CAA has lost Mark Ruffalo after he only arrived there in March. I hear he’s parking himself at management company Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

John Cusack has left WME to go to CAA. (UPDATE: A website no one in Hollywood reads reported this already. Not even the agencies saw it.)

ICM has lost Paul Giamatti. No word on where he’s heading.

4 years
Your way off base Sheila, if you think Alex O'Loughlin can not act. The Moonlight series was...
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I can't believe also that a normal female would not love Alex , He can act just...
Vernise Pelzel
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I have been a John Cusack fan for years. Today I trashed all of his films in...

Alex O’Loughlin left ICM for UTA. (Chris Hart was on his team, and the agent just jumped from ICM to UTA.)

And, while I’m at it, I hear Thruline Entertainment has lost Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria as management clients. This follows April’s news that Bradley Cooper departed.