He looked like a deer caught in headlights during his first Late Night show. But it was a far better start than Conan O’Brien (who broke out in nerves-induced acne). But NBC once again is too lame to figure out how to freshen this stale formula.

UPDATE: Jimmy Fallon delivered some decent ratings, including the best Monday numbers in the timeslot in more than 3 years by averaging a 2.3 rating/8 share in Nielsen’s metered-market overnights. This was a 35% improvement over Monday’s Late Night average this season. Not surprisingly, Fallon’s debut also rated higher than the premieres of other network late night programs since he’s far better known than, say, Craig Ferguson or Jimmy Kimmel.

7 years
I accidentally caught his 1st or at least it was in the 1st week of his show....
fred flintstone
7 years
jimmy Fallon is the microsoft of talk show hosts.
7 years
I woke up again, unwrapped myself from the electric blanket. Turned the channel. Jimmy Fallon was on...