prince alSaudi Arabian royal family member Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns 95% of Kingdom Holding Company which is News Corp’s 2nd biggest shareholder, appeared this week on Charlie Rose. To prepare for the chat with Rupe, Alwaleed saw Avatar and heard some interesting numbers about the pic from Murdoch. Here’s more:

“Fox business now is beginning to improve. More importantly is the Avatar movie. I had to see it before I meet Mr. Murdoch [because] if i didn’t see it he’d be upset. So I saw it, first [time] ever I see a sci-fi movie.”

At this point Charlie Rose asks if he liked the film. “I like the fact that people like it, and it’s going to gross $2 billion, and add $400 million to the bottom line of News Corp. One movie only. Imagine that. Shocking. I’m really happy for these results. Whether I like it or not, I’ll keep it between me and Mr. Murdoch.”

Cynthia Gee
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