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May 2007 Archive

Box Office

HIDE THE RUM! 'Pirates 3' Breaks Global Opening Record & U.S. Holiday Wkd Mark; H'wood Studios Question Disney Claims

MONDAY AM: Here’s the final tally for Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End: it looted a 4-day holiday weekend booty of $142 million in North America, setting the record for both Memorial Weekends and holiday weekends. But Disney was also celebrating how Johnny Depp and the gang’s threequel logged the “biggest opening of all time” at the worldwide box office, $401 million from 29,000 screens, beating the current industry record of $382M set by Sony’s Spide… Read

NBC SHAKE-UP UPDATE: Kevin Reilly Officially Out. Ben Silverman Offered Bigger Job. Marc Graboff Upped.

I have more information since my Friday posting which roiled NBC execs at 30 Rock and in Burbank. The latest is NBC Entertainment Prez Kevin Reilly has been fired. Yes, it’s finally over for him. And everything’s been resolved regarding that new contract Jeff Zucker gave him back in March. (My understanding is that when I reported that Reilly was being replaced, he didn’t know anything about it. That Zucks!) Meanwhile, NBC has clinched 36-year-old prolific producer Ben… Read

Cannes Palme: Romanian Abortion Film; Schnabel Won! Coens & Quentin Snubbed!

UPDATE: A devastating Romanian film about back-alley abortion and daily despair in the communist era tonight won the 2007 Cannes Film Festival’s top award, the Palme d’Or. As I was tipped this morning, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, directed by Cristian Mungiu and made for only $800,000, was celebrated, along with NYC artist Julian Schnabel’s The Diving Bell And The Butterfly which was awarded the Prix de la Mise en Scene for Best Director, and Fatih Akin’s German-Turkish T… Read

NBC SHAKE-UP! Ben Silverman Replacing Kevin Reilly? Katherine Pope Asking Exit?

2ND UPDATE: Urgent news from 30 Rock is that a big NBC shake-up is underway in the entertainment division, I’m told, after the network again finishes the season in 4th place behind CBS, ABC and Fox. I can report that NBC has definitely offered Kevin Reilly’s job to Ben Silverman (don’t be surprised if it has an inflated title). Yes, that means Reilly is out one way or another, his new contract be damned. But the two big questions now are whether the network and Silverman… Read

Box Office

Tracking: 'Fantastic 4' Sequel Is Fantastic

Fox’s Rise Of the Silver Surfer “came on well” via-a-vis tracking today. (Did you catch the ad inserted into NBC’s Heroes big finale?) Of course, it’s hard to tell what with all these mega-blockbusters surrounding it, but box office gurus are telling me that the pic looks ripe even this early for a “fantastic” June 15th opening. Meanwhile, here’s a piece of trivia: director Tony Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer hired Quentin Tarantino to script a scene about the… Read

What The *@#% Did Harvey W Do Now?

Was wily Harvey Weinstein’s people charging journalists $1,500 apiece for a seat at the Cannes Death Proof junket? This and other matters are explored by my Village Voice Media brother Rob Nelson in his wonderfully subversive Cannes Film Festival coverage. (Read it here.) He describes The Weinstein Co’s Death Proof dog and pony show with Quentin Tarantino thusly: “Near the end of the press conference, which had QT literally sweating with enthusiasm for his movie and its… Read

Pellicano Scandal: NYT has Michael Ovitz, Brad Grey, John McTiernan, Chris Rock & Courtney Love On Tape With The Pelican

My take is that there’s nothing really new in The New York Times Page One article and audiotapes about Michael Ovitz, Brad Grey, John McTiernan, Courtney Love and Chris Rock. But they sure are interesting. I’ve heard that the Pellicano reporting team of staffer David Halbfinger and freelancer Allison Hope Weiner have been working for months on future stories with NYT Investigations Editor Matthew Purdy, so clearly the paper is taking the Pellicano scandal seriously even… Read

Box Office

'Shrek The Third' Is Monster Fairy Tale! $122M Wkd Debut Shatters Toon Record

SUNDAY AM: Shrek The Third shredded the record for 3rd biggest opening weekend of all time behind only Spider-Man 3 and Pirates Of The Caribbean 2. It also set the record for a ‘toon weekend opening with a monster $122 million Friday-to-Sunday. According to distributor Paramount, the Dreamworks Animation fairy tale starring Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz and playing in 4,122 theaters earned $38.5 million Friday for the 8th best opening day ever by a film and $47 mil… Read

Box Office

Is DreamWorks Animation/Paramount Playing Fast & Loose With 'Shrek 3' B.O.?

I am confused: Why isn’t ALL of Shrek the Third‘s box office being reported? Is it to pad the 3-day weekend totals with Thursday’s gross receipts? Back on May 7th, I heard from rival studios that DreamWorks Animation SKG was pushing up today’s release of Shrek The Third by a day (to Thursday, May 17th). I even posted it on DHD. But then I received emails from the ‘toon company telling me, no, that wasn’t happening so I took the info down. Today, I saw a Bloomberg story… Read