Hugh Jackman Asked To Host Oscars Again

EXCLUSIVE: Oscarcast executive producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer have been searching for the host or hosts of the 83rd Academy Awards. I’m told that the first person they approached just in the past couple weeks was Hugh Jackman who turned down the offer. Jackman successfully hosted two years ago, and nixed the overture last year because he didn’t want to host two years in a row. This time, Jackman is too busy preparing the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine which 20th Century Fox is mobilizing to begin shooting in late February or early March. Problem is that the Oscars will be held February 27th. (I’m told that Darren Aronofsky was locked in late Friday to direct Wolverine 2. Scripted by Christopher McQuarrie, the picture will shoot in New York and Japan.)

Last year’s Oscar’s host selection was the returning Steve Martin sharing duties with Alec Baldwin. The approach to Jackman is understandable, given his versatility as a song and dance man, his likability, and his international appeal. But where will Cohen and Mischer go from here? Will they end the parade of middle-aged white guys and set a female host, or a minority? And what about a younger host? We should know the answer soon: last year, the Academy announced its host on November 3rd.

    1. a woman would be awesome! Like Tina Fey! She’d be fantastic!

      but I’m booking for Neil Patrick Harris. He’s done so many hosting gigs and he’s got so much talent and charisma.

  1. What a shame. He is my favorite host. Let´s hope he will accept the offer next time :-)
    I think RDJ should host :-)

  2. Is complaining about middle aged white guys just kind of reflex for some people? People who forget Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen Degeneres, and Chris Rock as hosts?

    1. Damn, I was just gonna say that!

      Ellen hosted just four years ago. Chris Rock only 6 years ago. Whoopi hosted four times over the 90’s and early-00’s.

      Parade of middle aged white-guys my ass.

      1. A woman hosted 5 times out of 82 broadcasts, and just in the last 15 years. Yeah, we’re all set. Guys with this kind of logic are always good for a laugh. And, save the inevitable comment about quotas, there are some great female candidates. If the sitch were reversed, you squawkers would’ve been rioting.

    1. The way things are going, maybe they should dig up Frank,Dean, Peter and Sammie.

      Maybe Johnny Carson is available.

  3. A totally off-the-wall idea — and I’ve no idea whether his schedule would permit it — but what about Daniel Radcliffe?

    He’s young. He’s got a humongous following from the Potter franchise (as Jackman does from the X-films). But he’s also shown versatility and depth outside of his big commercial hits (Equus, anyone?). And I can think of several ways to build an Oscar show around Radcliffe that might be very effective at boosting both the Oscar telecast and Hollywood’s stock with the moviegoing public.

  4. Getting a younger/minority host is pointless if they are no good. Middle-aged white guys just happen to be the best at this kind of thing. Why is that so difficult for people to understand?

  5. A perfect fit — Geoff from Furguson’s show. He’s cheap and available. Plus he’s a plug-in, rather like Tina Fey.

  6. There is someone younger who will be even better host than Hugh Jackman and that is Justin Timberlake.
    If you saw him host the ESPY you know there is no one better. He can sing and dance to anything under the sun and he also has a great comic timing.

    I can almost guarantee his hosting of Oscars will be a viral video sensation a day after.
    JT’s musical tribute to all the best film nominee will be amazing.

    Huge was okay as a host. Oscar needs new blood though.

    1. Honestly, it’s not an awful idea. And he is getting some cred with the Academy thanks to Social Network (although there is always The Love Guru that he’ll always have to answer to).

      However, that would absolutely draw in a younger crowd and I don’t think it would turn an older crowd off in the slightest. Plus, the “apolitical-ness” would be much better than bringing in someone like Colbert or Stewart.

      I’m not saying Timberlake would be my go-to guy right away, but he may be towards the top of the list.

    1. I would love to see what Colbert would do with the Oscars, but he’s way too smart for the average viewer. Most people don’t watch his show and wouldn’t understand that he’s playing a character. It would be a lot of fun, though.

      1. Agreed. Colbert is great, but most of the audience over a certain age probably wouldn’t get his satirical humor.

  7. I am disappointed. Hugh Jackman was my first choice. Maybe I won’t even watch this year. Hugh is hot hot hot.

  8. What difference does it make? It’s the same ol’ shit every year.

    Host comes out to some over produced stage shenanigans, makes a handful of hit & miss jokes about the year in movies, makes a handful of hit & miss jokes about the nominees, introduces the first presenters and then disappears for the majority of the telecast. Other than the obligatory joke about how boring the accountants from Price Waterhouse are.

    Anyone can do that. Except for Whoopie, of course.

  9. Daniel Radcliffe could be interesting–he could definitely pull off the opening musical number.

    What about Sasha Baron Cohen?
    He proved he can sing in Sweeney Todd and he is young and hip and edgy and 10 years away from being a Middle Aged White Guy

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