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March 2008 Archive

UTA Loses Kate Bosworth (& Its Temper)

It happened yesterday after Kate Bosworth, a longtime UTA client, let the agency know she was leaving. So far she hasn’t landed at another tenpercentery. But her latest film 21 looks like it will have a good opening weekend. Meanwhile, the rumor mill has heated up about UTA after this loss, and Vince Vaughn’s leaving, and partner Marc Korman’s jump to Endeavor. Competitors are swirling rumors that UTA’s talent department is “falling apart” because of a “toxic atmosphere”… Read

SAG & AFTRA Actually Agree On Proposals

SAG and AFTRA Representatives To Present Contract Proposal Package To Unions' Joint Board On Saturday, March 29 Los Angeles (March 27, 2008) — The Joint Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) National Wages and Working Conditions Committee met in a face-to-face plenary March 25 and 26th and unanimously approved proposals for consideration by the joint AFTRA-SAG board of directors at its meeting this Saturday in Los… Read

Has NBC Uni's Jeff Zucker Lost His Mind?

You be the judge: I’m told this promo is supposed to air April 3rd before the return of NBC’s My Name is Earl. In it, Jeff Zucker offers not just a recap of the show’s fall season but also some zingers about issues left over from the writers' strike. Worse, it shows him leering at Alyssa Milano’s boobage and signing off as “JZ out…”. I wish this were a hoax — but it’s real. At what point did NBC’s “Must-See TV” degrade into “JZ TV”? UPDATE: NBC just confirmed to me that… Read

Spielberg vs Paramount: The Real Story

Apparently it’s news to The New York Times — though to no one else in Hollywood — that there may be friction when Paramount and DreamWorks try to unentangle themselves. What’s a better story the newspaper could have written for Thursday’s edition? That DreamWorks can finally shop itself around starting May 1st. Or that Steven Spielberg has the right to terminate his contract as soon as October, if David Geffen is no longer there, even though the producer-director’s pact… Read

Another Production Exec Hired By MGM

Where in heck is all the money supposedly coming from to fund this beleaguered studio’s “renewed” movie slate? No one seems to know. Nevertheless, MGM announced today that it has named Cale Boyter as executive VP of production. He’s billed as MGM’s new mogul Mary Parent’s first senior hire. (See my previous, Desperate MGM Studios Throws Hail Mary.) A veteran at New Line for the last 10 years, Boyter recently served as New Line’s executive VP of… Read

Pellicano Trial: CAA Partners Say Nothing

Poor Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane had to cool their heels all morning inside the Roybal federal building. A place near the coffee shop substituted as a Green Room for the Pellicano Trial. Even the government realized this was costing CAA a fortune. Around 12:30 PM, the feds told U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer that the two agency partners needed to go back to work. So an ex-FBI guy already on the witness stand was bumped for them. (How nice to know that federal… Read

Another Reason To Hate Network Suits…

Reminder: CBS corporate executives move to the third floor of the Studio City Broadcast Center from Television City this weekend. Meanwhile, has obtained this really asswipe of an internal memo from Director Of Security Mike Skinner warning all Studio City Broadcast Center employees, vendors, and guests beginning today that “ALL parking spaces along the west side of the Broadcast Center, except the two handicap spaces, will be assigned to the 3rd floor CBS… Read

Les Moonves Staffs Up CBS Films Division

Debbie Miller has been named executive VP of worldwide marketing for his new CBS Films division. She comes over when her contract expires in June with Warner Bros. Pictures, where she serves as executive VP of domestic theatrical marketing. What has yet to be adequately explained is why Les Moonves needs this film division in the first… Read

Sony Signs Screen Gems Boss Thru 2012

Sony Pictures Entertainment announced today that Clint Culpepper (photo below with Jane Campion) has extended his contract and will continue to oversee the studio's Screen Gems label through 2012. The once dormant label was rekindled by Culpepper in 1998 and has since provided Sony with a diverse slate of moderately budgeted motion pictures that includes films for horror fans, African-American and urban audiences, thrillers, comedies and action movies. The titles include F… Read

Feds Explain Their Bert Fields Snafu…

UPDATE: Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Saunders gave a statement to the media this AM trying to extricate himself from a sticky snafu: why he told federal court yesterday that Bert Fields was taking the Fifth Amendment if called to testify, and why Fields himself told me yesterday he wasn’t taking the Fifth and is willing to testify (see my previous, Read

Pellicano Trial: CAA Partners Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane May Testify Wednesday

The government may ask them to testify Wednesday or Thursday at the latest at the court proceedings inside the Roybal federal building. CAA partners Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane were mentioned in Footnote #11 of the government’s trial memo on the Pellicano case because “recovered from Pellicano’s computers were scanned computer printouts of DMV and criminal history information for Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane bearing [LAPD Sgt Mark Arneson’s name and a date of August… Read

LA Mayor Tells Hollywood Guilds: “We Must Keep This Town Working”

Regarding the entertainment industry negotiations, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa issued the following statement today: "The recent work stoppage within the entertainment industry cost the Los Angeles economy $2.5 billion and caused personal hardship for thousands of Angelenos. As the national economy continues to weaken, there is little doubt that another work stoppage within the industry would have devastating economic effects. During the past week, I have been… Read