The DHD BOX OFFICE DERBY For Dark Knight Is Over!
(Because first official Friday estimate came in at 5:30PM)

I’ll announce winner/s when the weekend’s over for these stats: Batman: The Dark Knight‘s 3-day weekend total domestic grosses, DK‘s daily domestic gross totals for this Friday and Saturday and Sunday, DK‘s single best night’s per-screen average, and the overall 3-day weekend box office domestic grosses.

To be eligible, you must estimate all of the above and make your prediction as a comment on this post no later than 9PM PT Friday, July 18th. There’s a puny prize. I really mean puny, along the lines of a new showbiz book or movie DVD that I have lying around the office or can order from Amazon. And I’ll spring for a nice personalized plaque, too. (Awarding it may be impossible if you don’t include your correct email address. But feel free to stay anonymous…)

If you want some help sorting through the numbers and records, see my box office predictions story here.

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7 years
Let's start a new one: How many weeks at #1 for THE DARK KNIGHT? I say 8.
7 years
3-day weekend: 139.6M Friday: 60.71M Saturday: 44.32M Sunday: 34.57M Best per screen average: Friday (13,905) Overall BO:...
7 years
3-day weekend 169.9 Mil Friday 58 mil Saturday 71 mil Sunday 40.9 mil Best night per screen...