Big Bang sidekicks Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg brought their chemistry on the show to the Big Bang panel today with a couple of exchanges. The best one came when Nayyar was asked to comment on the explosion of Indian characters on TV.

“To be less politically correct, we — Indian actors — always joke that we are the new black,” he said. “Like, we are everywhere now.  We are all really good-looking and talented, and I’m really happy that we continue to take over the world.”

Added Helberg, “Some day Jews will make their mark in show business.”

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actually, 99.9% of 1000 people is 1 person, not 10.
A Jew in
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Comment #1 by Jew is ridiculous. Comment by Mifred is incorrect. Are Jews prominent in Hollywood? Yes....
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great post by LOL.