Think about it: a year ago, the Dow was at 14,000. Today, the stock market hit fresh 5-day lows. Today’s Dow number looks as bad as it does — minus 678 points — mostly because GM’s stock plunged to a 58-year low, and it’s a component of the Dow. By the way, the ban on short-selling ended last night. The market was volatile during the day, but really sank in the last hour. There’s a huge crisis of confidence in Wall Street right now, even with the Federal Reserve taking measures to guarantee commercial paper market. No one knows where go from here. No one. Here’s the year to date prices of infotainment stocks at close of Thursday’s trading:



still confused
8 years
Jessy - you're not wrong, I think everyone would've benefited from a signed deal. But the fact...
Jessy S.
8 years
Actually Blackball Gavin is right on the money. If the studios made a fair deal with SAG,...
still confused
8 years
Blackball Gavin: Your post is literally the funniest thing I have ever read. when you said, "I...