NO! Academy Won't Move Up 2012 Oscars

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences just issued this statement about the story I scooped back in June: that the Board of Governors was considering moving up the Oscars to January. The principal reason was so that the Academy Awards would not come last during awards season and have its thunder stolen by the Golden Globes, Hollywood Guilds, Film Indie Spirit awards, etc. (Of course, those awards could be just moved up as well.) The proposal was widely supported by the major film studios. But the technical logistics of moving up the Oscars were proving nightmarish, especially when it came to ensuring how and when Academy members could watch and vote on the coming films. So today’s announcement follows last night’s Board of Governors meeting as well as last night’s surprise that executive director Bruce Davis will retire in 2011. Here it is:

The Academy’s Board of Governors has determined that the date of the 84th Academy Awards in 2012 will not be significantly earlier than the now-traditional last Sunday in February. A different date still remains a possibility in subsequent years, and the Academy’s staff and Board will continue to evaluate the advantages and challenges associated with such a change.

  1. THR released this seven minutes before you claiming it to be an EXCLUSIVE.

    How is a press release ever an exclusive? What, did AMPAS tell THR that they’ll give them a seven minutes?

    THR is a waste of time anymore.

  2. Of course not. Moving it up would mean that the Academy was actually in touch with moviegoers around the world…

  3. The incredible inconvenience to all the production discipline entities which have their own awards shows (generally a big income producer) are greatly relieved by the Academy’s decision. The logistics of this move would be pure hell for these ‘branches’ which comprise the Academy.

    The question is, “How will the Academy justify the huge ad costs in the future if it cannot gain audience rather than losing it?”

    It’s like the toxic housing paper…you can only ignore it or put it aside for so long…but, sooner or later…the bill will come due.

    On another note, I was sorry to see the story seemed to imply that Bruce Davis failed. Being Executive Director for A.P.M.A.S. is a big time job, and Bruce also has a vision to compliment his management skills. And remember, the Board of the Academy is a seriously talented and successful group.

    Although it has not come to fruition, I applaud Bruce for trying to get the Academy Museum in place. This is a much needed concept, but very complex and costly.

    In any case, Bruce…being a good executive director who puts his organization above himself is a rare thing in Hollywood,,,especially when it is the Academy.

    Mr. Davis, you represent it well!

  4. “the now-traditional last Sunday in February.”

    not to be confused with the “then-traditional” or the “really way back traditional.”

  5. This is so frustrating that they keep wanting to move the ceremony — do they not realize that every awards show will just move before the oscars — just like they did when the moved from March to February? The Oscars will just continue to lose its prestige — it’s on last for a reason — because that is the prime award to receive — do they really want other awards shows to follow? It would just dilute the image of the Oscars. Voters and audiences need time to vote and see the films — moving it up will just defeat the purpose of giving the best film or performance out — it would only simply allow for whoever they “hear” is great and becomes more of a popularity contest rather than an award that is truly given some thought.

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