EXCLUSIVE: (Video below) In an idea worthy of Don Draper himself, Paramount is debuting a special “trailer-style” piece for their December 10 Oscar contender, The Fighter, that has been created specifically for tonight’s season finale of  Mad Men. This promotional gambit was first tried by Paramount on last season’s Mad Men finale for their major 2009 contender, Up In The Air. That’s because Mad Men is a hot TV ticket, and usually an Emmy contender in its own right, and sure to draw a large contingent of movie awards voters. In fact, one of Mad Men’s consultants has been Frank Pierson, former President of the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences.

The official reason for the spot, according to a Par spokesperson, is that the audience for the show is “high end, smart, savvy – the ultimate tastemakers – and we think the show is an ideal place to showcase a special piece on the film”</em> starring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Melissa Leo and directed by David O. Russell. Deadline has the online exclusive right here:

Jack Palmer -
4 years
IMPRESSED. Five nominations... best supporting actor for Bale. Perfect casting, great story, wekk portrayed family dynamics. It...
4 years
Good for you, glad you're IN BIG TIME, it will now make at least $12.50.
4 years
Varga- You're a dolt. That spot is one of the most unique and engaging spots I've seen...