UPDATE: Dick Clark Productions Responds To HFPA's Surprise Golden Globes Lawsuit

UPDATE: Dick Clark Prods. just released a statement in response to HFPA’s lawsuit against it.”The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., knowing it has no case in a court of law, is attempting to try this case in the court of public opinion,” the statement said. “We are confident the case has no merit in either venue. Our respective rights under the contract are clear. The HFPA cannot unilaterally change the basis on which DCP and the HFPA have done business for almost three decades.”

PREVIOUS: This is a sudden and pretty nasty falling out between the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. and Dick Clark Prods., which had been partnered on the Golden Globe Awards for the past two decades. The HFPA, the organization behind the awards, today filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Dick Clark Prods., the Red Zone Capital-owned company which produces the awards show. In the suit, filed this afternoon in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, HFPA accuses DCP of “attempting to assume complete control over the rights to the show.” The complaint alleges that on Oct. 29, DCP secretly signed a new license agreement with NBC for the Golden Globe Awards that runs from 2012 through 2018 without consulting with the HFPA. “DCP acts as though it has unilateral right to license the broadcast rights for the Golden Globe Awards on whatever terms it pleases, without HFPA’s knowledge or authorization,” the suit said. DCP declined comment. Under the current agreement between HFPA and DCP, which expires after these coming Golden Globes,  the production company gets 50% of the net profits from the telecast. The suit alleges that DCP signed the new deal with NBC “all behind HFPA’s back and all the while pretending to negotiate a new contract with HFPA,” for terms that HFPA believes undervalue the franchise. (The license fee from NBC reportedly starts at $17 million in 2012 and rises to $26 million in 2018). Other accusations include alleged DCP attempts to “steal” rights to the Golden Globes from HFPA to “exploit the Golden Globe-related marks, license the digital and other ancillary rights” without HFPA’s consent. The suit seeks damages as well as a preliminary and permanent injunction against DCP and Red Zone from using the Golden Globe trademarks for anything not related to coming show.

  1. Without Dick Clark Production, the HFPA would have zero credibility. For years, the HFPA only existed to feed non-working “journalists” and to take lavish gifts and trips.

  2. If the folks at dcp had any brains they would have waited until their deal with the HFPA had been re-upped, to do this with a pending expiration is nuts.

  3. As one who has worked on the GG many time’s and done show’s for dcp for 28 yr’s, this is a case most likely of them having one contract with NBC that reads different than the one with HFPA.

    It’s standard practice for networks to ask production co’s to re-up 18-24 mo’s ahead of time. That’s how they plan their long term strategy.

    dcp is one of the most honest co’s in Hollywood.

    I speak for myself only.

  4. And not only did the HFPA file the suit, one of its members probably served the papers on DCP in his daytime job as a process server. :-)

  5. Does anyone else find DCP’s response to the lawsuit amusing?

    “The HFPA cannot unilaterally change the basis on which DCP and the HFPA have done business for almost three decades.”

    It doesn’t matter how many years they have been working together. Their contact is up, so either party can change the way they do business. DCP has been taking advantage of the HFPA for years – pocketing more and more money, assuming the HFPA would never notice. Looks like they finally got too greedy.

  6. Will someone PLEASE come up with a similar award show? Call it the GOLDEN WORLD and make it more meaningful. For some reason a Golden Globe has meant something – mainly due to the format Dick Clark Productions put in place with input from HFPA. Someone needs to shut HFPA down once and for all. Sure, they give a good party but anyone can do that. This award show could be duplicated with industry professionals in ALL fields just like the Globes. Globes are outdated and the public, even the a lot of people in receipt of the award – DO NOT UNDERSTAND the organization. The organization, the 5 people in it (see I don’t even bother to keep track anymore) take free stuff, etc. Get them out. Dick Clark MADE that show, he may not be really running DCP at all anymore but really. Morons.

  7. I just hope the result is a long and revealing court case where we can come here for the blow by blow dirt on exactly how the HFPA operates in this town. Please PLEASE go to trial. Oh the simple joy!

  8. The HFPA for year just want to be know as a front runner for the Oscar… well they are NO OSCAR! they are a bunsh of freeloaders who are flown all over the world and the butts are kissed for their nomination, and if they do not give it to the right person, ther are rip to shreds.

    It all comes down to what they can get. If it was not televised, look what happened 2 years ago with the writers strike. Oscars wnt on, SAG went on… they were made the joke.


  9. The HFPA could use a better logo or at least some color because the line drawing looks at first glance like an erect penis.

  10. Nikki, I would love to know your take on the HFPA, how they operate and what they are all about and more the why of it? Every person I work with who has to work with them hates the experience. How can that be? How do they survive and why? And people are afraid to piss them off? What is the deal?
    Any light you can shed would be truly helpful.

  11. Good! I hope HFPA sues the pants off DCP.

    I’m not a huge fan of the HFPA, nor do I understand their legitimacy in this town, but DCP has gone down the toilet since Dick sold the company.

    The current group of decision makers consists of a bunch of wannabe nobodies. The blame isn’t with Snyder (after all, what does one with a background in sports teams and venture capital know about show production), but with sweatshop-like running President Orly Adelson. Her story is that she’s a former Israeli lieutenant turned producer who worked her way from the bottom with a few breaks on the way. Nice story but A. How rare is a female lieutenant in a country where it is mandatory to serve? B. She got the job from being close (lets not even go there) with Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro (Six Flags is owned by RedZone). Spend two minutes listening to her talk, and you’ll swear you’re talking to a combination of The Nanny and Tweety Bird. There is no substance there.
    Post Dick retiring and selling DCP, it’s gone from a respectable company to a sweatshop for young talent and naive interns (unless one is lucky to be part of a union) who work hours on end and get paid either nothing or minimum wage with false promise of opportunity while the fat cats on top do little, rake in the profits, and refuse to take care of their people due to “no money” or “budget constraints.”
    So I’m on the side of the five fat cats who don’t manipulate young talent and minorities.

  12. Really? The HFPA is the most self seriving group ever created. The arrogance they present goes beyond unprofessional. What does the HFPA bring to the table except ego?

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