Golden Globes Film: Hammond Analyzes; 'King's Speech', 'Social Network', Fighter'

With the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, it’s always a bit of give and take. Since overall they try and please everyone so they giveth to Paramount for The Fighter but taketh away for True Grit, they shower nods on Warner Bros for Inception but give hardly anything for The Town, they place Fox Searchlight’s Black Swan in Picture and Directing categories over 127 Hours and so on. The one producer who got everything he wanted was probably Harvey Weinstein, now back in the awards game bigtime this year with The King’s Speech, acting noms for Blue Valentine, and a foreign film nomination for The Concert. He’s also one of the backers of The Fighter. Harvey is having a good morning.

It was a very big morning at the Golden Globes for critical darlings The King’s Speech (7 nominations), The Social Network and The Fighter (6 nominations apiece), all of which are cleaning up this week with awards and accolades. This closeness in the voting should set up a fierce race in the Best Motion Picture – Drama category which also includes Warner Bros’ Inception and Fox Searchlight’s Black Swan (4 nominations each). All five films won nods for their directors (David Fincher, David O. Russell, Tom Hooper,  Christopher Nolan, and Darren Aronofsky) making this anyone’s ballgame at this point.

What Sony Pictures might not have expected were 3 nominations for the GK Films’ critically drubbed The Tourist which Sony is distributing, including Best Picture – Comedy or Musical (what’s up with that category?) and nods in the acting categories for stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, who is nominated against himself for Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. Champagne corks should be popping in Culver City this morning for this unexpected bounty; it means Sony will be able to splash “Best Picture Nominee” ads for the expensive movie which underperformed at the domestic box office in its opening weekend with a disappointing $16.5 million grosses from North America not to mention only a 7% positive rating at Rotten Tomatoes. (Only two good notices out of 29 reviews counted from top critics, with a measly 20% fresh overall.) This has to be one of the worst reviewed movies ever to get this kind of attention.

You can be assured that the Globes will be the only place this season where “The Tourist” and “Best Picture” will be mentioned in the same sentence. How did this happen? I hear the film was one of the last the Hollywood Foreign Press Association saw last week before voting. Their ballots were due just as the tsunami of bad reviews came out. Plus, the HFPA would be thrilled to have either Angelina or Johnny attend the telecast. Originally the light thriller was placed in the Drama category by its studio but then was moved into Comedy by the HFPA where the studio’s other Christmas release, James L. Brooks’ How Do You Know was expected to compete but didn’t play well when it was screened for the group. Now the “comedic” The Tourist competes against  the studio’s  own Burlesque, also critically lambasted in many corners. But Sony brought the HFPA to Vegas to see Cher’s show which may have helped. Summit Entertainment’s Red (isn’t that more of an action picture?) Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, and Focus Features’ The Kids Are All Right which will probably win going away front the rest of the Best Picture – Comedy/Musical category.

Another misstep for the Golden Globe list, and why it doesn’t necessarily mirror common wisdom about what might happen this awards season, is the complete snub of the Coen Bros’ True Grit from Paramount which received nominations for 11 Critics Choice awards yesterday but got absolutely nothing here. That most American of art forms, the western, isn’t popular with this group. Nor are the Coens, for that matter: their Oscar winner No Country For Old Men lost at the 2007 Golden Globes to the British Atonement. In fact, in recent years, the Globes haven’t had a sterling track record in matching Oscar. Last year, the HFPA was the only major group to award Avatar the Best Picture and Director honors over eventual Academy champ, The Hurt Locker, which was blanked with the HFPA.

In the drama acting categories, snubbed were Robert Duvall (Get Low), Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter Island and Inception), Jeff Bridges (True Grit and Tron Legacy), and particularly Javier Bardem (Biutiful) even though the HFPA race is probably a lock for Colin Firth (The King’s Speech). Take that to the bank. The Actress race, however, is much tighter particularly with Golden Globe faves like Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole) and Halle Berry (Frankie & Alice) competing. But the likely winner will be Natalie Portman (Black Swan). Annette Bening (The Kids Are All Right) and  Kevin Spacey (Casino Jack) or Paul Giamatti (Barney’s Version) will likely prevail in the comedy categories.

Supporting Actor is a very competitive list with favorites Christian Bale (The Fighter) and Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech) duking it out. Here the real spoiler could be Michael Douglas (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps). The HFPA has never been one to avoid sentiment: so Melissa Leo and Amy Adams (both The Fighter) may go to the mat for Supporting Actress, with Leo given the edge.

    1. Good point! Didn’t particularly love the film, but boy she possessed that role like no one else! A tour de force performance if there ever was one. Wrong to snub her but that’s the GG.

  1. I’d hope that both Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are embarrassed about their nominations for The Tourist. They can’t be so deluded as to think they really deserve it, right?

    1. This just proves how little these things really mean – not that the
      “official” award shows have much more substance…

    2. Why should they be the ones embarrassed? They didn’t lobby; it’s the Golden Globes who have progressively turned themselves into something of a joke. The issue isn’t with mediocre movies; it’s with the people who nominate them.

      1. no, they might not have lobbied, but they participated in a horrible movie and are being recognized for it. pretty cringe-worthy.

      2. They did lobby. Having the audacity to even screen this for the Hollywood Foreign press is shameful. Depp and Jolie could have told the studio not to bother. Honestly, I think the Golden Globes are now a complete joke with these three nominations. It’s one thing to overlook worthy films because there are too many worthy films to fit into various categories, but WTF are these nominations supposed to mean? We want BRAND-gelina at our awards show. If they had any decency they wouldn’t show up, but I’m sure they’ll be there. They should be at the Razzies, where this garbage belongs.

    3. Oh please! Pull your fangs back in. Why are you so invested in their particular reaction. They didn’t have final edit on the film. Plus there’s embarrassment every year with the GG noms. What you’re not used to it?

    4. Call me silly, but I enjoyed The Tourist. I think a lot of critics went to the movie expecting a taut thriller like Anthony Zimmer – even though everyone concerned had said it wasn’t a remake and was intended to be light and frivolous. So why be upset when that’s exactly what they got? I certainly saw worse movies this year.

    They got this one pretty much right, though I think 127 Hours deserves to be here over The Fighter, as well as in the directing category. The film (127 Hrs) is all about it’s acting/directing/editing though, so I’m not sure how it got a screenplay nomination. It’s a true story with one page of dialogue. Where’s the screenplay exactly?
    I’m happy the Blue Valentine actors were nominated, though I would’ve liked to have seen Robert Duvall recognized for Get Low over Wahlberg for The Fighter. 
    This is where the nominations go FUBAR. I mean really really screwed up. With the exception of The Kids Are All Right, all of these movies were universally panned by critics and audiences alike. For a second I thought I was looking at the Razzie nominations! Where’s Toy Story 3? Are animated films ineligible for Best Picture? I agree it was a horrible year for comedy, but what about the more deserving Please Give, Solitary Man, Greenberg, Cyrus, Jackass 3D, or even the overrated but still better Easy A?! I’m surprised they didn’t nominate MacGruber for g-d’s sake!
    Jolie for The Tourist? Really?! And while Stone and Hathaway were perfectly competent, since when does mediocrity warrant recognition?? What about Marisa Tomei for Cyrus or Catherine Keener for Please Give? Two underappreciated actresses who deserve much more of the spotlight than they’re usually given. 
    They should’ve just scrapped this category altogether this year. I don’t see one deserving nomination here, with the exception of Giamatti who, although I haven’t seen the film, is phenomenal in everything he does. It’s always nice to see him given a shout out. But where’s Michael Douglas (Solitary Man) and Ben Stiller (Greenberg)?
    Overall agree with these with the exception of Douglas who should have been nominated for Solitary Man and who has no business being recognized for the disappointing Wall Street 2. His spot should have gone to Mark Ruffalo (The Kids Are All Right), Tom Hardy (Inception), Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) or Armie Hammer (The Social Network).

    That’s pretty much all I have to say on the matter. I’m sure True Grit deserved to be nominated somewhere but I haven’t seen it so I can’t say. 

    1. TOTALLY agree on Musical/Comedy – this is a joke. To put it in perspective as a whole this category received a combined 248/500 on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s under 50% as a category for the entire field of nominees.

      That’s pathetic… Goes to show the Hollywood Foreign Press is a bunch of paid off douchebags.

      1. Unless I’m missing something from the trailers I saw, how in the hell can The Tourist be considered either a comedy or a musical????

        1. It can’t, “The Tourist” is an action/thriller pic. The only reason the HFPA nominated it under Comedy/Musical is so that they can get Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie to attend their party. The HFPA are without a doubt the most shameless group of starf*ckers in Hollywood history.

    2. @Roadrudner: you are spot on, across the board..FUBAR is right on the comedy/musical category. Really not one true/pure comedy in the bunch, although KIDS is a great film, it’s more of a blend/dramedy. These 85 people have a weird sense of humor!

  3. Quite a few undeserved snubs and nominations this year :/ What can you expect from an awards show known for being the one where people go and get drunk at though? I was really hoping Leo would grab one for Inception, and that Community would get the nods that Glee somehow swung.

  4. Why is everyone getting their panties in a bunch? We all know the Globes are a joke. They only gained recognition / credibility when Dick Clark bought the broadcast rights and sold them to NBC to get a jump on the Oscars (American Music Awards anyone?)

    As for the THE TOURIST’s nominations – the Globes are all about star power. They give the nods to Depp and Jolie so they show up and more people tune in to watch. It’s all about ratings people.

    1. I don’t know about Angelina, but Johnny usually doesn’t show up to these anyway does he? Especially if he is involved in something else at the time, like promoting Rango, or POTC4 or making Dark Shadows. He is my favorite actor in the world, but I didn’t see the Tourist nod coming

    2. They need to realize that people don’t care about seeing Brad and Angelina there as much as they think. They didn’t see the Tourist, and they won’t make a huge difference in ratings at all. People can see them in the tabloids enough. Just look at the last year’s ratings. They were higher without Brad and Angelina there than they were the previous years. So this whole notion of “get big famous stars there and people will tune in” is crap. People will tune in if the films they like are there. They tuned in earlier this year for Avatar and the ratings were higher without Brangelina. Their presence only pleases the tacky entertainment press reporters on the red carpet.

  5. If I was Jolie or Depp, I’d have the flu that night. What a joke. They are both fine actors, who I suspect are cringing this morning.

  6. It’s downright embarrassing that The Tourist and Burlesque were nominated… and how did the Globes overlook “How Do You Know”? It’s probably one of the most enjoyable romantic comedies I’ve seen in years, with great performances across the board. Owen Wilson is so good and so perfectly cast in this movie, I truly think he has a shot at an Oscar (seriously).

  7. How in the world did The Tourist get nominated as best comedy over Easy A? 7% vs 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean, what is going over there at the Golden Globes??

  8. Can we take a moment and laugh at the TV Best Supporting Actress category? In what universe would Jennifer Love Hewitt and Judi Dench be up for the same award? It feels like the HFPA was playing Mad Libs and this is what came up.

    This is the most whack-a-do year yet. I’m pretty sure I won’t be watching, even though the big TV categories are pretty strong. I’ll just wait for the Emmys instead and skip this abortion.

  9. Can we all agree that the Globes should be part of the Funny or Die website so we can put this in perspective? Why are people trying to rationalize a messed up, self-serving organization like this? This ridiculous spectacle should be airing on Comedy Central as a parody of awards shows.

  10. I actually wanted to see Ryan Reynolds get nominated for “Buried” in Best Actor Drama. He was amazing in that role.

  11. For Colored Girls didn’t receive any nominations. While the movie was marginally received, Kimberly Elyse deserved recognition for her amazing performance.

  12. No “True Grit” for best pic.?

    No “Community” for best comedy?

    An inexplicable ‘love in’ for “The Tourist”?

    Is Halle Berry , talented as she may be, the only black female actress these ‘nominators’ know?

    No nod for that incredible young actress in “True Grit”?

    “!27 Hours” only recognized for…. screenplay? (and here it was that silly ole me thought Franco delivered a performance on par with Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”

    And the only smart choice — I am serious here — is “The King’s Speech” ?

    Yup. They ought to rename this organization to…. The Hollywood FOLLY Press Association.

    Geez, Louise!

  13. Why does everyone here worship Rotten Tomatoes? A bunch of (mostly) online bloggers, caught up in awards frenzy, decide to hate something, so that makes a film a no-no? The Tourist wasn’t made as awards fodder, so everyone is mad? Johnny Depp has NEVER “campaigned” for an award and doesn’t pay them much mind. Any artistic award that involves the receipent campaigning like a politician, is not worth the cheap gold plating it takes to make it. By the way, if Rotten Tomatoes had been around in 1977, Star Wars would have had about a 5% rating. The “critics” hated the thing.

  14. Did anyone who does the prognosticating here (and everywhere else) even SEE “Animal Kingdom”? It is so far and away one of if not THE best film of the year and outside of Jacki Weaver’s incredible performance (which should be a LEAD contenter, not supporting) it is getting absolutely NO attention and it deserves a lot more. Given it’s stellar reviews when released here in August, combined with its huge positive reaction at Sundance, I expected it to be a major contender for everything. But instead – The Spirits snubbed it entirely, the Globes snubbed it entirely except for Weaver, and even the Critics Choice noms, where I thought it would clean up, completely blew it off. Even individual critics seem to forget it existed.

    There is A REASON it just won darn near everything at the AFI Awards in its native Australia last Friday – it’s an incredible film, and I would put it head and shoulders above nearly all the other contenders that keep winning everything. I mean for such a well reviewed, unbelievably made film to get nothing but seccondhand crumbs is a true travesty.

    Just my .02…

  15. I know there’s not a lot of supporting actress candidates this year but…Mila Kunis?? If your really scrambling to find a 5th nominee than why not Marion Cotillard in Inception.

  16. Re: The Tourist

    Beyond the obvious cheap plea to get Brangelina to show up for the Golden Globes, maybe this was just a big “F–k You!” to the critics? Seriously 20% on RT? The film was savaged by critics simply because it stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp and it turned out to be mediocre- which it is. Mediocre does not mean it should be put in the same category as Norbit, Gigli, Last Airbender, The Happening et. al. That RT rating is shameful and shows how pretentious and smug and way-too-serious the critics are. Golden Globes may just be taking a dump on the critics here.

  17. Wow, Angelina seems to always land on her feet… somehow. I wonder how Johnny Depp feels about the film being a box office flop.

  18. Jake Gyllenhaal, so charming and superb, should win and should be the front runner to win best actor in a comedy. But I must agree — why is the tourist a comedy? Cher and Christina Aquilara for Burlesque should have gotten nods, as should have paul rudd, and Rachel McAdams for Morning Glory — but the biggest snub has got to be mark ruffalo — who is the heart and soul of the kids are alright and the best thing of the movie and that’s saying a lot.

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