The upcoming 12th season of Big Brother will premiere July 8 and will once again be hosted by Julie Chen and broadcast three times a week. There is one small difference: this year, the three editions will run Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8 PM. The Wednesday show represents a shift from Tuesdays 9 PM where it was slated last summer. Flashpoint returns for a third season on Friday, June 4, at 9 PM and will relocate to Fridays 10 PM on July 16.  Another Canadian-produced procedural, The Bridge, will debut on Saturday, July 10, at 8 PM.

6 years
The Bridge is one of helluva an outstanding show. I couldn't believe it was Canadian ( I...
6 years
There's a hilarious animated show that runs on CITY in Toronto, with Kevin Nealon as a dentist....
6 years
The Canadians have several really good series. The Tudors, on Showtime, is also a Canadian production.