20thCenturyFoxTwentieth Century Fox is calling this is a first-of-its-kind “next generation” trailer because its a dynamic interactive experience allowing viewers to access special additional content embedded in the piece. The trailer also will keep audiences up to date on AVATAR events by providing real-time feeds of film-related conversations on Twitter, real-time updates on official video content on YouTube, and images on Flickr. Updates on ticketing information will also be provided. The trailer is a first-of-its-kind application built on Adobe® AIR® software with technology existing outside of a web browser. AVATAR opens December 18th.

Click on image to access trailer and click "Install Now".

7 years
I think that the one great thing to come out of this movie will be the method...
7 years
judging by the dialogue alone, this movie seems like a massive dud. then again, we live in...
Andrew Tonkin
7 years
Impressive, but preaching to the choir a bit, I fear (will casual, undecided viewers bother with the...