We already crowned CBS as the winner of this season’s premiere week. (The network won soundly in both viewers and adults 18-49). But, with some bold scheduling moves and solid premieres, the network also posted ratings gains vs. last year. It was a polarized field overall, with CBS and NBC in positive territory, along with the CW, and ABC and Fox in the other corner, posting double-digit declines. Good news for NBC brass and their new bosses from Comcast: the network showed the biggest improvement year-to-year during premiere week and managed to finish tied for No.2 among 18-49. Despite big launches for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and Modern Family and Fox’s Glee, both networks were plagued by disappointing starts for most of their new and returning series, leading to the declines. Meanwhile, Spanish broadcaster Univision also boasted year-to-year gains, 9% in total viewers and 11% in adults 18-49. Here are the stats on premiere week:

Adults 18-49 Ranking:

Net     2010  2009   % Difference

6 years
I agree with Watcher. When a well writtenprogram comes on and it doesn't have time, according to...
6 years
But then you put on something as original and well written as Lonestar and that doesn't survive....
6 years
I agree with NCFBM... I'm more curious about NBC's new shows because of the diversity and subject...

3.3     3.2       +3

2.8     3.3       -15

2.8     2.7        +4

2.6     3.1       -16

1.1     1.0       +10

Total Viewer Ranking (viewers in millions):

Net     2010    2009   % Difference

12.5     11.8    +6

9.6      11.1    -13

8.2       7.6     +8

6.5       7.4     -12
2.5       2.2     +12