Vampire fangsBefore Stephenie Meyer authored the Twilight Saga, Anne Rice was the Queen of Vampires. So, in a recent Wall Street Journal interview, she talks about the fang explosion in showbiz. (And, yes, this is another in my shameless plugs for Twilight fan traffic):

WSJ: What do you think of the whole vampire phenomenon that’s taken hold?
Anne Rice: I think it’s wonderful fun. Now that I don’t write the Vampire Chronicles I feel free to enjoy it. I really enjoy the HBO series True Blood. When I was writing my own, I wouldn’t have wanted to be influenced.

WSJ: Have you read any of Stephenie Meyer’s books?
Anne Rice: No, I haven’t read any of the Twilight series, but I did see the film. I felt that it reflected the deep desire of young women to have the mystery and protection and wisdom of older men. I think many girls mature much earlier than boys, and they are frustrated when they approach young boys for love or protection. Hence the fantasy of a wise and protective vampire coming into the life of a young girl who, of course, appreciates him in a special way.

da truth
5 years
wow so only men suck people dry now huh? can say the same thing about gold digging...
vampire man
7 years
no, men are like vampires. they suck you dry and take everything they can before leaving you...
david j. wright
7 years
guess what mad man? charlaine harris' novels came out way before the dreck known as 'twilight' came...