'Winter's Bone' Wins Big At Gotham Awards

The winners for the 20th Anniversary Gotham Independent Film Awards were announced tonight. The awards organized by the Independent Feature Project already announced the recipients of their honorary awards handed out this evening, including filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, actors Hilary Swank and Robert Duvall, and Focus Features CEO James Schamus. Tonight’s marquee category awards at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC are considered the first major ceremony of the awards season:

Best Feature
Winter’s Bone
Debra Granik, director; Anne Rosellini, Alix Madigan-Yorkin, producers (Roadside Attractions)

Best Documentary
The Oath
Laura Poitras, director/producer (Zeitgeist Films and American Documentary/POV)

Best Ensemble Performance
Winter’s Bone
Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Dale Dickey, Lauren Sweetser, Garret Dillahunt, Kevin Breznahan (Roadside Attractions)

Breakthrough Director

Kevin Asch for Holy Rollers (First Independent Pictures)

Breakthrough Actor
Ronald Bronstein
in Daddy Longlegs (IFC Films)

Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You

Mike Ott, director; Frederick Thornton, Laura Ragsdale, Sierra Leoni, producers

  1. Great for Winter’s Bone. Almost as if these awards are given on merit. Let’s see, if a movie like Greenberg or Solitary Man won we’d be in real trouble. Winter’s Bone was authentic. The direction was handled with visual astuteness. I hope more people see this wonderful film.

  2. Happy for Winter’s Bone. Been taking in a lot of Oscarbait flix the past few weeks and Winter’s Bone stands with the best of them.

    I agree with Abigal. Winter’s Bone just feels authentic.

  3. Being an indie movie does not make it great. I walked out after watching Ree (?) run around for half the movie looking for her dad. Boring.

  4. I work at an independent video store in Wisconsin. We can’t keep Winter’s Bone on the shelf. It’s really been resonating with our customers and the word-of-mouth has been ecstatic. Definitely the surprise hit of the year.

  5. I loved Winters Bone, think it’s best of the yr so far. I hope picking up some critics awards keeps it in peoples minds.

  6. Sally,

    You are correct. But if you read into what the posts before yours say, they are praising storytelling, execution, fine writing. I agree. An independent is just another film. But what some indies do is get a star actor in order to mask a weak piece of material. Winter’s Bone relied on a finely layered story. Some of the other examples were about the star ie: Ben Stiller. Strip him and the script is below par. Whereas a film like Avatar is unwatchable. Relying on effects. Unless you are high it’s difficult to sit through because it lacks story. So I’d say walk out on Avatar and give WB a chance. It will stay with you long after you leave the theater. It’s not candy. On the other hand, Titanic was terrific.

  7. Winter’s Bone is probably my favourite movie of the year – Lawrence was incredible. Would love to see it win a couple of majors.

  8. Congratulations to each of the nominees! To be candid, I am shocked and disappointed that CITY ISLAND and SOLITARY MAN were completely ignored.

  9. Winter’s Bone is the sort of movie that jewish guys from New Jersey who went to NYU film school make. It’s cliche riddled, full of stereotypes and premised on bad facts and pretentious. I’m from Appalachia and I can tell you this movie is BS. I don’t care if the guy who wrote the book is from the Ozarks. Also, bail bondsmen take 10% of the amount of the bond in cash. They do not take liens on squallid housing. Nor does the county take homes put up for bond, especially not a week after someone skips. If they do take a poverty stricken family’s useless house, it takes years. This movie is just plain stupid and outlandish. But it’s the one that will get a major category acting nomination at the Oscars. There’s one every year.

  10. Congratulations to all those who did not win last night.
    “9000 Needles,” the documentary produced by Doug Dearth, made it to the top five & our family & friends are so proud him for telling the story of his brother Devin’s journey to China seek help, following a massive brainstem stroke @ the age of forty.
    Somehow, the public needs to see this film, so millions of other stroke victims & families can gain hope & strength to never give up the fight.

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