamina Mirnik & Illan Girard

EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY DOCUMENTARY – Prix ARTE 2010 NOSTALGIA DE LA LUZ (Nostalgia for the Light), France/Germany/Chile Directed by Patricio Guzmán


HANOI – WARSZAWA (Hanoi – Warsaw), Poland by Katarzyna Klimkiewicz

EUROPEAN CO-PRODUCTION AWARD – Prix EURIMAGES 2010 Zeynep Özbatur Atakan, producer



PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD for Best European Film 2010 MR. NOBODY written and directed by Jaco van Dormael produced by Philippe Godeau

    1. What a thing, you and the rest of the little people who brought this up. Well here’s a little newsflash for you all – Mr. Polanski is living the good life with his wife and children, jetting back and fourth all over Europe, collecting awards, filming personally satisfying and well liked films, drinking good wine, eating good food, and generally maximizing his golden years like few do.

      And here you are, leaving bitchy little comments on blog postings about his triumphs. How pathetic you are.

    2. He’s happy, living his life, and you’re sitting there writing negative blog posts an hour from midnight.

      Think. About. It.

      1. Yes, NBD, and you are the one spending your time defending a child rapist. I hope you don’t have kids.

  1. This man rapes and sodimizes a young girl and we now move editing facilities into his prison cell??? What’s wrong with all of us? Nothing more to say then we all better start doing some thinking.

  2. Polanski…polanski…

    Ah, yes. He’s the one who drugged and anally raped a 13 year old girl, right?

    Gotta love hypocrisy!

  3. DH Headline: “Polanski Sweeps European Film Awards”

    Polanski’s great at “sweeping” things.

    He raped a minor (details too heinous and calculating to EVER be forgiven) and tried valiantly to sweep it under the rug for decades.
    Europeans helped him push the broom, as they would for any “artist” vilified by Americans, no matter the reason, even if for pre-meditated minor rape.

    The Polanski two-step: Sweeping things and evading justice in Europe.

    Europeans have no shame, as recent history attests.

    But American actors and actresses who this year signed petitions supporting minor rapist Polanski, one simple question:
    Where is YOUR shame in sweeping aside rape?

    So “The Ghost Writer” sweeps European awards.
    Will the prequel, “The Ghost Rapist” sweep up ,too?
    Ah, the ghost of rapes past!

    1. Give it a rest. What the hell is you point anyway? Yes, all Europeans are sex perverts who get their kicks harboring criminals simply because they hate the United States and its righteous pursuit of evil sick criminals. Given your noisome “Never Forget,” it bears me writing that this is the same basic narrative that ran up to the invasion of Iraq. The issue isn’t that Polanski committed statutory rape, it was that the trial was a farce and the judge should have been removed from his post for the way he ran it. Fixating and frothing about Polanski in this context works primarily to overlook extremely dubious legal maneuvering on the part of the US. Ditto for the ‘kill Saddam / screw international law’ argument in re Iraq. All this ranting and raving about the rape itself at a certain point crosses a line and itself becomes pedophilic, with all you tools scandalizing and titillating yourselves with the details of it.

      1. Yes. Let us tools scandalize and titillate ourselves with the details. Like the grand jury did at the trial:

        From The Smoking Gun. The entire transcript of her grand jury testimony available there.

        JUNE 10–With last night’s HBO premiere of a sympathetic new documentary about Roman Polanski’s underage sex escapades, we’re reprising the harrowing 1977 grand jury testimony of the 13-year-old California girl with whom the director had sex after plying her with Champagne and a Quaalude at the Los Angeles home of Jack Nicholson. Polanski, now 74, fled the U.S. for Europe before he could be sentenced for the sex crime and remains a fugitive from justice. In graphic testimony, Samantha Gailey described the illicit encounter with Polanski, which began with her posing naked in a Jacuzzi for him as he purportedly snapped photos for French Vogue. From there, Polanski approached her in a bedroom of Nicholson’s Mulholland Drive home and, despite her demands that he ‘keep away,’ sought to kiss Gailey. The teenager, an aspiring model, testified that Polanski, 43 at the time, later performed a sex act on her and ‘started to have intercourse with me.’ She also testified that Polanski ‘put his penis in my butt’ after asking her, ‘Would you want me to go in through your back?’ Gailey, now known as Samantha Geimer, is interviewed in ‘Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired,’ which was first screened earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival. (30 pages)

  4. So what your saying is 2010 didn’t just suck for American cinema alone?

    Twenty Ten : Fart Noise

  5. I thought this movie was pedantic, badly lit, laugh-at-it acting, cheesily ‘knowing’ and ‘cynical’. I stopped watching after a while…
    And I’m a big Polanski fan in general. I wanted to like it.
    I don’t get it

    1. Amen. It was this decades “Eyes Wide Shut.” A whole society of boobs cooing over something deadly dull, and devoid of anything resembling real human emotion or behavior. I love many of his films. The accolades for this one are like some kind of amazing psychological study of flock behavior.

      1. Haven’t seen the Ghost Writer, but Eyes Wide Shut is actually a brilliant movie. It took people nearly a decade to realize it though.

        1. I’m not sure what “people” you’re referring to. My impression is that it took a lot of people a decade to be able to admit that it was tripe from a once brilliant, but long out-of-touch and isolated filmmaker, and human observer.

        2. Havent heard too many people coming out recently saying ‘hey when I saw Eyes Wide Shut I thought it was crap but with 10 years gentle filtration I realise its genius’. Cahnces are if it was crap then it is still crap now.

          As is Ghost writer – a tedious exercise in banal on the nose amateurism at its lowest.

          Hey but maybe in ten years I will wake up and realise what a masterpiece it is.

          Doubt it though.

      2. uh, don’t drag Eyes Wide Shut into this. A re-watching (ideally at Xmas) would demonstrate this film’s icy, psychic power to demonstrate our slave status to a sinister elite, especially if you’re a woman.
        EWS is a MASTERPIECCE. Ghost Writer is too weak in all areas to be more than a footnote – it doesn’t peek into the corners of power like Kubrick.

    2. You are missing the point. Of course the Europeans don’t think it was that special or even that good of a movie. Please, the Europeans do actually have taste. The point of choosing his movie and his directorship is to give a big fat finger to the Americans. It’s about sending an anti-American message and apologizing to Polanski for being treated like the common criminal that he is (a.k.a. a sympathy award). It’s such a childish and immature move that it’s actually pretty funny. Love seeing the Europeans acting like 5 year old brats? LOL.

    3. Me, too. Saw it on MOD & thought, “This was made by Roman Polanski?” Predictable, plodding, w/ an ending both unsatisfying & obvious. This dog just further proves that the only reason Polanski is free is because he makes greedy men a lot of $. & that trumps justice & the law any day.

  6. Ewan Macgregor was pretty boring in it, but it’s, along with The Matador, the best performance of Brosnan’s career, and Olivia Williams was a revelation. In a perfect world, the two of them would get Oscar nominations. As a Polanski film, it was solid three stars — no Chinatown or Repulsion or The Pianist, but also no Pirates or Bitter Moon. Still one of the better movies of this year.

  7. pathetic Americans, invading countries, spoiling the world with bad films and tv shows, but getting upset about security at airports and consentual sex.

  8. I was thinking about all the eye opening great European films I have seen in my long life and thinking that this Polanski film is not in that class at all.Ah the emperor’s new clothes. Perhaps the attention for his film is meant to show up we provincial Americans and our provincial sexual attitudes towards child rape. The rape having been done by a true artist who deserves tolerance and inclusion no matter what.Triumph and glory.

  9. Jesus Christ. Grow up. If Polanski was making Transformers 13 you’d all be lining up asking him to sodomize you before going in. I am so tired of of the so called elite liberals not being able to separate the artist from the art. READ A BOOK. And if that’s too taxing, shut the fuck up and let the rest of us enjoy a great film.

    1. I couldn’t put it better.

      Please can everyone stop pretending that they know the guy.



        Yes, the same way it’s being done with Mel Gibson!

        This guy is a disgusting RAPIST.

          1. I saw the movie in a theatre which celebrated its 100th anniversary and I want to express that I find this is a pretty good movie. Wouldn`t it be good to discuss a motion picture instead of writing about different press information? Truly the Felix award is in an anachronistic competition with the Oscars, so do we discuss art and movies or politics and power? The winner are the actors, too and not TV – entertainers. Ghostwriter in the sky, Mr. McEwan! Ibetween the silver bear and these Felixes is the case of wheatherman Kachelmann…
            And I hope to get the director`s cut of Carlos next year.
            Thank you and congratulations for two hours suspense plus the award ceremony on arte.tv -holographically. N.Drews, Berlin

  10. yeah…Yanks…lets start to generalize all the Europeans. Like most Europeans I am disgusted by a child rapist too. So please try to use your brain and do not identify a whole continent with a stupid award and its members.

    1. She said it’s time to move on and not arrest him or have a trial. Fine.
      That doesn’t mean the rest of us have to say it’s okay that a man like that is out there, making movies, being celebrated, when he’s a rapist. He should be shunned.

  11. If Polanski was a priest and the 13 year-old was a boy the pope would have given him his own parish. These crimes are inexcusable and unforgivable no matter where, or why, they happen or in what industry, or who perpetrates them.. They are symptomatic of civilization in free fall. Adults who rape children should hang, regardless of whether they’re addled by drugs or god. Read Sam Harris’s latest book on morality. We need to rethink the mess we’re in.

  12. I have to say, I thought GHOST WRITER was a bore, shockingly mediocre in every way imaginable. Still stunned to see it on “Best of” lists, even despite this two year run of average films.

  13. Yeah, Gibson vilified by the smart people of Hollywood for hateful words he uttered when outraged or drunk (the attack on the mother of his love child is still alleged, as far as I know), and the smart people of Hollywood band together to crush his career.

    Polanski vilified by outraged citizens for actions he admitted taking against a minor, and the smart people of Hollywood stand up for his artistic freedom.

    Nothing wrong with those moral compasses.

  14. I call on everyone at the Oscars, if and when this movie is nominated here, to stand up and turn their backs. I ask everyone who is watching TV during the telecast to turn off their TV’s for the reading of this category in protest. He is a disgusting coward. I wonder how many of the people who signed the petition would be cool if it happened to one of their children? Who among us would be okay, sure rapist who did this feel free to sit in a home that most of us could not ever afford as punishment. Who is with me? I have to go now cause i am gonna puke. Pedophile. That should be the name of his next movie. Cut off his financing. You get nothing. Regular Joe? Prison in San Quentin being tagged by other inmates. Stunning.

  15. A really dumb movie hinging on a conspiracy plot that makes no sense.

    So, the CIA engineers some elaborate conspiracy to groom a candidate to become prime minister and then be their lapdog, but this candidate is ELECTED AND THEN RE-ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE OF BRITAIN?!?!

    Exactly how is that a conspiracy?

    The CIA gets their lapdog to do their bidding in torturing and waging wars, which he happily does publicly (as Tony Blair did), but uhhh, then he gets re-elected by the British people anyway.

    Obviously they like what he’s doing, they get the candidate who does what they want. Makes no sense.

  16. Overlooking the legal imbroglio for the moment, GHOST WRITER was a stillborn movie from a once-great artist. Where was the bravura film-making? The off-center camera framing that makes the viewer feel uncomfortable? The investment in the lead character? The commanding or even charismatic performances? Where has that all gone? And don’t get me started on the editing, which looks like it was cut in a Swiss Chalet. Oh, wait….

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