The AMPTP alerted me to this “Open Letter to the Entertainment Industry”  in the form of an ad addressing the current situation with SAG and set to run in the Los Angeles Times tomorrow. I have a better idea: Why don’t the Hollywood CEOs get off their damn high horses and start negotiating directly with SAG (like they did with the WGA) and stop leaving everything up to their extremist labor lawyers and the AMPTP’s version of Dick Cheney, Carol Lombardini. This letter shows what a sham the AMPTP is and that it reps a Big Media cartel of these 8 companies. Also, it’s interesting how this letter conveniently forgets that Chernin made a favored nations deal on behalf of these CEOs with the WGA concerning New Media: if SAG gets a better New Media deal, so do the WGA and DGA:



7 years
Don't insult Dick Cheney by comparing Carol Lombardini to him! A better comparison is to compare her...
7 years
Wow I love this it is more entertaing then the crap that Hollywood has been put out...
My 2 cents
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Here's an idea... Why won't SAG just accept the offer in front of them --- then join...