EXCLUSIVE: Fiona Gubelmann has landed the female lead opposite Jason Gann and Elijah Wood  in FX’s comedy pilot Wilfred, while Malcolm-Jamal Warner has been tapped for the male lead opposite Tracee Ellis Ross in the BET comedy pilot Reed Between the Lines.

Based on the Australian series of the same name, Wilfred revolves around a guy, Ryan (Wood), the girl next door/potential love interest (Gubelmann), and her mixed-breed dog Wilfred (Gann).

Reed centers on Dr. Carla Reed (Ross), a busy psychiatrist, wife and mom struggling to balance her job and her happy but chaotic homelife. The Cosby Show alum Warner is expected to play her husband.

6 years
Hey Monie and Hell Date? Surely you jest. Reed Between the Lines sounds like The Cosby Show...
6 years
If anyone can bring it to BET it is Robi Reed. She is a class act and...
6 years
Fiona is beautiful. She will light up any program