pga logoI’ve exclusively obtained the letter (below) that went out today from the Producers Guild to Millennium Films’ Avi Lerner and  Danny Dimbort about Dimbort’s teenaged granddaughter possibly receiving a producers credit on the upcoming film Solitary Man — and why that’s a violation of the PGA rules. The Producers Guild told me it does not comment on its private communications to members or on the specifics of a particular arbitration or arbitration issue. But, trust me, this letter is genuine.

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Sparky McAndrews
6 years
Really? On Facebook: "Katzanelson High School '10".... "oh, and I produced a big Hollywood movie with some,...
Mike (Actor/Producer/Aspirer of
6 years
There but for the grace of God go I
What's this blip
6 years
Let me get this straight: Is this what they call "intellectual property development"? And, is the granddaughter...