sting1Sting is getting into the documentary business. The former Police front man and co-founder of The Rainforest Fund, and his manager/producing partner Kathryn Schenker, bought film rights to The Vertical Farm, the book by Dr. Dickson Despommier that the St. Martin’s Press imprint Thomas Dunne Books will publish in October.

The book lays out a system of farming in which food is grown within tall city buildings. Despommier, a professor at Columbia U, has lectured on vertical farms around the world. The film will track the first vertical farm planned to be constructed in a major U.S. city. The book deal was brokered by IPG’s Joel Gotler and Mel Parker Books.

Sting is separately writing an autobiographical musical in partnership with Brian Yorkie, who won the  Pulitzer for his score for Next to Normal.

Dan Gibbs
5 years
I think vertical urban farming is the best solution for feeding people and saving natural resources. You...
5 years
So growing food closer to where people eat it is a bad thing? You idiot.
5 years
Residual Jesuit inflicted guilt? Why not just re-release Police Around the World as a Blue Ray dvd?...