CW 2008-2009 PRIMETIME SCHEDULE, For The Record


UPDATE: ‘Moonlight’ To CW?

That yawning sound you hear around Hollywood is the CW schedule. There are a lot of tipsters telling me that network boss Dawn Ostroff won’t be around to see the CW’s early launch on September 1st. She’s outsourced Sunday night’s scheduling to Media Rights Capital, but maybe she should have had all those smart people in India do Monday-through-Friday. A sexed-up Reaper with relationship problems makes no sense for midseason, and 90210 especially with Tori Spelling anywhere near it just makes anyone with sense ill. That said, there will be so many fashionista female clones on the network in the fall that each show will look amateurishly interchangeable. This is what happens when the worst exec (Ostroff) running the worst weblet (UPN) gets put in charge of the merged network. Remember when the old WB actually programmed quality and pleased underserved audiences? Now its successor, the CW, does nothing but pander and even ignores the sacrosanct 8 PM family hour. And its the affiliates and viewers who suffer. Enough!

8 PM: Gossip Girl
9 PM: One Tree Hill

8 PM: 90210 (new)

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8 PM: America’s Next Top Model
9 PM: STYLISTA (new)

8 PM: Smallville
9 PM: Supernatural

8 PM: Everybody Hates Chris
8:30 PM: The Game
9 PM: America’s Next Top Model (repeat)