…”DB” who submitted:

A: “I hope this Douchebag can make me richer.”
S: “I hope this Douchebag can make me richer.”

aro sacha photo contest

Jerry Macguire
7 years
Definition of a douchebag: Someone who professes to know the etymology of the word douchebag and corrects...
7 years
I heard Dreamworks already bought the rights to this caption contest and is fast tracking it... it's...
7 years
It doesn't matter where they're from, the term douchebag has become very ubiquitous and they both are...

WEDNESDAY PM UPDATE: I’m being picky about which captions I let through.

WEDNESDAY: Rose Palmisano of the Orange County Register took this photo of Ari Emanuel and Sacha Baron Cohen “enjoying” the Lakers game at Staples Center last night. It’s time once again for a Deadline Hollywood Photo Caption Contest, commenters: What are these two major players really thinking?