OSCAR: 2010 Governors Awards Ceremony

Honorary Award recipient Kevin Brownlow, Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award recipient Francis Ford Coppola, and Honorary Award recipient Eli Wallach at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences’ 2010 Governors Awards in the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood on Saturday. Honorary Award recipient Jean-Luc Godard declined to attend:

  1. I was happy to see the smiling face of Eli Wallach a beautiful man and great talented actor. When they made him they broke the mould. May he have many more years.

  2. I still can’t believe they exiled THIS to a private ceremony, and on Oscar night we still have to devote 15 minutes to the short subjects category.

    1. The shorts deserve to be recognized and only take up a few minutes.

      If you want to talk about Oscar dead weight, look no further than the 5 minute speeches each Acting nominee gets. Devote a separate ceremony to those, move the governors awards back to the main show and still end the night 30 minutes earlier than they do now.

      1. The shorts can be recognized. By saying who won quickly and getting on with it. But these movies (the shorts) that a majority of the audience has never seen, never had the chance to see even if they wanted to, and never will see, should not take up fifteen minutes of an over-long ceremony when seeing legends like Coppola being honored could be a highlight of the show.

  3. Coppola is one of the greatest living directors. But, what is really the point of giving him an honorary Oscar when he already has 5 of them? There are so many deserving talents in this town without even one.
    The whole Elia Kazan blow-up a few years back could have been avoided for the same reason – Kazan ALREADY had a couple of Oscars….

  4. Agreed. I feel as though Sharak is slightly robbing the Academy Awards of something year by year. Such illogical decisions continue to taint the integrity of the ceremony and deny glory to such a grand cultural event.

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