UPDATES NBC Uses Obama To Plug Conan & SNL

This should only bolster the right’s contention that NBC is in the tank for the Obama administration. Now the network has Hillary Clinton flacking The Tonight Show as the NBC PR machine claims she will “attempt to broker a truce” in the phony baloney 3-week-long “war of words” between Conan O’Brien and Newark Mayor Cory Booker. This, after President Obama himself already flacked Conan’s show. First, why does NBC think Hillary can help ratings? And, secondly, you mean to tell me the U.S. Secretary Of State doesn’t have anything better to do?

7 years
How about our precious political officials take time to fix the problems in this countyr instead of...
Dan Tana
7 years
Quit your whining, Crusty. You'd welcome Hilary shilling for you if you were in the same league...
Frankie Raye
7 years
Remember when Secretary of State Powell went on Letterman to talk up the Bush Iraq policy on...