Palm Springs Film Festival Issues $100,000 Reward For Ronni Chasen Information

Palm Springs, CA (November 17, 2010) – The Palm Springs International Awards Gala and Film Festival has issued a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the murder of Ronni Chasen, who was shot and killed in the early hours on Tuesday, November 16, 2010.

Festival Chairman Harold Matzner issued a statement today regarding her death: “Famed Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen, has been my partner in selecting all honorees and presenters for the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala for the past 10 years.  Ronni handled all negotiations with the studios and she and her team made all of the arrangements to bring the celebrity honorees to Palm Springs for the event.  The honorees were Ronni’s responsibility until they arrived in Palm Springs.  The Awards Gala has the amazing record of having every single honoree appear on stage for the past nine year.  A very good lady, a good friend…and a genius at her craft…Her death is very, very sad and mystifying….  Ronni has played the most important part in the Awards Gala’s success.  She will be very missed by all in the Festival family…and by me especially ….!”

If you have any information about the death of Ronni Chasen please contact Beverly Hills Police Department Tip Line at (310) 288-2656.

  1. Without being labeled a substantial asshole, $100K is A LOT of money, particularly coming from a film festival that will undoubtedly campaign for donors next year. $10K I’m certain would have sufficed. Also, have a wee bit of faith in the LAPD and let them come up empty before you start throwing money around. I’m certain that the authorities are having a field day now that such a large sum has been thrown into the mix with every tom, dick and harry calling in with a lead.

    1. Why would LAPD be involved?
      LAPD isn’t involved.
      Slaying was in Beverly Hills, my friend.
      BHPD is highly professional.
      Especially with the assistance of FBI.
      Ronni is a national icon.

  2. Can’t believe that the tiny Palm Springs film fest could find 100,000 grand to pony up as a reward—awesome!….helllloooooo??? h-wood? are you there? how many oscars did this woman help with??? where is big studio $$ when you need it for something REALLY important???????

  3. Okay let me get this straight,

    So the idiot will get 100k to turn in hitmen and then that same idiot has somehow have millions to spend for the rest of his or her life being on the run ????????

    these jerkoffs need to up the reward to 20 million


  4. This does not feel right.

    It should be left to BHPD/LAPD to have a chance to solve the crime. And no offense, but Mr,. Matzner’s comments seem to be quite self serving for the Palm Springs Film Festival at this time.

    Surely, this could have waited a few weeks at least.

    Maybe, I am way off base on this perception, but the various services for Ronni are still taking place.

    Again, this does not feel right to me.

  5. You people are absolutely ridiculous. Who CARES how long they waited or how much they are giving as a reward — just the act of this film festival coming out and offering a reward to try and help solve the mystery behind this great woman’s death is remarkable. Just stop with your reasoning/logical/”this isn’t right” bullshit and take a step back for a second. This is a wonderful gesture, one that should be supremely applauded, not denigrated. Shame on those who think otherwise.

  6. As WAR said chase the gringo rustles through the field, round up the Cisco kid to catch their asses.

  7. It amazes me how anyone can find fault for this reward. When you read the posting and understand how important this woman was to the festival, how do you find justification criticizing Harold Matzner and the festival. Ronnie Chasin was not just a supporter of the Palm Springs Festival. She was instrumental each year in making it happen. Considering that when she did this and the manner in which she worked, the reward is given out of love for her. How do you place a price on getting justice for this great loving person? I have not heard or read anything but nice loving accolades about Ronni Chasin. And this is coming from Hollywood where niceties are far and few between. But lo and behold people always find away to express their opinion about something they dont understand in a vicious manner. God Bless Ronni Chasin

  8. We don’t believe that anyone can fault the sincerity of Mr. Matzner’s/the festival’s pledged reward…only the timing. The fact is, most homicide victims do NOT receive this kind of attention or reward money for their assailant’s or assailants’ capture or conviction.

    In this regard, Ms. Chasen is rather fortunate to have had such well-heeled and concerned friends and business associates.

    From a tactical or strategic point-of-view regarding the investigation, however, it might have been more wise to wait a week or so before making the announcement so as not to inundate the BHPD with an overabundance of time-wasting “tips” or “leads” from spurious reward-seekers. This may only serve to hinder and delay justice for the killer or killers, or even aid and abet in their attempt to get away with this horrible crime.

    Since no one can possibly live for any real length of time on $100K, the likelihood of the reward prompting anyone not already inclined to speak up to do so now is somewhat unlikely, particular since this smells more and more like a hit or targeted attack by someone or some people who most likely wouldn’t be against killing again to silence a tipster!

    RIP, Ms. Chasen.

  9. Maybe it was a targeted hit… at the wrong bullseye; Ms. Chasen may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but in the right car…

  10. There are people looking at this web site right now that are responsible for this cowardly act. Shouldn’t take long for the BHPD to get the rats to surface.

  11. If the death threats received by casting directors and others is legit, and there is a connection here, then I say that it is a disgruntled nationality behind it 100%. As in “there is not enough of a specific race of people so waaaahaaahaa. It is like Kanye West on steroids, we can tolerate him and his whiny mouth, opinion etc, but when someone takes it way to far and you try to force someone to do what you want or agree with your opinion, then it is a horse of a different color.

    This has “do what we want or you die or a family member” written all over it. This got everyones attention so when someone comes to your office/home/or calls you, and says put this person in this movie, or make this type etc, you won’t even blink you will just respond no matter what your mind is telling you otherwise.

  12. I had a dream about this woman, ive never met. It was the night she died. I dream she was standing over by the tree and she had been shot. I almost felt what she felt like there was an after life. I felt her pain an anquish. Then she was in her bedroom where she would of been had she arrived at her home. We talked for quite awile, then I saw four men whom I think might have had something to do with this hiddeous crime. One man stuck out in my mind, he was a large man with a muscular build, blonde or light hair, his face was round with large diamond shaped eyes, and a greenish suit jacket with beigh shirt He appeared happy, sitting next to a man with dark hair and a mustach with long face and a dark suit, they were probably talking about their accomplishment, the man with the muscular build almost the late JFK. I hope you find these killer’s. the woman Ronni seemed very nice, and I will continue to pray for her. I have a feeling they could be related to her in some way.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Maureen Elizabeth Tully

  13. her brother, larry cohen made a film in 1977 called the private files of j edgar hoover. at the the very end of the movie, written as a newspaper headline, he outs mark felt as deep throat. this film is not on dvd but i saw it at a rare screening in nyc this past summer

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