JaniceMin-784125In the most recent development at The Hollywood Reporter since e5 Global Media bought it  last December and began an overhaul, former Us Magazine editor Janice Min has been appointed editorial director. THR editor Elizabeth Guider will report to Min. Nikki Finke is away for several days, but since she weighs in on trade matters for Deadline, here’s the reaction she gave to an inquiry from The Huffington Post: “I am saddened to see Hollywood lose yet another source for business news, since this hire clearly shows that won’t be the focus of THR any longer–just as I’ve been predicting it wouldn’t.”

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Bennett Cerf
5 years
As a New York book agent (she was at People I think) she had a client contact...
5 years
At least they didn't hire Bonnie Fuller!
5 years
Wow, bobbythesaint!! I'm shocked. The world is shocked! You mean Meanie is so uncool? (to be read...