UPDATE: Here it is. (Fox apologized for the fact that I spoke “with someone not authorized to do so who didn’t have information”. Oh, puh-leeze.

Previous: How dopey is Fox Broadcasting? Here their hit show Glee has made this great Sue Sylvester black-and-white promo for the April 20th episode that recreates shot-by-shot Madonna’s iconic “Vogue” video down to the set pieces, the hairpieces, the wardrobe, the lighting, right down to the Gaultier cone bra. (It began airing online last night to highlight next week’s show, “The Power Of Madonna”. As if her new Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD/CD/Blu Ray isn’t getting enough publicity.) But then Fox won’t let websites like Deadline embed it. (Anyone doing it is stealing Fox content.) Instead we can only link to it. When I complained to one of the flacks, I was given some gobbledy-gook about how “we decided not to go that way”. They might as well put Sue back in her track suit.

Ray DeRousse
5 years
I don't get it. Is this supposed to be funny simply because Jane Lynch is imitating Madonna...
Here In Flyover
5 years
Not funny at all. Mildly interesting for about fifteen seconds.
5 years
Made me review the original and made me recall my respect for Madonna's talent at dance and...