OSCAR: Custom-Made 'Fighter' Ad Premiere On 'Mad Men' Season Finale

EXCLUSIVE: (Video below) In an idea worthy of Don Draper himself, Paramount is debuting a special “trailer-style” piece for their December 10 Oscar contender, The Fighter, that has been created specifically for tonight’s season finale of  Mad Men. This promotional gambit was first tried by Paramount on last season’s Mad Men finale for their major 2009 contender, Up In The Air. That’s because Mad Men is a hot TV ticket, and usually an Emmy contender in its own right, and sure to draw a large contingent of movie awards voters. In fact, one of Mad Men’s consultants has been Frank Pierson, former President of the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences.

The official reason for the spot, according to a Par spokesperson, is that the audience for the show is “high end, smart, savvy – the ultimate tastemakers – and we think the show is an ideal place to showcase a special piece on the film”</em> starring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Melissa Leo and directed by David O. Russell. Deadline has the online exclusive right here:

  1. Another movie with Melissa Leo also had a spot in today Mad Men episode.

    “Welcome To The Rileys” will have its premiere Oct 29 in limityed release in NY, LA and Boston.

    Seems that Samuel Goldwyn Films and Sony Pictures Entertainment are the right track!

  2. Wow, movie looks really good but isn’t this the same director who yelled and screamed at his actors et al. during the Huckabees movie? I haven’t been able to watch a Russell Crowe movie since he threw that telephone at the hotel staff and I can’t remember the last film of this Russell’s I’ve seen either since that incident. As talented as D.O. Russell is, why reward his type of unprofessional behavior? Or should we only focus on his art and watch a movie, as in this case, he’s injected a lot of heart and soul into – all the while knowing that he himself doesn’t have it in him.

    1. So you think every life should be defined by one action. Also, people aren’t worthy of forgiveness? You seem to hold people up to the most puerile and impossible standards.

    2. what a hater. you have never done anything in your miserable hater life that you are not embararssed about? russell is a great guy who is not only generous but does a lot of work for other emerging directors and student who are struggling and need help in their careers as well. judge him on his work or you would have to condemn every other actor or director who has screwed up in the past. there are hundreds of directors who have done worse. take that mr. perfect in your glass house.

    3. I worked on this film. Bale was 100% courteous, professional, and friendly to everyone on set. You couldn’t have asked for more from an actor.

    1. same idea!
      before i wanted to see the movie for the casting,now i’m going to see the movie for seeing a good movie

  3. Yes – your comment about not wanting to see a movie because the director had a famous bout with an actor on the set of a movie is lame. First of all, that was laid to rest a long time ago. He and Lily Tomlin are clearly close, have been friends for years and when asked about it have chalked it off to passionate artists having a bad day at the office. Recently, she hosted a luncheon, according to In Contention and introduced the guy as her “best friend and favorite director” so if she’s not pissed, why are you?
    There’s even a photo of the two of them hugging at some luncheon last month — (http://incontention.com/2010/10/11/off-the-carpet-can-the-ladies-get-some-support/

    And P.S. if people stopped going to movies because the director yelled on set or threw a tantrum or whatever, hell, there would hardly be 3 movies that made 3 cents in any given year. Give me a break.

  4. Still not convinced about this movie. Mark Wahlberg looks exactly the same as he looks in every other his movie. He is bad actor. Scorsese somehow managed to get from him in Departed but apart from that he looks the same in every movie.

    And Christian confuses losing weight with acting. It’s not enough to stop eating and look like skeleton. You need to act. I look at Cristian and i don’t see his character. I see Cristian Bale who got very thin.

    Movie looks just boring.

  5. Wow – did I read that right? You don’t think a film should be rewarded because of unprofessional behavior on the set. You must not be a Hollywood insider. Half of Hollywood is full of adulterers, embezzlers, liars and thieves. I’d say an argument with a co-worker is small potatoes compared to some of the highly publicized troubles of the award winning Roman Polanski or Woody Allen- yet they continue to make great films and they continue to get rewarded. Thankfully, you must be alone in your thinking.

  6. Dree Osceh season “contendehs” (Fighter, The Town, Conviction) with Daw-chesteh accents? I hope dey cancel each otheh out.

  7. I hope Mark doesn’t think this is his Oscar ticket. I’m putting my money on a nomination for best supporting actor for Bale and best support actress for Melissa Leo.

    1. I’ve seen the film and it will garner another Oscar nomination for Amy Adams. She’s incredible in the film. You’ve never seen her like this and will never think of her in the same way again.

  8. The spot looked terrible, bad pacing, terrible music selection, cutting off someone mid-sentence is not artsy and doesn’t work. This movie is trying so hard and it’s not succeeding.
    Good luck with this one, I will not be seeing it.

    1. Varga- You’re a dolt. That spot is one of the most unique and engaging spots I’ve seen for a movie in a few years. I was on the fence with the trailer, but am IN BIG TME from that Mad Men spot. Kudos to Wahlberg and Paramount for being so bold!! They must have a great trailer department!

  9. IMPRESSED. Five nominations… best supporting actor for Bale. Perfect casting, great story, wekk portrayed family dynamics. It amazes me when a director can draw our so much and deliver all that to the final cut intact. You could care nothing of boxing and truly enjoy this story. At least 7 stellar performances.. Mark, Christian, Amy…. WOW! Throw another phone if that’s what it takes to deiver these performances .. lol

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