UPDATE: CBS has officially let veteran Moonlight know that it’s been cancelled. The network even nixed any remote chance of a mid-season back 13-episode order. See my previous about the renewal saga, ‘Moonlight’ Not On CBS Fall Schedule But Not Dead; Show Lobbying For Back 13-Episode Order. CBS also axed Shark, a show that deteriorated faster than a CSI corpse left out in the sun…

I’m told CBS today has officially let these veteran shows know they’re renewed: Old Christine (WBT), Rules of Engagement (Sony/CBS Paramount), How I Met Your Mother (20th Century Fox TV), The Unit (20th Century Fox TV)

6 years
i think i prefer moonlight over true blood, bring it back
J.R. Herbaugh
7 years
This one was my favorite: "Ed Sullivan would be turning in his grave to hear what CBS...
7 years
I can't believe it. I've been waiting and waiting for Moonlight's return. I just found this site...