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April 2008 Archive

SAG's 2008 Contract Report On Residuals

This is the third in the Screen Actors Guild’s 2008 contract reports about issues. Report #1 discusses middle-income actors and #2 talks about New Media (at end of post), and now #3 explores residuals below: SAG CONTRACT 2008 REPORT Number 3 – Residuals April 25, 2008 The following update represents only a portion of our proposal priorities. We will be updating you about other proposal priorities in the coming days. SAG and the AMPTP have been meeting since negotiations… Read

Box Office

COMEDIES RULE BECAUSE OF BAD NEWS: Tina Fey's 'Baby Mama' Berths No. 1; 'Harold & Kumar' #2, 'Sarah Marshall' #3

SUNDAY AM: Good news going into the summer movie season –weekend box office was up finally, +15% compared to last year. Funny films swept the Top 3 as the obvious antidote to rising food bills, astronomical gas prices and the constant tide of bad news these days. Universal’s female buddy comedy Baby Mama pairing 30 Rock‘s Tina Fey and SNL‘s Amy Poehler won Friday with an opening of $6.4 million Friday and $7 million Saturday from 2,543 theaters for what was a… Read

What CAA's Kevin Huvane Is Doing To Risk Losing His Many Actress Clients

I’m told CAA partner Kevin Huvane is throwing a belated birthday party on Saturday night for recently released from prison Joe Francis, the scandalous founder of Mantra Films Inc, which produces those disgusting Girls Gone Wild soft-porn video and DVD series which have prompted so many complaints that women and even underage girls were filmed without their permission. UPDATE: *In addition I’m told Huvane along with his posse of friends use Francis’s Mexico vacation… Read

Breaking Pellicano Bombshell: A Mistrial? Feds' Witness Screws Up Trial Big-Time

UPDATED: It all has to do with Asst U.S. Attorney Daniel Saunders oversealousness in calling to testify a woman who appears to have lied on the witness stand and to the feds about Pellicano co-defendant LAPD Sgt Mark ArnesonHere is the just posted story by LA Weekly‘s Steven Mikulan, my DHD trial correspondent, who explains everything.) The jury has just been sent home, and U.S. District Court Judge Dale Fischer will rule on a mistrial motion filed by Arneson’s… Read


EXCLUSIVE (Keep refreshing for latest updates): I can now report that the negotiations between the Screen Actors Guild and the AMPTP are not making any progress with both sides very far apart and very frustrated. Negotiators for the Hollywood CEOs are privately making it clear they plan to make a deal first with AFTRA in order to use that as a wedge to soften up SAG. And, get this — my sources tell me that the AMPTP is now prepared to wait out SAG for a deal until as… Read

AFTRA Sends “Affected Member” Voting Issue To Committee For Consideration (…Just Like SAG Did)

You may remember that 10 days ago SAG’s National Board deliberated about the petition drive lobbying for “affected member voting” and then voted 60/40 in favor of a motion to refer it to the union’s Guild Government Review Committee “for proper review”. Now AFTRA has done something nearly identical, only the union appointed a special committee to consider the issue, which will then reported back to an AFTRA panel, which will then take it to AFTRA’s national board. But, to… Read

Primetime Pilot Panic: Updated Hot List

Here's some very early info to update you on 2008-2009 primetime pilots and presentations. I hear the following pilots have heat heading into the weeks before the network upfronts. In most cases, this good buzz is based on scripts considered above average and even exceptional, and/or the successful showrunners, producers, directors involved. Overall, ABC has the edge on comedy development (called “good stuff” by insiders). The quotes below are from sources in the know… Read

GTA IV Countdown: Are Video Games Or Movies More Violent? One Expert Analyzes

I’m going to keep a spotlight on video games over the next days because of all the hype surrounding the April 29th release of Grand Theft Auto IV which is going to set a new sales record for entertainment product (perhaps $400 mil, way beyond the previous record-holder Halo 3). Again, I look to my video game guru Keith Boesky, whose company is responsible for selling the most intellectual property and developers into the game business, to answer the oft-asked question: is… Read

Verrone & Bateman Testify In Support Of Net Neutrality At U.S. Senate Hearing

WGA West prez Patric Verrone and SAG board member Justine Bateman traveled to Washington DC and testified at a hearing by the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on Tuesday, describing the Internet as the only remaining open market for truly independent creators and stressing the need for “Net Neutrality”. Both spoke on behalf of independent content creators concerned that Internet and broadband service providers will discriminate against their… Read

Paul Thomas Anderson Exits Endeavor; Agency Also Loses John C Reilly To CAA

UPDATED: I’m told the director of this year’s Oscar-nominated There Will Be Blood “just wanted to move on. It wasn’t any one thing. He wants a change of scenery. It’s all very amicable.” I’ve heard he’s already taking meetings with other agencies. Also, actor John C Reilly just fired Endeavor in order to go to CAA. The star of the box office disappointment Walk Hard had once been repped by CAA. Then left to go to Endeavor. Then left to go to UTA. Then returned to… Read