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March 2007 Archive

Jack Valenti Hospitalized After Stroke

News coming in that Jack Valenti is hospitalized after a stroke. The former Hollywood lobbyist, 85, fell ill last week and remains at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center in Baltimore. in a statement, longtime pal Barry Meyer, the Warner Bros. chairman/CEO, said, “his family tells me that the doctors are encouraged by his progress to date. Mary Margaret and his children have asked me to express their deep appreciation of the outpouring of love, support and prayers. Out… Read

Hillary Clinton Campaigning In South Park

Comedy Central says Hillary Clinton is coming to South Park in this week’s episode, “The Snuke”. It sounds an awful lot like a parody episode of 24. Mixing it up with those foul-mouthed brats this Wednesday, Hillary is in town for a big campaign rally. But Cartman suspects the new Muslim student is behind a terrorist threat. The clock is ticking as the citizens of South Park prepare for the Clinton rally. Every minute counts as Cartman uses his own methods to interrogate… Read

EXCLUSIVE: John Edwards Tells Hollywood All Candidates And Wives Called — Except Hill & Bill Clinton. UPDATE: Edwards Campaign Clarifies

UPDATE: Here’s what the Edwards campaign has told me tonight on the record: “Senator Clinton called Senator Edwards on Friday, but they didn’t connect. That evening, someone asked him if he had spoken to her, and he said they hadn’t talked yet since they hadn’t, but he certainly did not suggest that she hadn’t reached out. They spoke today and had a very nice conversation, and Sen. and Mrs. Edwards both appreciated her call.” EXCLUSIVE: At a Hollywood fundraiser Friday… Read

UPDATED: Who Were Guests And Who Were Reporters At Pellicano Wedding?

UPDATED: I reported back on January 16th that indicted and imprisoned Hollywood P.I. Anthony Pellicano and ex-wife Kat Pellicano, who divorced in 2002 after an 18-year marriage, were going to re-marry. Well, they tied the knot on Friday. A source tells me that several journalists were at the magistrate’s court, including People magazine’s Frank Swertlow and the Los Angeles Times‘ Chuck Philips. “Phillips [who] is the guy Pellicano calls every time he sneezes was not only… Read


LA Times Kills Controversial Guest Editor Program After Rumsfeldgate/Grazergate

“In response to inquiries about the status of the overall Los Angeles Times Guest Editor program, we are issuing the following from The Times Publisher, David D. Hiller: ‘Although the Guest Editor program for the Current section was an innovative concept to bring more voices and diversity to Times’ readers, we have concluded we will not be moving forward with the program. Look for a new Sunday section that combines Opinion (formerly Current) with Book Review to debut on… Read

EXCLUSIVE: LA Times Publisher's Friend And Tribune Co Ex-Director Don Rumsfeld Was Asked To Guest-Edit After Grazer

UPDATE: Today, LAT Publisher/CEO David Hiller killed the guest editor program. EXCLUSIVE: It’s no longer Grazergate; it’s now Rumsfeldgate at the Los Angeles Times. I’m told that Donald Rumsfeld was asked to guest-edit the newspaper’s “Current” opinion section which appears on Sundays. The ex-Defense Secretary is a long-time personal and professional friend of LA Times publisher David Hiller, who supervises the paper’s editorial, Op-Ed and opinion pages. Rumsfeld also has… Read

Potter Teen Trio On Board Hogwarts Train

Just when Harry, Ron and Hermione agreed to finish out their school term at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the steam train that takes them there, the Hogwarts Express, was wrecked by vandals. The train was attacked at a depot in Carnforth, northwest England, and had more than 230 of its windows smashed with hammers. This is the second attack on the tourist train loaned to Warner Bros. for the Harry Potter films; in 2003, graffiti was sprayed on a… Read

Identity Of Producer 'Mr. X': No Mystery

An oft-repeated truism about Hollywood is “never let them see you sweat’. Which is why movie people go to great lengths to hide even the hint that their careers may not be going well. So I’m certain that’s why a veteran film producer decided to call himself “Mr. X” when he recently penned for The Times Of London a revealing first-person piece under the title “Will I Ever Eat Lunch In This Town Again?” about his tough time getting even one project going. “Ostensibly, I… Read

PETA Makes Charge That Golden Retriever Puppies Dying On Set Of Disney Sequel

PETA is accusing Disney of ignoring an animal crisis on a movie right now that has allegedly resulted in the deaths of at least four golden retriever puppies and the serious illness of dozens more. People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals tells me the problems are on the Vancouver set of the film Snow Buddies, a sequel to Disney’s Air Bud. The group urgently faxed Disney CEO Bob Iger about the situation yesterday afternoon and asked him to cancel the studio’s planned… Read

Apatow Expecting 'Knocked Up' Backlash

So you think no one in Hollywood ever reads those cruel public forum and blog posts written by filmgoers just to torture movie people? Well, the guy behind Knocked Up does because clearly he’s neurotic to the extreme. Judd Apatow, the writer/director/producer (whom I just called the “latest Hollywood hottie”) should be enjoying the fact that the South By Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas, loved his forthcoming filthy and funny film. But he writes on those… Read

Mel F-Bombs Protest At College Screening

Yes, it’s true that Mel Gibson cursed an assistant professor and Mayan community leader — but only after the duo disrupted a question-and-answer session at a Southern California University which was screening his Apocalypto Thursday night. That’s something the Internet gossips have failed to point out. Here’s what Gibson’s publicist Alan Nierob tells me happened at Cal State Northridge after Central American Studies assistant professor Alicia Estrada and her… Read